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US church announces plans to picket funeral of deceased Glee star Cory Monteith

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Reader comments

  1. As the funeral is likely to take place in Canada, the Canadian Government would probably deny them entry to the country.

    The WBC are the lowest of the low and I really do wish them and all their supports a lingering and most painful death. And I never normally say anything like that about anyone

    1. “In August 2008, Canadian officials learned of the WBC’s intent to stage a protest at the funeral of a Winnipeg man murdered on a bus. The protests intended to convey the message that the man’s murder was God’s response to Canadian laws permitting abortion, homosexuality, divorce and remarriage. In response, Canadian officials barred the church’s members from entering the country.”

      1. Hate law are quite different in Canada, than in the US. Section 319 of the criminal code prescribes penalties from a fine to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years for anyone who incites hatred against any identifiable group. When people ask how Canada defines ‘hate’, I use the example of someone spray painting a wall, then it is vandalism. Now if they spray paint a swastika on a synagogue, then it’s ‘hate’

      2. Thanks for that Hue!

  2. Could someone explain to me how it is legal for this sort of thing to occur? Surely holding up signs at someone’s funeral saying “fag enabler” and “god hates fags” is illegal?

    I have no idea the structure of the American legal system so am curious to know how this is allowed to continue

    1. The 1st Amendment of the US Constitution grants freedom of expression and freedom of religion – With very few exceptions, people can say whatever they want (you cannot incite a mob to attack someone, for example) and it is perfectly legal.

      1. Liam Sauer-Wooden 16 Jul 2013, 9:19pm

        That same law allows everyone else to respond in kind. Freedom of speech does not equate to freedom from rebuttal or response.

      2. As this funeral is likely to be held in Canada, this type of thing is not allowed under Canadian law. As before, this group probably won’t be allowed across the border.

    2. justusboyz 16 Jul 2013, 6:12pm

      Its a funeral for god sake! they have no right free speech or not. Its abhorrent and disgusting, wbc will burn in the hell they so much believe in. Dirty lowlifes .

    3. I dispise them like the plague and I do not respect their religion or anything they stand for, but free speech is sacred and should never ever ever be stifled. Once will be a slippery slope.

      1. Just out of interest, do you consider the free speech of anti-Semites and white supremacists to be ‘sacred’ too? Do you defend their rights to publicise their views? What about those who consider women inferior beings?

        1. They should be allowed to spout their nonsense, and we should be allowed to respond in kind. Covering it up and pretending that people with these views do not exist would only be damaging to all. It makes a mockery of women’s rights movements if we simply pretend that misogynistic men do not exist and hide the problem.

          It may almost seem unkind to suggest a similarity, but we must remember that in many countries, atheists – let alone homosexuals – are not allowed to speak up even today without fear of intense retribution. In Russia, the gay propaganda bill was passed.

          In all of these instances, men felt that they had the knowledge and the moral superiority to tell other people what is decent and what is not.

          It is ultimately only in everybody’s best interests that we do not get to decide what other people are allowed to say.

          That said, I think there’s a huge difference between disagreeing with Cory Monteith’s actions, and preying upon his funeral. It’s repulsive.

      2. de Villiers 16 Jul 2013, 11:36pm

        This augment about a slippery slope is nonsense. Extreme free speech is not permitted in either England or France. Neither country is on a slippery slope to dictatorship.

        1. I take it you are not aware of how Europe is perceived in the USA. Frequently conservatives make reference to “turning into Europe”, as if Europe is some sort of third world sh¡thole and as a French man you cannot have failed to notice the animosity towards France from American conservatives.

          All this rubbish is supported by the UK’s very own sh¡trag, ‘The Daily Mail’, who do their best to convince everyone that the EU is a dictatorship devoid of proper democracy and France is Satan’s steaming pit of socialism.

      3. I’m an Englishman and I’m sorry American’s but I persoanlly think you are just wrong on this one. I’m pretty certain most people who have empathy and actually place themselves in other people’s shoes would agree that funerals should be considered much more sacred than the right to speak out at said funeral for no other reason but to indulge in their own sick and twisted delusional fantasies.

        Why, why, why.

    4. Liam Sauer-Wooden 16 Jul 2013, 9:18pm

      Manners, civility, consideration, compassion, and humanity take a back seat to religion in the USA, Plus, the religious terrorists hold much of the USA hostage.

      In this case, WBC is rife with so many lawyers that one misstep could force a family, business, local government, etc. to spend all its resources on defense against frivolous court cases, and then to declare bankruptcy.

    5. In the US that is permissible, not matter how repulsive. What is not important however is paying attention to anything they say. Will they be allowed into Canada– they are barred from entry into the United Kingdom. Canadian law may allow denying them entry. Canadian law may not allow them to picket a funeral as well.

