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Milk screenwriter says boycott of Enders Game movie over homophobia is ‘a waste of energy’

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Reader comments

  1. Rubbish. It is the single easiest piece of activism imaginable – It takes no time, requires no effort and costs no money.

    And let’s remember Orson Scott Card serves on the board of NOM, so has a demonstrable input on making the lives of LGBT people harder than they have to be, and has openly expressed a wish for the laws to jail LGBT people to be returned.

    Not one penny. Not one.

    1. Mihangel apYrs 16 Jul 2013, 7:00am

      he has actualy resigned from NOM. On the other points I agree.

      1. Midnighter 16 Jul 2013, 7:10am

        And isn’t it a bit more than coincidence that he has done so coincidentally with this movie release?

        It isn’t too hard to surmise that this may have been an attempt to avoid controversy, in which case this could be taken as vindication that the negative attention generated by this campaign may already having the desired effect.

  2. “Every time you spend money,your casting a vote for the kind of world you want”
    Boycotts aren’t a waste of energy, they’re the only damn way to make a difference.

  3. *you’re. Oops.

  4. Well we just have to show as many more films by writers that inform and educate young teenagers that it does not as to have to be as one writer suggests. The Bible is a good story, but their are many better stories in the World.

  5. Well we just have to show as many more films by writers that inform and educate young teenagers that it does not have to be as one writer suggests. The Bible is a good story, but their are many better stories in the World.

  6. How much energy does it cost to NOT see something? How are you wasting energy doing that and then explaining it by the fact you DON’T want to support someone who advocates having gay people thrown in prison?

    Guess when you work in the film industry you have to roll over and play nice to the paymasters.

  7. So says the man whose paycheck comes from Hollywood studios. He’s no fool. He hopes to have another Oscar in his future. He knows that he would never have a chance of seeing another if he were to publicly join a boycott of a movie or movie studio.

    It’s laughable for him to suggest that going to see Ender’s Game will engage our political enemies and change their minds.

  8. Dustin Lance Black is a Mor(m)on.

    Orson Scott Card is a Mor(m)on.

    Truly pathetic to see Black craves the approval of his vicious cult over LGBT equality.

    Time for Black to shut his mor(m)onic mouth.

    Religion is cancerously evil.

  9. colonelkira 16 Jul 2013, 12:57am

    Oh good!…….There is actually another sensible gay person on the planet!

    Nice call Dustin!

    1. Make that three sensible gay people on the planet (i’m assuming you’re one). I disagree with the boycott,i think it just stoops us down to the level of people who did it to gay films xx

  10. CanadianChris 16 Jul 2013, 3:31am

    He should stick to having pictures of him bare-backing being released onto the internet…


  11. ‘…Boycotting a movie made by 99% LGBT equality folks in an LGBT equality industry is a waste of our collective energy…’

    if hollywood is such a gay friendly industry, how come there are so many of A-listers still in the closet

    1. He’s clearly never seen the documentary “The Celluloid Closet”, I imagine it would be quite an eye opnener for him!

  12. Scott Rose 16 Jul 2013, 5:47am

    Dustin Lance Black doesn’t have his facts straight. Card is a CURRENT board member of the so-called National Organization of Marriage, which sponsors anti-gay hate rallies where its chosen speakers yell through megaphones that homosexuals are “worthy to death.” Card is a producer of this film; do not give him one penny of your money. Urge all of your friends, family members and business associates to boycott this movie.

    1. Supposedly, O.S.C. left his position at NOM a few months back.

      Of course, that STILL isn’t a reason to see the film. I fully intend on boycotting it, and making sure that all of my friends and family know about this.

  13. Colin (London) 16 Jul 2013, 7:19am

    No…next month they will move on to another film. This is about work and money to them……But to those of us who are gay this is our lives, the way we are dealt with every day of our lives!

    I stick by my original post:

    Look at the man first and what he stands for and you will know what to do instinctively.

    I certainly won’t watch the film and am thinking of a protest in Leicester Square when it arrives. Anyone want to join me. (Nov 2013 approx.)

