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Cameroon: Prominent gay rights activist burned with an iron and killed

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Reader comments

  1. This is the reason why we should boycott Orson Scott Card and his products, among others. NOM’s activities in Africa concerning the “kill the gay” laws directly lead to tragedies such as this one.

  2. Awful to hear after all the progress we are hearing everyday in Europe and U>S and then this happen. Africa is in a pretty hopeless situation in many ways in terms of LGBT rights(among others)

  3. It makes you take note of how lucky we are to live in the UK. With Gay Marriage almost a certain it is hard to believe there are countries in the world where you get killed, fired from work or discriminated against by government officials for simply being who you are – A LGBT Person. APPALLING! The UK and the EU needs to do more to stop these things happening around the world.

  4. John in Toronto Canada 16 Jul 2013, 3:48pm

    Africa is still largely un-evolved and barbaric. They’re ripe for the picking by christian fascists. Religions of all stripes, try to recruit people who can’t or don’t think about the world at large, and people who have no sense of reasoning. The dumber the better… let us tell you about Jesus… let us tell you about Mohamed. “Now be angry when we tell you to be”. Unintelligent drones. (as arrogant as I sound saying such things)

    1. You just sound like another smug Canadian. Talking about barbaric how many cops killed innuits last year?

  5. They probably find it easier to do this than sort themselves out in the same way that most other countries have managed to do.(with the exception of some in the middle east)

  6. Mr Lembembe was a brave man who worked for human rights in difficult circumstances.

    His murder is an assault on all of us who believe in individual dignity and freedom.

    As LGBT rights progress in the West, the worst backlash is not happening in Europe or America but against our brothers and sisters in those parts of the world where they are most vulnerable.

    American evangelical groups which promote hate must be shamed into desisting.

    Foreign donors (individuals and governments) must look closely at all the organisations they are funding to find out if they are unwittingly promoting hatred.

    Governments, the UN and NGOs must continue to speak out loudly against human rights violations.

    And human rights leaders in Africa and elsewhere must make their voices heard.

    Otherwise I fear we will see increasingly organised pogroms against LGBTs and allies in a number of countries.

  7. Disgusting – These Scum are worse than animals –

  8. Sadly, and as also seen in the Pew research on the topic, the world is now divided by an emerging gap between Africa (minus SA) and the Islamic World, on one side, and Europe, the Americans (Latin and Anglo) and parts of East and SE Asia in terms of acceptance to homosexuality. The lives of gays traped in the former “part” are sadly strongly at risk.

    1. Is it just coincidental that the countries in the latter group are generally more successful by any other measure as well? Perhaps they should ask their respective religionists why this should be?

      1. Religion, of course. But what’s truly sick is they turn it around and find some way to blame the gay’s. As if an IRON wasn’t enough, this cruel injustice should be enough for any politician with any kind of morality to speak up.

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