      What they are NOT is CHRISTIAN, what they ARE is pathetic attention whores. They only demonstrate when it is a media event. And the less media they get the better. There really is nothing “news” about this. IF the US landed a man on Mars they’d picket, it there was a second coming of Christ, they’d picket. Ignore the ignoble.

  3. He was born and raised in Canada. If he is to be buried there, assuming his family are still resident, I’m pretty sure Canada has banned the WBC and they won’t be allowed to cross the border.

    Either way, just another grift – Either be blocked from protesting by official channels and sue under the 1st Amendment, or provoke someone on the day and sue for personal injury.

    Hate is their business model, outrage is their bread and butter. They really are nothing but an extended family of carnival barkers – much as I loathe religion, I wouldn’t be so dishonest as to reference it here. It’s nothing but $$$$ with “church” regulations providing tax-favourable assistance.

    1. If the funeral was taking place in the US they’d probably be able to exploit their first amendment rights to grift some local authority or other, but most other countries give them the short shrift they deserve and they have no legal protection to carry out their tried and tested scam beyond US borders.

      This one’s just another of their “All mouth and no trousers” protests – they’ll pretend they have plans to show up in person which they have zero intention of fulfilling due to the logistical impossibility.
      And that goes for all their UK protests too.

  4. Christopher Kay 16 Jul 2013, 5:12pm

    I hope they protest my funeral.

    At least I know I will have done something good with my life if it’s pissed THEM off.

  5. I really wish PN would stop giving these ridiculous losers the attention they so desperately crave.

    1. Marcwebbo3 16 Jul 2013, 6:15pm

      Nobody is forcing you to click on the story and read it….if you dont want to read what they are saying/doing dont look at it and just leave it to those of us who do want to know….PN is not going to stop publishing just because you dont like it

      1. That is not what I meant at all, I would be the first to suggest that if you don’t like a story, don’t read it.

        However, it can’t be ignored that the WBC, though clearly deranged, is also very adept at generating publicity for itself: the fact that it’s tweeted Pink News speaks for itself. These people (?) thrive on their notoriety – indeed I believe they make a great deal of money from suing people who unwisely make defamatory remarks about them – and I think the best way to deal with this sort of vermin is to ignore them altogether, nothing would worry them more.

        I seriously doubt your life is any the richer in any way from reading about a particularly obnoxious group of some 80 people in some US hick town. Quite simply, they do not deserve any attention at all.

        1. Marcwebbo3 17 Jul 2013, 8:08am

          I agree with you and certainly it makes no difference to my life what they say or do but I still want to know what they are up to just like all the other religious crackpots in the US who spout their venom seemingly on a daily basis….I want to know my enemy and what they are doing

          1. The WBC are not your enemy – they are a family with no influence (except that which they get when Pink News promotes them) whom you have never met, and who have no influence on your life.

            The only legitimacy this church is given to them by the homophobes working for Pink News.

  6. File under: groups that are have turned into a caricature of themselves.

    1. justusboyz 16 Jul 2013, 6:22pm

      All best wishes WBC if you want to take on an army of Glee fans with your paltry…what is it about 70 members mostly family and even they are seeing sense and leaving! .
      Vile , Evil , Nasty Scum ,. I could say worse but I wont.

  7. arnt there hospital places for people like these because they sure are deranged

  8. That There Other David 16 Jul 2013, 6:20pm

    As predictable as the sun coming up in the morning.

    Haven’t they worked out everyone is just bored of them now?

  9. white squirrel 16 Jul 2013, 6:36pm

    Targeting the funerals of ‘celebrities’ clearly shows the publicity seeking nature of WBC
    as, if they were really just anti gay they would concentrate on funerals of ‘ordinary ‘ gays

  10. white squirrel 16 Jul 2013, 6:42pm

    I also suspect that the way to stop the ‘ ‘ is to ignore them completely
    no news cover
    no oxygen of publicity
    no interveiws

    they are the same as attention seeking toddlers
    if they dont get any -what would they do ?

    1. Perhaps PN has some sort of deal with the WBC whereby they agree to promote this church in exchange for money.

      The WBC actively tweets PN in the full knowledge that PN will write about them.

      PN is truly moronic by falling for it every single time.

  11. I am not a Christian, but we should all be in agreement that calling WBC a “church” stretches the term to its limit. As other posters have so eloquently put it, WBC is a bizarre self-perpetuating vanity project. It is so beyond reason or any rational understanding that psychiatric explanations have been used to explain its behaviours. Indeed, the gay atheist writer Terry Sanderson (of GT’s Mediawatch column, back in the 1980’s) once suggested that the entire thing might be a vast, expensive, postmodern and very, very dark joke on society – before concluding that no, the WBC is just desperately insane.

