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Equal marriage bill passes Third Reading in House of Lords

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Reader comments

  1. HOORAH!!!!!!!!!

    Well done to those who have worked so tirelessly to get this passed, hats off to all of you.

    And to those against it, I still two big fingers up at you ‘V’

  2. Jock S. Trap 15 Jul 2013, 4:25pm

    What a Great day to be British!!!

    So happy…. WooHoo!!!

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 15 Jul 2013, 4:36pm

      Isn’t it just, Jock? I am beyond elated!

      1. I am sure you are, Robert. All your countless emails to peers have paid off!

        I’m delighted to hear this news.

  3. Pink carnation for me tomorrow to say thanks.

  4. Robert in S. Kensington 15 Jul 2013, 4:29pm

    Fantastic! We did it! I am over the moon! Jubilation and celebration across the entire country and in my beloved city of London tonight and for the rest of the week!

  5. Yippie!!
    Almost there! =D

  6. Ethel Clutterbuck 15 Jul 2013, 4:35pm

    Time to crack open that 1966 bottle of sparkling Wincarnis tonic wine

  7. Extreme sour grapes from those 2 Tory peers , mccormack and the one after him I thought…’s the Christian websites that are going to continue to trash us rather than the other way around and we’re probably going to have some more hysterical nonsense from Burrowes and the likes in a few days time.

    What exactly was that thing about the Queen about? My suspicions is that someone’s done a prayer to her (like the one Baroness O’Caithian did for religious CPs in the HoL) and she’s stuck her Vs up to it..

    1. Beelzeebuiub 15 Jul 2013, 4:57pm

      “…it’s the Christian websites that are going to continue to trash us rather than the other way around ”

      Given that you cannot comment on Christian web sites his point is rather moot, however expect hordes of them belittling us on here.

      1. I hope they do, if they need to it shows we have won.

    2. The Queen issue was mostly an administrative matter.

      As someone who personally has control or ownership over a number of premises in which same sex marriages could place she has a personal stake, and with it a constitutional right to personally intervene. There may have been related issues, but basically it would be stuff very similar to that.

      That was her making it clear she has no intent to.

    3. The thing about the Queen is that when the parliamentary process is complete the final item is the Queen’s signature – appealingly, in Norman French!

      1. La Reyne le veult

    4. bobbleobble 16 Jul 2013, 10:20am

      Cormack’s speech was petty designed simply to bring down the mood of elation in the House and paint us as bad guys who he believes are going to gloat at those who didn’t support the bill. Had the boot been on the other foot the crowing of Cormack, McKay, Dear and others at their victory would have been unbearable.

      Framlingham on the other hand was the very epitome of swivel eyed loon. Not even Lord Dear (whose concession speech was actually seemed genuinely sincere) and Baroness Knight (who kept her cakehole shut thank goodness) launched into such a bizarre and bad natured tirade. It made him look ridiculous and it was uncalled for. His arguments had been rejected so to make them again was just nonsense. Oh and the fact that the amendments he supported didn’t make it into the bill doesn’t mean the bill was bulldozed through but rather that the amendments, designed to gut the bill, were not worthy of it.

  8. so does this mean my partner and I can convert our civil partnership to marriage certificate as soon as the Queen signs off?

    1. I think you are going to have to wait till it actually comes into force- some time next year, I gather.

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 15 Jul 2013, 4:45pm

      No Jon, won’t be happening until early summer 2014.

  9. Pavlos Prince of Greece 15 Jul 2013, 4:41pm

    Gay marriage, big royal event and nice midsummer: all of very best in England at one time. Celebration !

  10. At last! ;-)
    Fűck you, haters!

  11. I have never been so conversant with parliamentary procedure. Big up to Lord Ali – he’s a defo Gay icon. Now am guessing HM will sign into law this week rather than have the loonies ruin her summer hols by writing to her in Balmoral? Well done to us all! Might just have some bubbles.

    1. Yes, Waheed Ali has done a magnificent job!

  12. Robert in S. Kensington 15 Jul 2013, 4:59pm

    The right wing rags the Daily Mail and Telegraph have been dealt a serious blow, totally gob-smacked over and over. They never thought the Lords would see this Bill through to it’s successful conclusion, some were even saying it would be massacred. Today, revenge against the haters is so very sweet! Let us all rejoice and celebrate this historic day in our history.

