2006 Canadian married couple denied UK marriage equality

Early in 2006, the High Court in London rejected calls for a legally married canadian couple to have their union recognised in the UK, arguing that marriage could only be defined as between a man and a woman.

Sue Wilkinson and her partner Celia Kitzinger were legally married in Canada in 2005, but when they travelled to the UK in 2006, the couple tried and failed to argue in court case after court case that they should be considered to be a legally wed couple, rather than simply a couple in a “Civil Partnership.”

Ms Wilkinson, in an interview with PinkNews.co.uk, said: “If you look at the world stage, there is no doubt that the UK judgement was a conservative one.”

Reflecting on the Israeli High Court ruling in the same year which had allowed same-sex marriages to be recognised in the country, she added: “It’s good news for the equal marriage movement worldwide.

“I hope this will make it easier for us to pursue our campaign or make it easier for others to challenge Britain’s discriminatory system.”

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