    Margaret Thatcher (another person they’ve condemned) urged broadcasters not to give extremists the “oxygen” of publicity. Perhaps our own media inadvertently perpeutates the WBC charabang by reacting to it.

    1. Really though, when you look at it dispassionately, it is every much a “church” as any other: it’s all power-hungry bollocks.

      But I agree with you completely, we are encouraging the vermin by giving the attention they’re so adept at generating – and we shouldn’t be taken in so easily.

  12. Like clockwork.

    1. I know right.

      Pink News is truly pathetic in way it continualy promotes this church.

      And look who the ‘writer’ of the article is – he’s the one that is the most homophobic writer on here in his relentless attempt to promote bigotry (the owner of this site is merely pathetic – he is so delusional that he thinks the promotion of bigotry helps LGBT rights)

  13. I cannot believe there are still people in this world with views/beliefs as this bunch of morons do!

    I am very happily gay and could not imagine been any different x

  14. Wow, isn’t the Christian religion very tolerant? The WBC are truely evil bastards. I am afraid my country is associated with a world power that is home to such complete nutters and one that has hundreds of nuclear weapons at its disposal.

    1. Liam Sauer-Wooden 16 Jul 2013, 9:24pm

      Just hope that we can forestall as many of those nutters from positions of complete authority else the missiles might be flying simply because some nutter decided to help Yahweh bring on the apocalypse.

  15. Saw the headline, and thought to myself “hm, what church would that be?”

  16. Keith in SALFORD 16 Jul 2013, 9:15pm

    Monteith will not be burning in any hell nor will the 5-year old, pink-lemonade seller.
    .. .. ‘cos there ain’t no such place and cannot be.


  17. Will they be allowed into Canada — they are barred from entry into the United Kingdom. Canadian law may allow denying them entry.

    What they are not is CHRISTIAN, what they ARE is pathetic attention whores. They only demonstrate when it is a media event. And the less media they get the better. There really is nothing “news” about this. IF the US landed a man on Mars they’d picket, it there was a second coming of Christ, they’d picket.

    1. No! They are not allowed in Canada! Canadian law does deny them entry. They merely used Cory Monteith (disrespectfully) to seek attention and gain publicity by threatening some thing they know they would be prevented from doing by Canadian authorities and law!

  18. I am truly sickened and nauseated at this latest outburst from the Phelps cult. Have they no respect for decency and solemnity in the context of funerals and mourning families and friends whatsoever? Damn them for putting Cory’s grieving family through that potential ordeal! All for a cheap shot at promoting homophobia…

  19. Tim Hanafin 16 Jul 2013, 10:12pm

    If they tried these antics in the UK they would be arrested for a ‘breach of the peace’. Yes, we have freedom of speech but there are places and events where it is inappropriate. In a country awash with guns, I am amazed that no one has used a machine gun on the scum.

    1. If they tried that in the U.K. depending where you go I would imagine they would be torn limb from limb by everyone involed, including the priest.

    2. Actually, we don’t specifically have a law protecting freedom of speech. And this here is exactly why.

  20. these people make me sick
    they say they are christian and servers of God but they are a bunch of attention seeking whores who love to make people miserable.
    I would want to picket at their funerals but that would mean I’ve stooped down to their levels.

  21. Are they even a church?

  22. Fred Phelps is the nastiest member of the Westboro Baptist Church by far, not only did he found this bizarre and frightening cult but he used to beat his children and wife savagely.

    Looking into the eyes of Fred Phelps when he’s talking you see a violent, controlling, angry and abusive man, I don’t see these qualities in the other church members to the same degree. Two of his granddaughters left the church earlier this year and it seems that he rules the WBC with an iron fist. He encapsulates the brutal way in which religion brainwashes and controls people, his daughter Shirley Phelps-Roper is like a robot devoid of any human emotion, no doubt the result of having such a cruel man as a father. One of Fred Phelps’ sons did get away as far as I know and is now an LGBT rights activist and an atheist. The recollections of his childhood were horrific, you have to assume that Shirley too went through the same abuse. Religious brainwashing and abuse isn’t spoken about enough in my opinion.

    1. I suspect your speaking of Nate Phelps, here is a link to a published interview he gave.

  23. Stephen Wilson 17 Jul 2013, 1:19am

    You can’t really talk to these sorts of people. They are too full of hate. Ignoring them is the best tactic, starve them of the oxygen of publicity.

  24. Some facts:

    1. The WBC is a single extended family with 70 members

    2. Unless news-sites report on them they have no means of promoting themselves.

    3. With only 70 members there is no way this family is going to protest this funeral., They merely announce they will protest it, in the full knowledge that the idiots at PN will publish a story and get their message across to thousands.

