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Nick Clegg: London winning the Gay Games could change the perception of LGBT people in sport

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Reader comments

  1. Indeed – the Gay Games in London would be amazing.

    However far more urgent is the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi in the Russian dictatorship.

    The IOC pretends that LGBT athletes will be safe, but it refuses point blank to offer any assurances to LGBT supporters,

    Because of the neo-fascist anti-homosexuality law in Russia, does Nick Clegg support the idea of Britain withdrawing from the Winter Olympics because of Russia’s homophobic extremism?

    If not then what is he going to do to protect that safety of LGBT supporters, who the Russian dictatorship are threatening to jail?

    1. GingerlyColors 15 Jul 2013, 8:18pm

      And don’t forget next year’s Commonwealth Games in Glasgow where most of the countries that will be taking part still criminalize homosexuality.

  2. Gary Langdale 15 Jul 2013, 2:51pm

    It is great to hear the current news regarding the Gay Games 2018 but please could the Government now turn their attentions to trying to stop the atrocities against gay people currently happening in Russia? Thank you.

    1. There is not a lot Britain can do about the situation in Russia.,

      However Britain withdrawing entirely from the Winter Olympics in protest against the neo-fascist, homophobic extremism of the Russian dictatorship would mnake headline news worldwide and would be deeplly embarrassing for both Russia and the IOC.

      Andf it would also send a clear signal to FIFA that unless homosexuiality is fully decriminalised in Qatar, then it had better find a suitable alternative location for the Qatar World Cup.

  3. Staircase2 15 Jul 2013, 3:16pm

    Not that winning the Paralympics for London has done anything to mitigate the Tory led Government’s full out attack of the Disabled…

    We’ve seen the huge negative power of a complicit Media in turning around an otherwise positive advance in Disabled Rights.

    In a few short years, the Tories and the rightwing Press have utterly devastated any inroads made by a Disability Campaign Groups.

    This should serve as a warning that none of us can ever take our hard-won freedoms and Rights for granted…

  4. Why is The Pink hanging off every last word of this entirely discredited and odious individual?

    I for one am mightily fed up – and not a little suspicious – of hearing Cleggie’s every masterfully spun salutations to all things gay.

    So Nick Clegg loves us to the point where he is positively fawning over us in a last ditch bid to claw back a few of the millions of votes he has frittered away from the mass populace?

    Does his no doubt faux pleasantries toward us detract from any of the major betrayals and spectacular u-turns he has committed while hand in glove with the Tories?

    Something must be badly wrong if The Pink cannot find a more worthy – and credible – political bigwig to speak our corner.

    1. Indeed Nick Clegg is an odious person.

      He regards LGBT civil rights as a ‘conscience’ matter.

      What other minority group’s equal civil rights does he regard as a conscience matter, that he would alllow a free vote on?

      And what are his future plans for LibDem bigots like Sarah Teather – does he support her deselection as a LibDem candidate at the next election?

      If not then why not?

  5. Confused… What exactly are the “Gay Games”?

    1. Christopher Coleman 15 Jul 2013, 3:37pm

      No need to continue confused, Emma dear. You obviously have a computer with internet access; so, do a Google search, or use any other search engine of your choice and all will be made clear.

    2. Hey Googled, I saw this and thought of you x

    3. Christopher Coleman 17 Jul 2013, 6:00am

      Your search technique is probably adequate, but you might not understand how to check web site results for bias. You might like to consider a short course in Information Literacy, available at many public libraries and at colleges that teach research methods.

  6. It’s a shame we need a “gay games”, better to just let gay people compete in the games without there being massive issues over it?

  7. GingerlyColors 15 Jul 2013, 8:25pm

    Three worthwhile cities have now been shortlisted to host the Gay Games in 2018. It will be great for London to host them but Limerick and Paris are only a short flight away. Paris failed in their Olympic bid but France now enjoys marriage equality but there will be a risk that the Le Penn-backed marriage equality opponents won’t have given up their fight five years from now and will see the Games as an excuse to kick off.
    As for Limerick with the progress being made in Ireland there will no doubt be same-sex marriages by then.

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