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Russia: Five gay rights protesters detained following Red Square demonstration

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Reader comments

  1. The more demos held in Moscow and elsewhere in Russia will surely be embarassing for their government. The rest of the world will laugh in Russia’s face at their desperate attempts to stifle LGBT people in the Federation.

  2. Whether it’s Putin or the school yard bully, don’t they have a clue that the rest of the world’s onlookers are thinking, “Really? You feel these Gay people are a threat? Let’s go kick some puppies while we’re at it; they all have that evil glare in their eyes.” When left alone, we Gays are not starting wars over oil, imprisoning people over mere words, or polluting natural resources for a few extra rubles passed under the table. Stopping parades and telling kids we don’t exist when it’s all around them (33% of any population are friends or related to someone Gay), is so 1950’s. From the photos, and all of this Putin paranoia, it appears he wants to be the only Gay person in the country. It’d be much easier if he stole a line from Arnold in “Torch Song Trilogy”… “Let’s get one thing straight first. A: I want children and B: if anyone asks: I’m the pretty one.”

    1. I’m an onlooker and I congratulate Russia for standing up for its morals.

  3. Why has Britain not officially withdrawn from the Winter Olympics in protest against this fascist law?

    The Ruissian dictatorship is threatening to jail LGBT foreigners if they come to Russia for the Winter OLympics.

    The civilised world must withdraw from the Winter Olympics in the Russian dictatorship.

    1. Banning the games would be a great idea on the human rights front, but I don’t see it happen. Too many athletes really only have one shot at Olympic gold and then there are their sponsors, etc. It’s all about the money.

      But it would be good, the Sochi Games are by far the most expensive Games in history, due to corruption and embezzlement, etc. – the usual Russian failure – at over $50bn and counting, and it would greatly irk the czar to have whole countries stay away from them on this homophobia issue. Alas, I don’t think the pink dollar/euro is strong enough yet to push the issue.

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