    4. The WBC actively tweets PN in the full knowledge that their tweets will appear as a story on here.

    5. The WBC are vile but clever.

    6. PN Is well meaning but stupid (particularly the delusional claims by the owner of this site that promoting this family is good for LGBT rights)

  25. Tony Bingham 17 Jul 2013, 2:38am

    This church does not follow religion they use it to justify there hatred for anyone who are not as one minded as what they are, if someone looked into the back ground of those involved had properly “sinned”. I’m gay, Buddhist and married to my husband, no were in my religion does it say I will be condemned to hell in fact I had a Buddhist wedding and I will have a Buddhist funeral. This church should be closed and it should be made illegal for them to practice they should be made too repay the community for there acts of hatred.

  26. I think it’s definitely time to stop to talk and report about the activities of this “church”.
    Ignore them! I don’t understand why Pink News steadily reports every week about this insignificant organisation and give them publicity

    1. It’s because these stories get page hits.
      It’s a horribly cynical and homophobic thing to do.
      Promote the most vicious bigotry to get page hits.
      It’s truly appalling journalism as well

  27. Haven’t the WBC outlawed themselves by suggesting suicide? It’s about time the US justice dept took this bigoted group to task. If an individual voiced the same opinions, it would lead to prosecution. Well why is the WBC being protected?

  28. Freedom of speech is one thing. Freedom to Hate? Now that’s stepping over the line, that even the American constitution should recognise as a hate crime. Religion has had it far too easy, especially in the USA, to pursecute minority groups and get away with it. On the positive side it means that more and more right minded people will turn their backs on all sorts of religion’s because of this cancerous evil blot on America’s landscape….and as far as i’m concerned thats a good thing! Religion seems to be representing more and more hatred and division in society than at any other time.

    1. The WBC has freedom of speech.B

      By endllessly promoting the WBC, Pink News is giving the WBC the freedom to hate.
      Pink News is just as bad as the WBC when it coimes to the promotion of the freedom to hate.

      Seeing as this church has only 70 members, they must be eternally grateful to Pink News for giving them a chance to spread their message to thousands.

  29. Does the Westboro Baptist Chuirch pay Pink News to promote it so relentlessly?

    Or is it simply that Pink News staff hate gay people and want to gaybash its readership?

    1. I believe Pink News operates in a “know your enemy” kind of way. They know full well they shouldn’t be giving the publicity these people desperatley crave but I feel they inform us regardless because they say it helps out struggle for equality by naming and shaming those with repugnant views.

      Wether they should be telling us of undesirables is debatable, but I think saying Pink News Staff hate gay readers and want to gay bash is waaaaaaaaaay over the mark !

      1. That is the excuse they use to promote this moronic family.

        But look at the reality.

        The amount of publicity Pink News gives to this 1 family is far more damaging that the benefit of keeping us informed.

        This family is irrelevant.

        Considering there is no journalistic or activist merit in promoting this family I regard these stories as gay bashing and want to know why Pink News is promoting this homophobic agenda.

        It always seems to be the same appalling writer (who seems barely literate) who does these stories as well.

  30. Just as I was beginning to miss them, they pop back up again, The church of desperate attention seeking nutters.

    Well at least these help deflate the argument that christians are being muzzled.

  31. Mark Foster 17 Jul 2013, 7:17pm

    It really is about time that the WBC did the world a favour and did a Waco with the Phelps-Roper family and their dumb ass followers. If they did then we as one in the world could dance on their graves

  32. Scum… to even consider doing it

  33. They will be torn to bits by throngs of mourning Gleeks…

  34. Samuel Collins 18 Jul 2013, 10:46pm

    Well, one positive thing to say about them (and THE only positive one I can think of, btw!) is, well, at least they’re consistent. We don’t have to worry about them ever devoting rational or deep thinking to any of their opinions or tweets!

  35. …I cannot understand why this particular actor who actually, and unfortunately tipped the balance ie too much alcohol and other substances v’s a person circulatory system—the fact is he killed himself by being over indulgent. What on Earth is the point crying over this incident? People like this deserve no respect.

    1. As long as there is life, there is hope. there is no more hope for any of the people that loved or respected him or were desperate to have him back. and that’s a sad thing. Addiction sucks… I went through years of it and I thought I deserved no respect but as long as I kept trying, I did. Don’t ever judge a person before you’ve walked in their shoes. addiction is nothing easy to get away from and you are extremely lucky if you do

  36. They are as much of a church as any other. Groups do not get to sanitize their membership by saying those engaged in activities they do not like are not really members. The difference between their message and other anti-gay churches is nothing more than a matter of degree.

  37. The Bible Clearly States “NO MAN SHALL BE THE JUDGE” This church SCARES me..

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