  13. hey there plenty of queen ready to sign

  14. Fantastic news – at last!

    (This really is it, isn’t it? No more possible hurdles?)

    Interesting that nearly an hour after this article was posted there’s still nothing on the BBC website.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 15 Jul 2013, 6:29pm

      No more hurdles Rehan, the amendments are the government’s own, no wrecking amendments carried. It’s virtually a done deal once it goes through the formalities in the Commons and Lords tomorrow and Wednesday.

      1. Thanks, Robert – being a cautious sort I’ll postpone celebrations till the Royal Assent is given (we’ve waited so long, what’s another few days/weeks?)!

        And, incidentally, thank you for your indefatigable lobbying of the Lords.

  15. Yes, and we second your comment!!! This is historical. And many thanks to the change makers. And as the ole tune goes … Climb every mountain la la la follow every rainbow etc, …… ;)

  16. Did it go through with the transphobic clauses?

    1. Hodge Podge 15 Jul 2013, 6:03pm

      Probably. Sort of a bittersweet victory. I feel I should have a drink anyway, but still…

  17. Great news but i won’t be celebrating until it goes back to the House of commons and is passed with no amendments! Else it will just go back to the house of lords again!
    People are celebrating too soon! Hopefully tomorrow evening we can celebrate =D

    + I wonder how long it will take the queen to sign it off.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 15 Jul 2013, 6:20pm

      The amendments are the government’s own amendments so its going to pass anyway in both houses. None of the wrecking amendment were adopted.

      1. The spousal veto was kept, which is a very serious problem. They’re actively introducing transphobic legislation which did not exist before.

        1. The spousal veto didn’t exist before, but that’s because you couldn’t get a Gender Recognition Certificate at all without divorcing, whether or not your spouse consented to it. The spousal veto sucks, but you can’t claim that the new situation is worse than the old.

  18. Jan Bridget 15 Jul 2013, 5:24pm

    Well spoken, Gabi, now it is Malta’s turn!

  19. Robert (Kettering) 15 Jul 2013, 5:28pm

    Well done House of Lords! I was so touched by the sight of all those pink carnations worn by the Lords and Ladies on the live feed, wonderfully kind of them.

    Anyway, one more hurdle then tomorrow though I gather all the amendments were added at the request of the Government so I’m hopeful all will be well in the end.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 15 Jul 2013, 6:26pm

      Yes indeed, Robert. All of the amendments are government amendments so no problem there or the Lords.

  20. This is a tremendous victory, not just for equality but also for democracy. I have been particularly moved by just how many Conservatives in both Houses of Parliament have supported the Bill. It is true that David Cameron has not taken the whole of his party with him on this issue, away from the nastiness of the not-so-distant past, but he is to be commended for taking a stand and smashing the consensus of bigotry that was Thatcher’s legacy on the matter LGBT rights in the UK. The Bill – can we say Act yet? – bears the scars of Cameron’s courageous battle and there is still therefore much to put right before we really do have equal marriage in Britain and not just ‘gay marriage’, but I am still pleased that this has happened in the way it has.

    I very much hope that the Prime Minister receives a Stonewall award for what he has done here.

    1. Well done and congratulations! I am supporter of the British Democratic
      Party and before that the BNP. Please remember not ALL of us nationalists are imbued with anti-gay prejudice. There ARE quite a few of us who are more rational on this subject and there are gay and bisexual people within these parties working-away to change out-of-date and bigoted attitudes from within. Nationalists tend to be younger on average and homophobia is less prevalent amongst youth.

      Once again, congratulations on what can only be called an historic victory. All of us who love our country can stand a bit taller today.

    2. Well done and congratulations! It is certainly a very historic day. I am a supporter of the British Democratic Party (BDP) and formerly the BNP.

      Not all of us nationalists are intolerant towards gays and bisexuals and there are quite a few of us who are working within to change out-of-date and irrational attitudes towards gays/bisexuals. The BDP supports civil partnerships and that is one of the reasons rational nationalists have joined them and left the BNP which failed to change properly in this regard. Hopefully, in the future, the BDP will support equal civil marriage as well.

