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Christian Voice leader: ‘Tesco support for gay rights to blame for super mouse infestation’

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Reader comments

  1. Nurse, please give Mr Green his medication.

    1. de Villiers 19 Jul 2013, 10:53am

      I smell a rat.

      1. That made me souris. :)

    2. No nurse. Don’t. Let him suffer then be taken ‘by the Lord’

  2. This “god” they imagine really is a preposterous jerk. Mice? Wow. No smiting anymore then?

    Ridiculous fools and their absurd fairy story.

    “You can safely assume you’ve created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do” Anne Lamott

    1. I’m writing that anne lamott quote down and saving it for the next time the gay question comes up with relatives. Love it.

  3. I think someone gave Mr Green too much medication . . .

    How about a Tesco value beef burger . . . am sure there’ll be some micemeat in there somewhere . . .



    1. Too Much?? no, no, this moron is a great example for mercy killing!

  4. Paula Thomas 18 Jul 2013, 4:53pm

    Oh I needed a good laugh this aft. Trus those idiots from Christian Voice to provide it!!

  5. W.B.C. – U.K.

  6. And the joy of it is that Christian Voice clearly don’t get that this sort of thing makes them a laughing stock!

  7. Julian Morrison 18 Jul 2013, 5:02pm

    I see your god and raise you a cat.

    1. In a hat.

      1. de Villiers 19 Jul 2013, 10:57am


      2. de Villiers 19 Jul 2013, 10:58am

        Priceless TY.

  8. Is this like a late April fool or something?

  9. I think Mr. Green needs to renew his supply of Llandidrod Wells spa water, recent studies have indicated it contains active quantities of lithium and other trace elements which should help alleviate his condition.

  10. His God certainly moves in mysterious ways.

  11. David Jordan 18 Jul 2013, 5:31pm

    I wish Christian Voice would be as quiet as a church mouse.

    1. Well, they seem to have been out of the rent-a-quote books for a while now, and when was Stephen Green’s last TV appearance?…

  12. Well, the logic of his argument is just so undeniable. When you add to it that it was 6 weeks before Christmas, I mean, what more evidence do you need? It couldn’t be more obvious if the mice had told him themselves, which I’m quite confident will actually turn out to be the case.

    1. At least he argues like a true believer! No nonsense with statistics or scientifically based “causes” and such like . He believes in a God who is sufficiently imaginative and eccentric to use mice as his messangers! I can go with that!

  13. csparthegood 18 Jul 2013, 5:37pm

    He was left out in the sun too long I think

  14. Oh, of course! because every decision is made in terms of how it will horribly affect Christmas! What a twisted little man this cretin must be!

    “It is symptomatic of the bad management of Tesco. Any company which announces its support for gay pride six weeks before Christmas obviously can’t operate basic pest control.”

  15. Get a real job you stupid man !!!

  16. The next time there is some natural disaster in one of the ultra homophobic countries (earthquake, flooding) who will cop for the blame then?

    1. That will be to send them a message that they are not fighting us hard enough ;-)

    2. … and childhood cancer? Who exactly is to blame for vile afficltions like that? His god certainly DOES work in VERY mysterious ways …..

  17. johnny33308 18 Jul 2013, 6:31pm

    Mr. Green lives in a long ago time when humanity did not understand the natural world and superstitiously blamed all the world’s ills upon God, since they fail to have the intellectual abilities required to come to a rational conclusion about such natural occurrences. Remember these sorts of people do not believe in evolution and consequently are unable to evolve out of their thousand year old ideas in spite of science proving many of their prehistoric ideas and beliefs false. Sad for them to be so deeply ignorant.

  18. Tom (Winnipeg) 18 Jul 2013, 6:57pm

    OMG!! I don’t suppose we’ve heard the end of these ignorant uneducated religious feck-ups.

  19. So support a Pride event and God is angry and will send a mouse infestation but legislate for equal marriage and God does nothing? Makes perfect sense

    1. No you have it wrong.This nice weather is God’s celebration of Gay marriage.
      I’m sure Mr Green will acknowledge this,he is such a decent bloke.le

      1. GingerlyColors 19 Jul 2013, 10:47am

        Not long ago I was telling everybody that we were heading for another ice age but looks like God has cancelled it because because of his support for gay marriage!

  20. Robert in S. Kensington 18 Jul 2013, 7:02pm

    Demented religious freak! Probably a paranoid schizophrenic too, many of those religious loons are.

  21. Tim Hanafin 18 Jul 2013, 7:06pm

    Praise be to god – it’s a miracle! Stephen Green really does talk out of his arse.

  22. WTF? These Christian NUTTERS need to realise they will do what the Islamic NUTTERS did to their religion – ostracise themselves and their faith. I’m an Atheist but know of many religious people of different faiths who do not agree with this type of fanatical behaviour in the name of their religion. Religion is a choice in most countries and these people need to calm down. Same-Sex Marriage is happening an is now law in our wonderful country England (of course Wales too). Get use to it and stop making such ridiculous claims.

  23. I did not think it humanly possible to be so incredibly stupid

  24. Lovely fellow Mr Green. He was divorced by his wife in 2011 for allegedly beating her and their children with lumps of wood, hospitalising them. I’m sure he was only following the teachings of the bible. Not a very good ambassador for christians really F–k knows how someone like this gets followers.

    1. He gets followers because there are always nutters waiting for a ‘messiah’. Hitler understood that. AND her used to link things like plagues oif rats with the Jews. It must be comforting for Mr Green to know that he and Hitler have so much god-fearing in common ….

