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The PinkNews Guide to the history of England and Wales equal marriage

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  1. GingerlyColors 15 Jul 2013, 8:51pm

    Interesting. LGBT history in the United Kingdom could easily fill a 300 page book. Gay people have endured a rollercoaster of changes in these islands from the liberal attitudes towards sex of the Roman occupiers to the introduction of the death penalty for homosexuality under the bloody reign of Henry VIII followed by the long struggle towards acceptance then decriminalization. Then of course there were the steps backwards such as the arrival of HIV/AIDS and Section 28. LGBT history must not omit the people involved, Oscar Wilde, Alan Turing and Lord Wolfenden. Come on, History Channel, let’s see what you can come up with!

  2. Ben-why don’t you write a book entitles “The Fight for Gay Marriage”?
    The history of this measure as recorded every day by Pink News -would make fascinating reading- from the start of the campaign via Cardinal Keith O’Brien-the Roman Catholic Church- ComRes- the BBC-David Burrowes- Sarah Teather-Shirley Williams-Simon Hughes-Desmon Swayne-Crispin Blunt-etc etc etc !!


  3. Thank you for this, great article :)

    Our history is known by few. Very few LGBT people I know actually know their history. Of course it all boils down to lack of education in every sense, but we’re working on that ;)

    I’m 22, been out for years, can you believe I never even heard of Stonewall until a couple of months ago?

    The fact is, the only impression of LGBT people I could possibly take away from school, television, or my friends and family was/is generally not a good one, and I had no opportunity to learn anything /real/ like this growing up until the internet came along. No role models anywhere, really! But again, we’re working on that…

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