    1. Quite.
      I think it should be clear to the folks at lionsgate who the boycott is about.
      The runners, cameramen, stars, directors will still get to work on other stuff, and have already been paid upfront for their contributions.

      The message we’re sending is that Scott Orson Card is box office poison due to his rampant homophobic activism and that message still stands, however they try to spin it.

  14. IN your opinion – Presented with all the facts and the background on this card character – I for one will boycott this bigoted religious A holes film – My choice – No energy will be wasted because I will avoid the movie.

  15. Dustin Lance Black still clearly craves the approval of the vicious evil Mor(m)on cult.

    Such a shame that hs craving for religious approval means that he is willing to throw away all the good work he has done for gay equality.

    1. How do you know? Just because he was brought up in a Mormon household doesn’t mean that’s what’s behind his recent remarks. What a patronising assumption.

      1. I can see no other rationalisation for his pathetic opposition to this boycott.

        Both Card and Black are Mor(m)ons. Card is a vicious homophobe and former board member of NOM and a financial contributor to homophobic causes. He has not retracted or apologised for his homophobic extremism. If this movie makes money then it is funding homophobic extremism through Card.

        If the movie is a success the sequel will be made, further funding homophobic extremism.

        Perhaps Black is simply too stupid to understand this?

        Although this is unlikely. He is clearly fairly clever.
        The most obvious assumption is that he is trying to play sweet with the evil, bigoted Mor(m)onic cult that both he and Card are members of

        The alternative is that Black does not care about homophobia?

        1. You can really see NO other rationalisation?
          Here let me offer you another: Dustin Lance Black is a screenwriter… maybe, just MAYBE, he doesn’t want to get blacklisted in Hollywood?

          People who speak badly about productions, directors, writers, producers, etc… TEND not to get invited to work on projects. That’s the way things are in Hollywood. And most of the rest of the world as well.

          Dustin Lance Black would have been FAR better off simply shutting his face-hole and not saying anything, rather than opening his yap and firmly planting a foot in it.

        2. SteveC, why do you feel it’s necessary for you to decide what his motivation is? Is Making one phone call to a relative in the south who isn’t quite there yet would be 1,000 times more effective really that hard to understand?

          It’s strange that you grudgingly admit he’s “clearly fairly clever” yet choose to believe the religion of his family motivates him today more than anything else. I’m no admirer of organised religion (far from it), but it’s an insulting assumption to say the least.

  16. Wow, i can’t believe you’re all stooping down the level of the people who boycotted gay films for years. I mean… wow. I bet some of you still watch Roman Polanski film? You wouldn’t boycott those. Or watch Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit? Or enjoy ‘Chuck Norris is awesome’ jokes? Or Woody Allen Movies? Or Thirty Rock? (not all these examples are homophobes by the way, i’m just making a point)

    1. How do Roman Polanski or Peter Jackson or Woody Allen films directly fund extremist causes?

      Watchng this Enders Game movie will ensure direct financial contribution to extremist homophobic causes.

      Dustin Lance Black knows this which makes his opposition to the boycott call into question his commitment to gay equality.

      1. Roman Polanski: Raped a 12 year old girl
        J.R.R Tolkein (writer of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit): Admitted homophobe
        Woody Allen: Married his 17 year old step daughter

        Plus, O.S.C has already recieved the money for selling the rights, most of the money made by the movie will go to the people who made the movie (screen writer, director, actors), and even then, most of the money that will be made due to the use of the book, will go to the publishers. He’s already made money.

        Just because someone doesn’t agree with boycotting a film, doesn’t mean they don’t support gay equality. It means that support separating the person from the professional. Enders Game has no homophobic content, it’s a book series about exploiting children during war time. Boycotting stoops us down to their level, and i refuse to be a part of it. But don’t you dare question my desire for equality, ever.

        1. You are avoiding my question.

          How is seeing a Roman Polanski or Woody Allen film financing extremist bigotry (the criminal or moral records of either men is not funding oppression as you are well aware – and Tolkein has been dead for over 50 years so that analogy is absurd).

