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Tory MP David Burrowes denies last-ditch attempt to ‘frustrate’ equal marriage bill

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Reader comments

  1. Methinks he does protest too much.

    David Burrowes, you vile little worm, equal marriage is coming so you had better get used to it!

  2. Oh but of course Mr Burrowes, it’s not like you’d be interested in trying to delay this bill in any way would you?

    This is all just baseless nonsense to sully your good name when you have been nothing but positive and supportive throughout the whole process of this Bill.

    Can someone come help me with the buttons up my back?

  3. UglyGeezer 16 Jul 2013, 4:32pm

    I really am disappointed in myself to just be name calling.
    But what an odious little pompous one-term bigot this man is.

    What’s even sadder is he’s young. At least with some I can put the bigotry label aside as it can be an out of touch generation issue, this twit has no such excuse.

    Roll on the next general election and let Enfield vote, and let this fool’s name be written in stone for his repugnant abuse of democracy.

    1. My thoughts and language is even worse ! :)

    2. Sacre bleu 16 Jul 2013, 5:55pm

      ‘What’s even sadder is he’s young.’

      Yes, but he is a religious zealot.

    3. “What’s even sadder is he’s young”…..

      Don’t be fooled by the photo!!!

      1. justusboyz 16 Jul 2013, 6:29pm

        He is my age lol

  4. Beelzeebub 16 Jul 2013, 4:32pm

    Spiteful little rodent.

    1. Metsän poika 17 Jul 2013, 3:26am

      Exactly, with apologies to rodents :-)

  5. The Bishop 16 Jul 2013, 4:41pm

    Is it aimed at things like the pension equality amendments? I’m not at all clear what the proposed amendment is trying to achieve, and why.

    1. EQUALITY !

  6. No probs. Even if his amendment got through today, it would simply go to the Lords to be thrown out tomorrow. Hence Ping Pong. By which time the Commons would have rallied the pro-SSM side. It’s Her Majesty i feel sorrow for. She clearly wants to get off on hols and she’s having to hang around while this little twit plays his sad games

  7. justusboyz 16 Jul 2013, 4:52pm

    He has a registered interest with the christian action research and education institute, so to my mind the British equivalent of some ridiculous American right wing group.
    Give it up Mr Burrowes,you’ve LOST the argument not that you ever had one!

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 16 Jul 2013, 5:31pm

      He helped found it I believe. It’s frightening to think that people like him get elected in the first place. Enfield-Southgate is a safe constituency unfortunately. Let’s hope his amendment will be shot down which I suspect it will be.

      1. bobbleobble 16 Jul 2013, 6:46pm

        It’s not that safe, remember it was held by Stephen Twigg for Labour until 2005 and a decent swing could rid us of him.

      2. It isn’t as safe as it was when Michael Portillo held it though it isn’t
        what you would call an ‘easy win’ for Labour either.

  8. I see Mr Burrows friends at C4M are saying they will translate the 670,000 people who signed their petition into a strong electoral force in 2015 campaigning on a variety of Christian issues. Wrong! Firstly getting someone to sign a petition doesn’t mean you can lobby them without their consent under Data Protection laws, Secondly, getting someone to sign a petition in the street or from the comfort of their armchair is quite different to actually getting them off of their bigoted old arse to actually do any work for the cause. Ha ha Desperado…

    1. Given that their petition has been shown to contain duplicates, pro equal marriage supporters, non UK signatories, and not to mention the major doubts over a lot of their other signatories I’d be very curious to see how this pans out for them. I’m going for not very well :P

      1. Keep in mind it also contains CHILDREN that were forced into signing it as well. Their petition means absolutely nothing.

  9. what a knob

    1. Metsän poika 16 Jul 2013, 5:57pm

      hat a knob……..and that’s on a good day!

  10. I saw these appear this morning and when I saw his name I thought this man is up to no good. If he says they make no difference and are quite normal why now and why by him.
    Watch out this is a rat trap if not to thwart the passage of the bill then to delay while other actions are considered by him and his odious cronies.
    He knows time is running out before summer recess and is aiming to delay things.

