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Germany: Berlin Mayor files legal complaint against rapper for anti-gay lyrics

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Reader comments

  1. Oh, a MUSLIM! What a surprise!

    1. Yes, Adam. I got to the ‘Mohamed’ and gave up reading. Watch how we’ll be excoriated for saying so, though. Good luck to you for speaking out.

      1. Ha! That’s as far as I got, Rufus!

        And yet, no religious ‘culture’ has as much latent (and secretly expressed) homosexuality as that one.

        1. Oh, I don’t know. The evangelical protestant churches in America give them a good run for their money.

      2. Yes, Muslims hardliners being so fond of [c]rap as a medium for proselytising, after all.

        Are Jamaican [c]rappers Muslim too, then?

        1. Or, for that matter, the Phelps clan, who I see are planning to picket poor Cory Monteith’s funeral? Or the fundamentalist Christian homophobes in Nigeria and Uganda? It is fundamentalist Islamism that is the problem here, not Islam or Muslims per se. And in many other western societies, it is fundamentalist “Christianity” that is the real problem. I’m not denying violent persecution of lesbians and gay men does not occur in Iran, Iraq and Malaysia, but let’s show some balance and perspective here.

      3. ‘… I got to the ‘Mohamed’ and gave up reading…’

        and i gave up reading the rest of you post when i got to this bit

        pink edl in action alert

    2. Absolutely right Adam…. no surprise here! It’s a pity you are getting negative score just because guy is a Muslim. I doubt you would get a negative rating if it was against an Evangelical Christian or Catholic. I think the UK is too PC when it comes to Muslims & Islam.

      1. The issue is more whether anyone would immediately assume a rapper called Marky Mark was an evangelical Christian (which Mark Wahlberg is, by the way) simply because of his name. You should look up the meaning of the word prejudice.

    3. How do know he is religious and not simply (and more likely) influenced by the gangster rap culture which is ripe with homophobia? I doubt a guy who calls himself “Bushido” and is engaged in playing popular music can be a fundamentalist Muslim, especially because playing music is banned in fundamentalist Islam.

      A Norwegian heavy metal musician has just been arrested in France for allegedly preparing a Breivik-like terrorist attack. His name is Kristian Vikernes. Does his explicitly Christian name tell you his motive was Christianity?

  2. I’m drawing a pictuire of Mohammed in response to this.

    Religion is a cancerous evil.

  3. I'[d like to see a porno where Jesus and Mohammed f*** each other in the interests of religious harmony

    1. I’m pretty certain Kristen Bjorn must have done a film with actors called Jesús and Mohammed …

  4. Christopher in Canada 17 Jul 2013, 3:17am

    And they wonder why gays still prefer Disco…

  5. what a surprise, a rapper glorifying the violence and german at that

  6. ““If I shoot, then I only do it with words and not with anything else,” he said.”

    Deep down inside men who feel the need to shout a lot and be obnoxious are trying to overcompensate because they are too cowardly to face up to their own feelings of inadequacy. As many of them are also very stupid, this last quote possibly reveals more than he’d care the rest of us to know.

  7. Just another reason to convince me Berlin is the best city in the world ….a gay mayor ! ….if you haven’t been …Go it’s amazing

  8. RAP MUSIC IS DEAD MUSIC! This story is just another reason why…..and coming from a Muslim!!!??? Oh! What happened to Muslims don’t hate?

  9. Barry William Teske 17 Jul 2013, 4:03pm

    Words are one of the deadliest things in the human arsenal of intolerance, inequality, indifference, incitement and hate.
    I hope you, Anis Mohamed Youssef Ferchichi, find a true higher good because it it obvious you have chosen free fall instead.

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