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Northampton: Woman suffers homophobic attack in takeaway

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  1. I wish I could say that I was surprised – but I am not.

    As we saw in France after their same sex law passed, expect a backlash for a while. I think it might be fair to argue that this is a predictable consequence of the recent protracted campaigns against LGBT rights that have been unashamedly drip-feeding bigotry into public consciousness.

    I know that I feel less safe now than I did 3-4 years ago, since bigots were emboldened by giving soap boxes upon which to stand.

  2. I can’t say i relate this directly to the passing or debating of same sex marriage laws, but i don’t really understand why it has taken Northamptonshire Police a MONTH to release details of this homophobic attack and ask for witnesses! Local Police forces can only command respect from its local population, when it is seen as acting in a robust and proper manner in dealing with this sort of crime. It seems attitude is some way behind the current law, something you would not normally expect from a police force.

  3. If she was on her alone, I would guess she may have been a transwoman, but if she was with another girl and was seen holding hands could well have been a lesbian.

    I hope the perpatrator was caught and got what he deserved.

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