  11. Robert in S. Kensington 16 Jul 2013, 5:16pm

    This swivel-eyed looney, mendacious, bigoted homophobe CoE shill should be booted out on his arse a bit sharpish. Cameron should censure him, arrogant little tosser. I despise Burrowes even more and wish him the worst possible karma.

    1. Mike Pennell 16 Jul 2013, 5:25pm

      Now, come off the fence, Robert. Tell us what you really think. *winks*

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 16 Jul 2013, 5:31pm

        I dare not speak its name, :)

  12. Well i suggest that we all phone tweet and text D Burrows….I’ve phoned several times…strange there’s no reply. Is he avoiding me/us???

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 16 Jul 2013, 5:29pm

      I think his amendment now only makes the call for a referendum to disestablish the CoE that more urgent. I may just tweet him about that @davidburrowesmp

    2. What’s his number? Does it contain 666?

  13. Just another attempt by vile odious bigot Burrowes to spout his spitefull venom, and if passed (unlikely) another opportunity for the little rodent to spew more bigotry when the consequential ammendments come up.
    I’m sure the majority of MP’s will forego the “pleasure” of listening to Burrowes spewing forth in future proceedures of this bill.

  14. davevauxhall 16 Jul 2013, 5:41pm

    Vile nasty little prejudiced childish stupid homophobic tory boy

  15. Robert in S. Kensington 16 Jul 2013, 5:42pm

    It’s making the call for disestablishment of the CoE that more urgent. I’ve just tweeted him about that. These demented freaks had better beware of what they don’t wish for. It ought to be taken seriously to teach these loons a lesson. Two can play their game, nasty little bigot.

  16. Tim Chapman 16 Jul 2013, 5:44pm

    Burrows, what part of “you have lost” don’t you understand? Now p!ss off.

  17. ““I am surprised and disappointed that some have carelessly and inaccurately labelled this an attempt to slow or attack the bill. …”

    Yeah right, as though anything he proposes is supposed to be regarded as anything else!

    What a vile , vindicative , disingenous and a very soon to be irrelevant nobody..

  18. This guy is so irrespectful!!! He shouldn’t be allowed to table this amendment now, I mean, in this phase of the bill.
    First, because he already had enough time for doing so.
    Secondly, and appart from being in favor or against of same-sex marriage, he knows good that his amendment means more “lesgislative ping-pong”, which implies that tax-payers and UK-citizens spend even more money on an already accpeted topic. Not just totally unnecessary, but mean and selfish. We know that the will of the people and their Representatives is.

  19. “…he tabled an amendment that seeks to force the government to hold individual public consultations for changes to secondary legislation.”

    “…the government said that there could be up to 8,000 changes to pieces of existing legislation…”

    He wants there to be up to 8,000 separate consultations on minor legislative changes? Oh, and let me guess, he wants them all to be done consecutively?
    His amendment cannot be seen as anything other than an obstruction.

  20. Don’t you think you have milked this issue enough now Mr Burrowes?

    At the next election how about putting your money where your mouth is and stand as an independent religious candidate?

  21. bobbleobble 16 Jul 2013, 6:41pm

    You can tell he’s being economical with the truth because his reasoning is not based on the fact that this will be a good thing for this bill but because it’s been done on other legislation so he wants it added here, apparently just for the sake of it.

    He’s probably held this in his pocket ready to slap it on in case the bill came back from the Lords. Disingenuous twit.

  22. “this is clearly a pathetic attempt to slow and attack the bill, I am surprised and disappointed at David Burrowes transparently disingenuous pretence that it is anything else”

  23. GulliverUK 16 Jul 2013, 7:49pm

    He really is an odious tosser. His children must be so ashamed of him. I expect most Christians are disgusted with him also, knowing that he’s going all this for spiteful hateful purposes, deliberately trying to derail, scupper and harm the equality ethos of the bill. He’s not trying to protect anyone, he’s doing it solely for political purposes.