      Once again, congratulations on a very historic victory against the forces of unreason and prejudice. It is a day when all us who love our country can stand that bit taller.

  21. Great news! Congratulations from Argentina.
    Also today, we celebrate here the third anniversary of the Congress passing the bill.
    It’s certainly a good day for equality =)

  22. I think David Cameron is owed a great deal of gratitude. He didn’t need to do this, yet not only did he pursue it, but he never waivered despite the unrelenting assault from the backbenchers and the conservative press.

    In that regard, how does the Telegraph have any credibility at this point? It is one thing to oppose the bill, but its reportage has been deceptive. The Telegraph complained that Cameron was wasting his time and political capital because, even if the bill passed out of Commons, it would be “savaged” in the House of Lords. That was totally false.

    1. I agree to a point but there is quite a bit of advantage he’ll be hoping to gain from this come election time. I mean it is a big deal but didn’t he actually oppose this when it was done under a different? Maybe I’m cynical and I am pleased about this but in a broad sense he basically changed the name of something people have been okay with for almost a decade. It was quite safe politically and a sensible move for the Conservatives, most of them recognised that appearing more modern is beneficial to them in the long run. People won’t remember that some backbenchers weren’t keen on this, just the party that brought it in.
      Credit to him for sticking to his guns (I think it wasn’t really an option for him not to though) but few politicians do anything selflessly and David Cameron definitely doesn’t. So happy about this though personally hate the term partner, husband is far better.

      1. Speaking personally, I have always thought that if any party ever
        brought in equal marriage it would be the Tories as they are believers in small government. Also, and this is crucial, homophobia is more prevalent amongst working-class people. Of course, not all working-class people are prejudiced but it is less common in this regard amongst the middle and especially upper classes. Which party has historically represented working-class people? Labour. They only introduced civil partnerships and not equal marriage as they feared losing support amongst the working-class ‘core vote’.

        Frankly, it isn’t a surprise a PM who attended the most famous boys boarding school introduced this.

        1. Who the hell is this clown? P1ss off and stop ruining things with your vile anti-working class cr@p. This is the first bit of pro-gay legislation that the Tories have ever been involved in, (not that it is even a Tory government, in case you haven’t noticed). Labour have brought about every single previous pro-equality move up until now, just as their MPs voted overwhelmingly in favour of this – unlike the Tories. As for ‘middle and upper class liberalism’ – what ignorant, fawning rubbish. The major force against equality has been Christian church goers, who are a disproprtionately afflluent social group. Why not learn something about the country you claim to be a ‘nationalist’ for.

          1. Alright, keep your hair on! Yes, the legislation was really the idea of the Lib Dems rather than the Tories but the latter party
            could have stood in its way and kept-on putting it off. However, it was a good day for gays/bisexuals in Britain and that is the main point. Now, ALL parties will have to commit themselves to gay/bisexual equality (even UKIP and nationalist parties like the BDP) if they are to get anywhere electorally-speaking.. That is surely one of the political results of what happened yesterday. God-botherers and weirdos who want to interfere in people’s private lives will now fall flat on their face if they continue to promote homophobia.

        2. Labour were more courageous with Civil Partnerships I don’t care what you say, they brought in all the anti-discrimination stuff too, things have changed a lot since then and if they’d gone for full marriage back then we’d have probably ended up with nothing. In fact it’s in part because of them things have improved. Don’t have too short a memory some of these Tories opposed even CPs not too long ago, they brought in Section 28 etc. There was no real risk involved here, he just brought them in to line with the other parties who actually stand to get elected. Even if people hate equal marriage/rights every major party supports them so there is no viable electable alternative to vote for. Another thing not to forget is that the Lib Dems may have played some role in this (there’s a first time for everything).
          Most of what you’ve posted is absolute crap, dismissing what Labour did for LGBT people is absolutely ridiculous.

    2. It was a bold and courageous move by David Cameron, and despite some awful backwoodsmen in the Commons and a few in the Lords, he has shown that he’s a successful moderniser of what was once the Nasty Party. Nothing succeeds like success !

      It will certainly pay handsome dividends in due course because young people, on whom the party crucially depends for its future, wouldn’t even think of voting for a party with outdated bigoted views.

