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David Cameron explains what equal marriage means to him

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Reader comments

  1. Bill Cameron 18 Jul 2013, 12:25pm

    Excellent, from all concerned. The legislation is by no means perfect, but is a huge step in the right direction. Hopefully the similar legislation for Scotland will become law soon, too.

    1. If Brian Souter can keep his poisonous fingers off it.

  2. The T doesn’t stand for tokenism Dave, it stands for the group of people you just passed a law discriminating against. If you just mean LGB then say LGB you poisonous piece of scum.

    1. de Villiers 18 Jul 2013, 3:42pm

      > you poisonous piece of scum.

      I think that you are at right angles to reality. Of all the European Prime Ministers and Presidents who are on the right, the UK Prime Minister is one of the most liberal.

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 18 Jul 2013, 2:29pm

    Well said, Prime Minister and deepest gratitude for showing true leadership on an extremely controversial issue. He’s delivered on what he set out to do and did it with poise and class. Thank you for making our country and our lives that more inclusive.

  4. Now, now, Mr. Cameron. you’re forgetting us lowly Transgender people.

    Hey, we’re here too! Hey! Hey…?

    Jokes aside, the passed law is amazing, but some aspects need some fine tuning, especially for trans people. We’re forgotten time and time again.

    Do people even know what LGBT stands for or do they think it’s a catch-all for “gay”?

    1. In fairness, the fight to change the attitude towards sexuality is distinct from the fight to change the attitude towards gender, gender identity and trans issues generally. Those issues are more challenging, less familiar and come with a whole set of completely different concepts for people to understand. A lot of progress has been made in case law and social attitudes towards sexuality, but I’m not sure the public’s understanding of T has caught up with that of LGB just yet. I think it would have been unrealistic to expect the Act to cover trans issues perfectly and actually the fact it addressed them at all is a fantastic indicator that attitudes to gender are open to change. If we all keep hammering away, hopefully it won’t be long before we win the T fight too. There’s just a lot of ground still to cover. Plus, the fact that this law does away with the importance of gender to forming a marriage may become the basis of doing away with the importance of gender generally.

      1. So you don’t believe that someone who transitions should have their marriage certificate amended to reflect the legislation in the “Equal Marriage Act”, so do I take it you would support the fact that perfectly happy couples should continue the torturous process of divorce in order that the trans person in the marriage can obtain gender recognition, this is an awful process to force otherwise happy couples to continue to undergo, as it can cause hurt and anger where none existed before, simply because under law the person hearing the divorce case has to be satisfied that the divorce is due to “ireconcilable reasons”.

        It would have much easier just to following the amendment of the transsexual person’s birth certificate then to amend the marriage certificate (so long as both parties within the marriage were in agreement) Then we’d have an Equal Marriage Bill

    2. Hi Cain,

      Yes Cameron is a transphobe, just look at some things his cabinet have said in recent times including that our surgeries are “unnecesary bodily mutilation”

  5. Is it that Equal, not really, not when you consider that some amendments intended to extend some rights in the law for transsexuals were defeated and thrown out

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