          If this film is a success then a sequel will be made. If a sequel is made then Card will get more money, therefore if this film is a success then it is a guarantee of future financing to homophobic extremism.

          Boycotting this film will help it fail meaning that neo-fascist groups like NOM will be denied future funding.
          You know this. Black knows this., Such a pity you don’t care about homophobic extremism.

          1. 1. How is it certain he’ll donate the money to NOM, when he left a few months back?
            2. Most people i’ve seen, are boycotting because he’s a homophobe, and that’s it, which i see as hypocritical
            3. I care, but i also care about cinema, and seperating the authors personal life from their professional life. Have you ever thought that maybe i might be against this boycott for something other than gay rights? Have you ever thought, maybe i’m against it because i believe no piece of cinema should be judged by it’s makers? That cinema is an artform, and boycotting it, in my eyes, is close to book burning?

          2. (this may send twice, as i’m unsure if it sent the first time, so sorry if the same kind of reply shows twice)

            1. How is it guaranteed that he’ll give money to NOM, when he left them months ago?
            2. He’s already received the money for the rights!!! Even if the film does terribly, you can’t prevent him getting money!
            3. For the most part, i’ve seen people say they’re only boycotting because he’s a homophobe
            4. Have you ever thought, maybe i’m opposed to the boycott for reasons other than homophobia? I’m opposed to it, because i’m passionate about cinema, i believe it’s wrong to lump together someones personal and professional life, and i believe boycotting cinema is, at least in my eyes, close to book burning.

        2. “most of the money made by the movie will go to the people who made the movie (screen writer, director, actors), ”

          wrong, the producers get most of the money-Card will continue to make more money off of this movie than any of those people.

        3. Also Naomi, I am passionate about cinema, I always have been. That doesn’t mean that I have to watch every movie ever made if I have ideological issues or support every single filmmaking endeavor. I highly doubt I would be missing a masterpiece of cinema if I skipped Ender’s Game, or that my time wouldn’t be better spent trying to promote the work of brilliant artists like Terence Davies, who is gay and often cannot get funding for his projects, while homophobes like Orson Scott Card will continue to be successful.

    2. How is it different to boycott a film with O.S.C. involved, from seeing a movie based on a book by a dead author? or one made by an accused pedophile? or one that YOU apparently don’t like because he legally wed a young woman?

      1. I WON’T see a Chuck Norris film. At all. The man is a right-wing lunatic. I’ve decided, for myself, that I’d rather not see any movie with him in it.

      2. Tolkien isn’t giving money to anti-LGBT organisations. He isn’t actively fighting against LGBT rights. Come to think of it… Tolkien isn’t really doing ANYTHING “actively” right now, is he. And even during his life, while he may have been homophobic, he never actively fought against LGBT equality.

      3. Regardless of any perceived moral failings of Polanski and Allen, neither of them is actively fighting against equality for a minority group.

      So no one is “stooping” to any level.


      1. O.S.C. gives 10%, obligatorily, of ALL of his earnings to the Mormon church. He has, in recent years, given hundreds of thousands of dollars to NOM specifically to fight against equality for LGBT people.

        O.S.C. was – until very recently – on the board of NOM, in other words, working on policy for them. And trust me, it wasn’t to soften their stance.

        Seeing ANY movie based upon a work of O.S.C’s encourages film studios to make MORE movies based on his works. If a film of Ender’s Game is a financial success, then Lionsgate will want to make a film out of the next book in the series. Which means that O.S.C. will get MORE money to spend on anti-LGBT causes.

        And if that 2nd film is a success? Well, the 3rd book follows, and if that one? the 4th.. and so on and so forth.

        And people will see the films, and want to read the books. Sales of the books again directly financially profit O.S.C.

        Understand now?

        1. And Dustin Lance Black is COMPLETELY missing the point of the boycott.

          The studio could have chosen a book by any of a myriad of LGBT-supportive authors. They didn’t.