    If I was a Christian his actions would make me ashamed to admit I was one.

  24. This odious, homophobic, nasty piece of work has a majority of 7,626 in Enfield Southgate.

    I call on the good citizens of Enfield to vote strategically at the next election to get rid of him – his extreme religious views are not befitting an MP.

    Even if you’re a gay tory voter living in Enfield – for the sake of the rest of us DO NOT vote this homophobe back in again!

  25. Has no-one seen him at The Vault sucking cock like there’s no tomorrow?

  26. Listening to him on the live feed now – he is evil with his smirking face and the pitying edge he puts to his voice.
    I know what true evil looks like now,
    The man really despises us and is clearly working for the catholic church.
    I despair that he is in the position he is and is representing LGBT people within his electorate. Does he really speak for the people or is he speaking for the pope.

  27. I’m glad Speaker Burcow is on side. Dunno what’s wrong with Maria Miller tonight but she’s not at her best.

  28. After the bill is passed, how will David Burrowes manage to occupy his time – pulling the wings off flies?

  29. David Burrows has sure wound those gits sitting around him up in to up to a frenzy. Thought the one who talks about aggressive gays was going to start rocking in his seat – his head spin – and then projectile vomit. People have voted for these ‘creatures’ – it is beyond belief that loons like are in Parliament and not locked up.

    1. That was Gerald Howarth !

  30. That was so funny. The loonies talked themselves out of time. ha ha

  31. PeterinSydney 16 Jul 2013, 9:23pm

    Looks like a nasty snake of an excuse for a man. Give up, you lost.

  32. The Bill is passed and on its way to Royal Assent, Yah!

    Just walked across the road and gave my neighbours a couple of purple carnations. Accepted with a smile.

  33. Right prevailed – we won.
    And my did the loons really make themselves known in both houses.

  34. He’ll trip himself up one day, that type always does.

  35. He looks like he’s from the cast of Book Of Mormon.

    1. He’s got about a dozen kids, so he probably is some religious cultist. If statistics prove true, at least one of his children will be gay and the others will no doubt be embarrassed to have a father who stood on the anti-human side of the fence.

      1. Sacre bleu 17 Jul 2013, 3:36am

        Whilst I love the irony of the idea that he will have a gay kid, but would not wish him as a father on any gay child (or for that matter straight – I’m not prejudiced).

  36. .....Paddyswurds 16 Jul 2013, 10:38pm

    Mr burrows should be shown the door come election time….

    1. Metsän poika 17 Jul 2013, 3:39am

      Yeah, a trap door into the fires of hell.

  37. Oh Dear.

    Which minority can he hate on now.

    Matter of fact.
    Christians are a minority.

    Hate on yourself Burrows.

    There is much to dislike.

    You show and live zero of the alleged message of love.

    Fail on politics.
    Fail on religion.
    Fail on humanity.


  38. for one of the more controversial, sensitive and complex issues – redefining marriage – I’m sorry but it’s only controversial and sensitive to Christian nutcases! The rest of the population thinks it’s no big deal! Now p*** off

  39. Please do correct if I’m wrong, but the word lire springs to mind

    1. .....Paddyswurds 17 Jul 2013, 7:11am

      You are wrong. The word is Liar.

  40. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRR….It has passed and there is nothing you can do now, you idiot to stop us getting married

  41. Colin (London) 17 Jul 2013, 8:46am

    I certainly hope by his tactics he is deselected or voted out at the next election.

  42. Here’s something we can do about Burrowes being re-elected.

    Phillip Dawson, gay treasurer of Mr Burrowes’ local Conservative association, has decided to set up a Facebook group demanding that Mr Burrowes ‘listen to the views of his constituents’ on this matter.

    So visit the page and have your say against this homophobe..

  43. I want a commitment from David Cameron that this neo-fascist extremist scumbag David Burrowes career in politics will progress no further.

    His extremism belongs in the BNP.

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