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Exclusive Ed Miliband: I am proud that the House of Lords has passed equal marriage

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Reader comments

  1. great new and theres still a long way to go to fight homophobia

  2. Oh the labour party yes they help gay rights along but had it not been laws/rulings from the EU I wonder if the laws would have been push through.

    Good news from theHOL today

    1. Repealling section 28 and introducing civil partnerships did not follow ECHR (nothing to do with the EU) rulings, both opposed by the tory establishment.

      Even where moves towards equality did follow ECHR rulings there is no guarentee that they would have passed under a tory government, its more likely that they would have fought progress and claimed they were ‘standing up to Europe’ Remeber IDS and Hague were both homophobic and anti european.

      1. Let’s also remembner the proposed votes for English MP’s only in furture legislation, may well be used to try to repeal gay marriage and other socially progressive measures…

  3. We’re getting married very soon
    Ding,dong, bigots gonna cry…
    Ignore their pleading
    Stuff their whinging
    and get us to the reg office
    On time.

    We’re getting married very soon now,
    but let us keep up the fight,
    Fight for civ’ partnerships,
    End all bigotry,
    and get us up Church ailes aswell.

    (Wot do U mean it doesn’t quite scan??)

  4. Oh Ed, you’re so poorly briefed. This Bill still leaves plenty of us out in the cold.

    Come on Ed, talk about how the Labour Party endorsed the introduction of Section 28, delayed its repeal (hence it was gone in devolved Scotland long before south of the border), spent £0000s on defending the military ban, and twice legislated to remove trans people’s hard-won legal rights – indeed the only party ever to legislate to take rights away from trans people, even Maggie left that dirty work to the courts.

    Admit how the civil partnerships bill included mixed-sex couples until Labour removed those clauses.

    Then maybe when you’re more honest about your past work blocking LGBT equalities, then we can talk about the future…

    1. Section 28 was a Tory bill. – it is as Tory Bill through and through.A

      And 128 current Tory MPs (and 21 Labour MPs) remain neo-fascist homophobic scumbags who believe we are 2nd class citizens.

      LGBTory Group and David Cameron surely accept that only a minority of Tory MPs currently sitting can be supported by any LGBT person at the next election.

      A majority of Tory MPs (and 21 Labour and 4 LibDem) are disgusting, inhumane, bigoted, extremist pigs who do not deserve re-election.

  5. Let us not forget that Ed Miliband regards equal civil rights as a ‘conscience’ matter and allowed a free vote on this issue.

    Is there any other minority group whose civil rights he regards as conscience matters?

    And does he support the deselection of that minority of Labour MP’s who are homophobic extremists (ie those who voted against equality) at the next election.

    We must strive to ensure that any Labour MP who voted against equality loses his/her seat at the next election.

    1. Midnighter 15 Jul 2013, 7:35pm

      I am far from being a fan of Ed Milliband, however I feel you being unfair on this point: the only way you now know about who voted against it is because the leaders allowed free votes. Not only that, but it delivered the most democratically transparent result possible, so it gave the strongest possible mandate to the bill on its way to the Lords.

      If the leaders had whipped the vote, all those wanting to undermine it by claiming it had been fast tracked and it had no democratic mandate would have been able to get some traction, and our opponents would have remained anonymous.

      1. Fair enough.

        But my equal civil rights are not a matter of ‘conscience’ to be decided by a free vote. Regardless of how you or Miliband try to spin it.My equal civil rights are and were non-negotiable and it is a disgrace that ONLY the Green Party had the integrity to accept this self-evident fact.

        Watch Cameron, Miliband and Clegg squirm at the next election when they try to explain why any LGBT should vote for a homophobic bigot.

        David Cameron in particular must accept that no LGBT person in their right mind can vote for a majority of the currently seated Tory MP’s seeing as they believe we are 2nd class citizens.

        Karma is a b!tch. We muist not forgive nor forget who the bigots are.

        1. Midnighter 15 Jul 2013, 8:33pm

          Oh believe me, I’m not trying to spin it, I’m just observing that it worked out to our benefit. As I say, I’m not exactly a fan :P It seems probable that this aspect is something that would have been considered, but I have no doubt that party politics and leadership survival were clearly the key motivations.

          I think what you’re alluding to here is that the principle at stake is that it is unjust for society to single out a discrete subgroup and deny them rights afforded to the rest, especially where there is no demonstrable conflict of interest. I think we both agree it is a sorry state of affairs that this principle is not one we could rely on being held to by leaders in the current state of British politics.

          Yes, I too am rather hoping we see the back of some dead wood as a result of this, not least because of the manifest stupidity exposed during this bill’s passage.

  6. Philip Breen 15 Jul 2013, 5:57pm

    There are many other things we need to do for gay people to live without fear of the future, such as challenge the new filtering regulations of spent crimes that can NEVER be filtered, published as recently as May 2013. All of the old homophobic and gay offences are listed. Somebody somewhere has decided they are relevant to safeguarding when, in fact, they were public order offences, victimless and their witch hunts based on the accepted morality of another time.

  7. 128 Tory MPs
    21 Labour MPs
    4 Lib Dem MPs

    These are the numbers of extremist, neo-fascist homophobic scum MPs in the political parties.

    If you are represented by any of these disgusting bigots then find out now and find out how you can help them lose their seats at the next election.

    Their extremism must not be forgiven not forgotten

    1. Just remember when you get a degree no one is interested in the marks obtained, only the piece of paper. Those who voted against will soon be forgotten and probably not even in Parliament. It is the passed Legislation that is important and all GLTBI should be celebrating it!

      1. Yes they will soon be forgotten but the next election is in 2 years which is very soon. It will not and should not be forgotten by then.

        When Cameron comes whoring for our vote he needs to be asked quite clearly how any LGBT person can in conscience vote Tory when over 50% of current Tory MPs are neo-fascist homophobic scum..

        We must do our utmost to ensure that the neo-fascist scumbags who voted against equality are voted out.

        It is way too soon to forgive or forget the homophobic extremism of the current Tory Party.

        1. @SteveC

          I hate to tell you, but you are rubbish at maths. 128 is much less than half of Tory MPs, nearer to 40%.

          You can’t say that everyone who voted against the bill is a fascist either. Some MPs that voted against did so not to stop us getting married, because of prejudice, but because the bill wasn’t (and isn’t) satisfactory in a number of ways – maybe they felt it didn’t offer enough protections, or for example it is pretty pointless if you are trans, and some MPs felt strongly about that.

          Don’t tar everyone that disagrees with you with the same brush. A very famous fascist called Hitler did that. Hurts being called a fascist, doesn’t it?

  8. Chris Price 15 Jul 2013, 10:03pm

    Great. Now equal marriage for transpeople and non binary people, and stop married transpeople having to divorce to receive the treatment they need.

    This isn’t the end.

  9. Until trans people can transition without having to get divorced, it isn’t EQUAL marriage. It’s still “gay marriage”.

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