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France: Rainbow lights on Eiffel tower for Bastille Day criticised by equal marriage opponents

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Reader comments

  1. How embarrassing that the city of Paris released a statement denying that they were celebrating equal rights.

    France continues to embarrass itself with their responses to the homophobic bigot brigades.

  2. Yes, but at least they got there in the end, and they’re not standing for any more of the violent excesses of some of the jackboots-under-the-pew brigade that characterised some elements of opposition to marriage equality.

  3. What we want to know is does the protest again involve young buff men taking their shirts off in the surf…?

    1. If they REALLY want to show us how anti-gay they are they should only wear jock straps!

      That’d really show us!

  4. Helge Vladimir Tiller 16 Jul 2013, 8:26am

    And never before did The Eiffel Tower look so beautiful !

    1. Helge Vladimir Tiller 16 Jul 2013, 8:27am


  5. That There Other David 16 Jul 2013, 9:34am

    The Rainbow in the Pride flag symbolises diversity, exactly the same sentiment behind the lights on the Eiffel Tower. Criticism of this just goes to show how those who lost the debate n France are acting like spoiled children. They can only now see slights from the government. Pathetic.

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