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Yvette Cooper: It is time to celebrate equal marriage and I hope we can get on and enjoy all the weddings

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Reader comments

  1. Robert in S. Kensington 16 Jul 2013, 11:41pm

    Yvette was fantastic as usual. So proud of her. She worked so hard to make this happen along with all of her colleagues on both sides of the aisle. Party Leader potential? Definitely!

  2. I see the Lib Dems have decided to advertise on PN above this story.

    “Proud to deliver equal marriage”, and apparently proud to sell off the NHS, proud to hand over schools to the highest bidder, and proud to demonise the poor.

    Who are they kidding?

    1. You forgot proud to f@&k over students

    2. yep, dismantle the NHS and the state school provision….. have people NOTICED yet what is happening to LEAs? When you dance with the devil……….

  3. Colin (London) 17 Jul 2013, 8:40am

    Yvette and all those in Parliament who worked so tirelessly on this Bill….

    Thank you.

    Two simple words but behind them so many lives that will change and attitudes in the UK and further afield improve for many.

    To all those campaigners, however nameless…Thank You

    To the families and neighbours who gave god words of encouragement….Thank you

    And to those who believe in religion and who struggled with this change…I know this is difficult for you but give it some time…..Thank you… for listening to society and the change it has brought forward. I appreciate your struggle but want an inclusive society free from religion.

    And for those I have missed out a big hug and …Thank You.

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