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Tory MP Mike Freer: If gay people pay the same contributions, their pension rights must be the same

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Reader comments

  1. So, good for Mr. Freer. He made the same sort of points following on from Caroline Lucas in the readings before the Bill (as it was then) went to the Lords. Dr. Huppert MP (Cambridge) also questioned Yvette Cooper about Equality meaning Equality. She gave the strong impression that she agreed with him but supported the amendment as a way of getting the Bill through: it was part-proposed by the great Lord Alli so, although it’s disappointing that the situation was not resolved at this stage, there is hope. As Lord Lester made clear in the lords, if the Government don’t decide on doing something then it may ultimately, be up to the Courts to resolve.

    The worry of course, particularly as the Government have tied the review into the historical inequalities between men and women within the pension system as it stands, is that they are trying to kick the issue into touch. Let’s hope not and that PN can keep us informed.

  2. Well done Mr Freer – keep up the pressure for pension fiscal equality! £18 million is the same cost as widening a mile or two of motorway – lets invest in our futures not tarmacing over more of our countryside!

  3. “We’re very conscious that these [pension] schemes already face difficult economic conditions.”

    So let’s assume for a minute that pensions are equal and in trouble financially. Is anyone suggesting a good way to save money would be to discriminate against gay people?

    The pot is getting a bit empty, let’s just stop giving the money out to gay people.

    Sounds ludicrous?

    Well what’s the difference between saying that and saying we cannot equalise the situation because it would cost too much?


    Child allowance is becoming a bit of a drain, let’s stop giving it to black families. One way to save money.

    Doesn’t sound quite the same does it?

  4. Colin (London) 18 Jul 2013, 9:12am

    Headline says it all really….Keep going Mr Freer.

    Best wishes

  5. Due to the pensions inequality between heterosexual married couples and those who will be same-sex married couples, the same-sex marriage legislation cannot be described as being ‘marriage equality’. Equality was the whole point of the legislation, so why was pension inequality overlooked? It is yet another struggle for us to overcome. Shame on the politicians for allowing this inequality to remain when they had the opportunity to remedy it during the lengthy legislative process of the same-sex marriage bill. As things stand, same-sex marriage isn’t marriage equality!

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