          The cast and crew get work, regardless. They have all already been paid for their work. Boycotting the film will in no way, shape, or form hurt ANY of this supposed “99.9%” involved in the making of the film. They are already paid. They don’t get any returns on the film.

          The ONLY people who gain/lose whether Ender’s Game is a success or a flop, are the studio, the producers, and Orson Scott Card.

          Dustin Lance Black is a moron for not understanding a VERY basic fact of life.

          1. I don’t think he is.

            You do realise studios don’t look at the authors as people, they look at the work, and whether it will sell, it’s how the system works, i’ve been studying cinema for 3 years.

            So, the producers and studio, who only picked the book because it’s a famous sci fi novel, that they know will sell due to it’s fanbase, should be punished, when Lionsgate have proven time and time again that they’re tollerant of LGBT rights.

            Name calling isn’t an argument.

        2. Yeah, but the mormons do more than prosecute homosexuals! It’s not the only thing they do.

          Everyone has a past, not right to be judge someone because of it. It works both ways

          You do realise people will see it anyway. The book series has a huge fanbase, there is no choice in this, people will see it.

          and so on and so fourth? There’s only 4 books in the series!

          People buy the books anyway, it was a part of defining sci fi fiction, whether you like it or not.

          1. no one is advocating the boycott of Ender’s Game because of Orson Scott Card’s nebulous past.

            they are advocating the boycott of the film because HE IS PRESENTLY AN ACTIVE CAMPAIGNER AGAINST LGBT EQUALITY.

            Are you REALLY that dense?

            No one is saying boycott the film because of something he did that has no effect on anyone other than himself.

            I’m starting to think you’re just a forum troll.

      2. (I’ll reply to each reply individually)

        1. shouldn’t the point be that the author is morrally wrong? Strikes me as hypocritical, completely
        2. Fine, i’ll give you that one
        3. That you know of

        Yeah, we kind of are. People have boycotted gay films for years, and we are stooping to that level.

        1. I’ve been studying cinema for 22 years, so get off the high horse. Your 3 years of study doesn’t really make your opinion worth that much more than anyone else’s in this case anyhow.

          Also, has O.S.C. not written other books outside of this series? I’m pretty sure he has a fairly extensive list of written works that will be optioned for years to come if this movie is a big success.

          Your logic is fallacious at best. The point is that the author is directly attempting to damage the lives of millions of people and actively campaigns against LGBT rights with his time and money, and supporting this film IS in effect supporting him and the causes to which he devotes his time and money. Just like buying Monsanto products supports Monsanto’s practices. Conversely, you are not supporting child-rape by watching Polanski’s films, where corruption, rape and violence are frequently condemned as subjects of horror (Rosemary’s Baby, Chinatown, etc.).

        2. You may not know this Naomi but you are one vile bitch –

  17. colonelkira 19 Jul 2013, 3:43pm

    Unfortunately when you have lived with hatred your whole life it is very easy to become the thing you hate the most, as obviously most of the posters on here have done.

    “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” – Martin Luther King

    While I understand the desire, the intention is misguided.

    1. Please explain how we have become hateful people because we don’t want to see a virulently homophobic author succeed and in effect use that success to promote hatred, to the detriment of our own lives? How is encouraging others to not line the pockets of homophobic authors, and preferring to put my money into the pockets of other artists instead, “darkness driving out darkness” or trying to drive hate out with more hate?

  18. come on, Milk writer-grow a pair-it isn’t a waste of energy not to go to a movie-youre just kissing some Hollywood people’s assses-cut it out-

  19. What in idiotic statement! “Making one phone call to a relative in the south who isn’t quite there yet would be 1,000 times more effective.”

    Does Dustin Lance Black really think that none of us have spoken to our relatives at some point about this? Not that he’s a very talented writer (the script of Milk was actually it’s weakest part), but it’s a shame that a well-known queer screenwriter would disavow any effort to speak out against homophobia in the entertainment industry. I’m sure gay people work at Monsanto too, but that’s no reason to support the corporation, and boycotting is not misguided in this regard.

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