  25. “The mouse had swollen to much larger than normal size because it had been feeding on chicken and cakes.”
    Aw bless, don’t worry supermouse it happens to the best of us.

  26. … and who, exactly, is responsible for vile afflictions like childhood cancers? God, I presume …? What a warped and weird mind these people – and their god – possess.

  27. So Sad that these backward fools insist on the superstitions of a by gone age – How is anyone supposed to take ‘religious’ rhetoric as anything more than stupidity and embarrassing ignorance. Quite, quite pathetic actually.

  28. Thank you Stephen Green for making me laugh so much some wine went down the wrong way.

    I think it’s unfair to compare him to the WBC, it’s nowhere near as funny.

  29. Im more concerned that I have purchased food from the store, i remember when it closed is doors for about 2 week after this story broke – bt the way why do other places have mice that dont support gay pride then?


  30. It wouldn’t surprise me if ‘Christian voice’ were the ones who let loose a bunch of rats in the store.
    “Their only hope is to repent of that decision and put their trust in God.”
    Why god, particularly? Why not ‘Zod’? At least we have more information on that particular character, than on the Hebrew character, Yahweh and his sidekick Jesus, plus, Zod is comparatively harmless, and highly moral next to Yahweh.

  31. Paul Kirwan 18 Jul 2013, 8:59pm

    I kind of envy his simplistic view of the world. It must be so much easier coping with life if you don’t need to make any sense of it.

    On reflection however, I’d rather be sane and rational.

  32. “Any company which announces its support for gay pride six weeks before Christmas obviously can’t operate basic pest control.”

    What’s that supposed to mean?? Lgbt people are pests that need to be controlled???

  33. Linking rats/mice/rodents with LGBT people (and Jewish people) is something nazis used to do in their propaganda.

  34. Stephen; I’m being kind here- WHY do you think it’s perfectly ok to beat your wife and emotionally abuse your kids, elfbut NOT ok to support Pride. There is help available- I can refer you to counsellors to help you deal with both your abuse of those weaker than you and your intense internal homophobia. You don’t HAVE to hate all women, or yourself- it’s ok that you are secretly gay. ;-)

    1. Given Caroline Green’s courageous admission about what this disgusting man did to her and her children, I’m astounded that he still has the nerve to stick his neck out in public. Ah for the days of staunch lesbian feminists with placards demonstrating against violence against women. Hmmm. Now there’s an idea. What about a group of lesbians, bisexual women and straight feminists pointing that aspect of his past out the next time he appears in public?

    2. In my opinion, this man oozes all the signs of a closet case. Fervent belief in the bible because it reinforces his self-hatred; a wife-beater – all classic signs of inner-turmoil turned outwards. Of course, he also makes money out of his ‘chairty’ – scandalous as not a single penny goes to ‘charity’. Every penny raised must, by the nature of its charter, be spent on ‘promoting christianity’. Same for ALL religious ‘chairites’. Fortunately, rantings like his (and those of the Westboro morons) are increasingly seen as those of complete loonies.

  35. white squirrel 18 Jul 2013, 10:04pm

    is there some sort of subliminal message in the bible and quran
    that makes readers go insane?

    or would these people be that way whatever book they read

  36. white squirrel 18 Jul 2013, 10:11pm

    His God certainly moves in mysterious ways.

    more a case of Mr Green’s ‘mind’ thinking in a miceterious way

  37. This man been taking the same drugs as the WBC and Bryan Fisher?

  38. Michael 2912 19 Jul 2013, 8:58am

    This would never happen at Waitrose.

  39. “The mouse had swollen to much larger than normal size because it had been feeding on chicken and cakes.”

    So, in reality,it was a very fat mouse, not a supermouse, which is an entirely different best.

    1. Or beast, even!

  40. GingerlyColors 19 Jul 2013, 10:43am

    Perhaps the mouse infestation could be due to too many people eating pussies!

  41. So God apparently won’t lift a finger to stop the astronomical daily death toll caused by famine, malaria and cancer (despite having the power to create the universe in under a week) but does have the time and inclination to give Tescos a bit of a spanking by planting some mice in one store. What was that about moving in mysterious ways?
    I actually looked out for Stephen Green at Pride a few weeks back (I was part of the march) when we passed a grim bunch of Christian protesters but couldn’t spot so think he stayed away, perhaps because Green is about as popular as a bacon buttie at a Bar Mitvah with just about everybody now. More memorable were a much younger, beaming bunch holding colourful paper signs saying things like ‘Sorry for how Christians have treated you’, ‘Jesus loves you’ etc.

    1. Well finally we have an explaination! We had a mouse problem in my previous flat last year, me and my bf lived upstairs and our gay friend lived downstairs. Now we know the god sent the mice because we’re gay and it wasn’t just mice being mice!!! It all makes perfect sense now……………………

  42. This article is so badly written the author should ‘repent’.

  43. Well, if God does exist, and if He is the sort of God that Stephen Green believes in, then He’s just not making an effort any more. In the old days it was rivers of blood and plagues of locusts; one large mouse is a poor show.

  44. What’s the difference between Christian Voice and mice – one is a repulsive vermin you wouldn’t want in your house and the other is a little cute rodent.

  45. This is rich indeed. Pink readers need to be more concerned about their own medication which is costing the tax payers a billion pounds a year.

    Mr Green’s medication amounts to no more than needing an aspirin, but whereas his headache will be gone in the morning. AIDS HIV, Cancer and gonorrheoa will be with men who have sex men for life.

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