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Maria Miller: Passing equal marriage is a ‘tremendous and historic achievement’

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Reader comments

  1. Jock S. Trap 17 Jul 2013, 11:14am

    I congratulate Maria Miller on this excellent legislation.

    Yes, more could have been done but she concentrated on delivering this Bill no matter the opposition and stood firm and now we have the Equality Marriage Bill.

    I am also happy that the question of pensions esp survivor will be looked into, yes I do think this should have been included but it wasn’t and now will be reviewed.

    Also now to look at whether to extend Civil Partnership or indeed to scrap them, I guess this it was it wasn’t included, so we could see if they were actually needed in 5 years time. Fact is that is also under review.

    In all a good job done.

  2. Ms Miller I salute you.

    Your performance and steadfastness throughout the whole passage of this Bill has been exemplary. Considering that there were some worries when you were appointed to this post about your commitment and what you had or had not said on occasions, I think you have played a blinder. Thank you for steering it so admirably throughout all stages.

  3. But apparently not historic enough to be reported in the UK media.

    Anyone else find the silence deafening?

    A few papers have it tucked away somewhere, the Guardian hasn’t even reported it yet.

    What gives?

    1. Yes I find it rather puzzling. All the main news sites: BBC, Telegraph, Daily Mail & Guardian were abuzz with the bill while there was stories of ‘imense’ opposition, backlash and vile things being said about LGBTI people, but now we’ve won our victory…… *crickets*.

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 17 Jul 2013, 11:47am

      Very odd for The Guardian whose editor came out in support of the Bill and has always given positive coverage.

    3. I’m absolutely with you on this. I’ve just had a Mr at BBC radio London hang up on me when i politely pointed this out.

      Sod all on Newsnight yesterday nor on Mon…C4 news too. What Homophobia we have still to deal with in our media!

      1. They only have time us when we are good for a laugh. As in “I’m free” or “Shut that door”, and generally camping it up.

    4. Well the BBC has form on the issue of LGBT-equality. I think it got worse when Mark Thompson became Director-General. But the new boss, Tony Hall, doesn’t seem interested in sorting out the problem.

      If things don’t improve very shortly we will need to start a campaign for a more inclusive media.

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 17 Jul 2013, 1:44pm

        As well as more impartial balanced coverage of LGBT issues and if not, then serious debate as to why we pay licence fees. Its similar to taxation without representation in government.

        1. Quite agree. I don’t feel represented by the BBC at all & find their coverage of any LGBTI topics to be biased; giving the most air time to anti-gay points of view. Ive made several complaints to ‘Auntie’ over this & never had a response. I think its high time licence fees were abolished.

          1. But they aren’t too sniffy to accept our money of course. So that they can dole it out to their mates.

  4. PeterinSydney 17 Jul 2013, 11:35am

    Well done Maria Miller. You can be proud of the good outcome from your hard work for so many People in Britain. I hope you will inspire Australian politicians to follow your example.

  5. It sure is a historic achievement.

    And it is also a very useful achievement as it has named and shamed the neo-fascist extremist scum within our parliament who have no placed in modern society.

    Learn their names:

    128 Tory MPs (over 50% of that revolting party)
    21 Labour MPs
    4 Lib Dem MPs

    We must do our utmost to make sure they are not re-elected.

    And even if they are re-elected we must make sure their careers in politics never progress. Dangerous extremists like these must be stopped.

  6. Robert in S. Kensington 17 Jul 2013, 11:49am

    Maria did a fantastic job in my view. An amazing achievement that the Bill returned to the Commons in tact, no wrecking amendments carried and finally, bigot loon Burrowes’ last-ditch attempt to throw a spanner in the works was outrightly rejected, dismissed.

  7. Maria Miller and all the others working for the bill have done an outstanding job, and if it ever turns out to be “equal” marriage, then even better. But if pensions aren’t equal then it’s not equal marriage, and Civil Partnerships for couples who are gay are not equal in law to marriage.

    Civil Partnerships should be kept and extended, otherwise you’ve maintained a box with just one group in it, which means they can be selected by that association and discriminated against – who knows what companies have been discriminating against those in Civil Partnerships based on that alone.

    Proud also of many, many MPs, including a number of Tory MPs and Tory Lords, who have been champions of this legislation. Saddened, listing to the debate from Monday now, of the still very homophobic attitudes from Burrowes (obviously) and Gerald Howarth – who was owned by Nick Herbert for Howarth’s use of “aggressive homosexual”, and whether he would refer to “aggressive Blacks” or “aggressive Jews”.

    1. Indeed.

      Though personally, I would like to see Civil Partnerships scrapped altogether.

  8. Superb news…though a near Total Media Snub…why???

    1. Well, the BBC is institutionally homophobic – I should know I worked there for almost a decade :(

      Perhaps they are saving it all up for Royal Assent and then will do 4-days of news coverage on it? :-p

      1. Well it;’s not just the BBC who is ignoring this – I’ve seen no TV or newspaper reports about it.

      2. Alas Gulliver I totally agree with you. The BC is very Homophobic.

        I’ve just had this cow hang up on me from bbc radio London. I was asking her why bbc London had totally ignored this weeks equal marriage debates & last nights victory.

        Add C4 news to this list too. Its not just the bc alas . Thank Christ for pink news.

        1. BBC – Bloody Bull Crap channel

        2. Bet you weren’t offered a refund. They love their money, as we have seen recently.

    2. I imagine because the HoL debate was merely a technicality.

      After the Commons voted in favour and then the Lords, this final step was a foregone conclusion.

      There will be plenty of media coverage when same sex weddings begin.

    3. Robert in S. Kensington 17 Jul 2013, 1:41pm

      StonewallUK should demand a meeting with the BBC executives to find out why there has never been balanced programming and coverage in regard to this legislation. I complained a couple of weeks ago and received a lame response. I was then sent a survey to complete and I gave it extremely low ratings. I think a serious debate needs to begin not just for unbalanced programming regarding LGBT issues but why we’re paying a licence fee to an organization which does not represent the views of everyone but only those in opposition, unabatedly so.

      Perhaps PN could take the lead and set-up a meeting with the powers that be?

  9. Applause for Maria Miller for pushing this through.

    I think that many of us were appalled at her appointment, given that her previous record did go against her.

    Having said that, she certainly appears to have changed her viewpoints and and has been a welcome ally for this bill.

  10. The end of the Report Stage did get a brief mention on ITV news last week –

    1. I meant Third Reading on Monday – sorry for the mistake

  11. Thanks Maria Miller Lord Ali and all those supporting this great step. David Cameron showed great leadership in sticking to his guns in spite of terrific pressure to abandon it all.

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