      Interesting to note in the latest poll that support for the virulently anti-gay UKIP party is already waning and the Tories are now neck-and-neck with Labour.

  23. Congratulations from Canada! So glad you could join us!

  24. Yes! Yes! Yes! YEEEEES!!! Thank you to all those sane people with common sense!! Thank you!

  25. From Singapore, congratulations to all my LGBT brothers and sisters in England and Wales!! What an amazing and triumphant day for all your citizens. The eventual passing of the same-sex marriage bill will reverberate all around the world, especially in the Commonwealth nations. It might make the ones who still have anti-sodomy laws (like my country) rethink repealing it.

    I’m ecstatic for England and Wales!! Scotland next?

  26. .....Paddyswurds 15 Jul 2013, 6:54pm

    I wonder how it feels to be so utterly on the wrong side of history. Clearly the haters “gawd” is on our side if he/she/it actually existed that is.

    1. He is indeed. I think homophobia originates a great deal from religion. If religion had never existed then I believe we would see a lot less of it
      and people would more readily accept the scientific fact that a small number of humans are gay/bisexual and that none of us get to actively choose our sexual orientation.

      1. Yes, She is :)

  27. Well done and congratulations! I am a supporter of the British Democratic Party (BDP) and formerly the BNP. I want you to know that not all nationalists have out-of-date, bigoted and fundamentally irrational attitudes towards gays and bisexuals.

    Some of us have been working within to change these attitudes. The BNP didn’t change enough in this regard. The BDP supports civil partnerships and hopefully will one day also support equal civil marriage.

    It is a truely historic day so, once again, congratulations. It’s a great day to be British and all of us who love our country can walk a bit taller.

  28. A, J,Mainland 15 Jul 2013, 9:45pm

    This process has certainly brought out some astonishing characters from the woodwork of the House Of Commons and House Of Lords.
    A massive thank you to all Lords and Commoners (ha), who had to listen to the brawling from the angry bears. Hopefully through time they will come to appreciate how good this is and how important it is to set an example to other countries where more draconian measures are dealt to our gay brothers and sisters, all thanks to fancifull, hatefull, religious ideals. A hundred thpusand thank you’s and a great day indeed to be British!!!

  29. Congratulations from the Southern Hemisphere! Glad you lot have caught up with us here in New Zealand!

    1. Sandgroper 16 Jul 2013, 4:42am

      Yes congrats to the Poms and the Kiwis, you have done well :-)
      Hopefully we Skips (Aussies) will catch up soon.

  30. “Pffzzzt”.

    What was that?

    That was the sound of Keith spontaneously combusting and Widdecombe’s knickers igniting in horror.

    A great day for all.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 16 Jul 2013, 2:16pm

      Notice how Keith and others haven’t been posting lately? I’ve no doubt they will be back to spin their usual bile, delusional loons.

      To digress, Tory bigot MP David Burrowes has tabled an amendment to the Lords third reading, anything to delay and prolong the game of Ping-Pong, delusional loon.

  31. Near Zero coverage on TV tonight….why???

    I was outside Parliament this afternoon and saw NO cameras or press at all!!!?!!! Despite the presence of Lords Fowler & Alli. Peter Tatchell and many others who also spoke.

    To me this is a shocking snub!

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 16 Jul 2013, 2:14pm

      And if you were to complain to the BBC they’d come up with some lame excuse as they did when I complained about biased coverage favouring the right wing religious loons. It’s about time a serious national movement began to question the validity of tv licences because of the lack of impartiality. Nothing is ever balanced when it comes to LGBT issues. About time that ended.

  32. Not a word about this on the Radio 4 news on Monday evening or Tuesday morning. Yet masses of the usual trivia, and, bizarrely, right now at 7:20am the flagship Today programme is featuring the middle class in Brazil !

    The BBC is truly homophobic.

    1. Alas your right Gerry. NOTHING on C4 news even or Newsnight yesterday…BASTARDS.

    2. Jock S. Trap 16 Jul 2013, 7:54am

      Hear Hear!!

      I was disgusted by the absence of this great news. It makes the BBC look like bad losers.

      The Only way the viewer May have learnt about the bill going through was when BBC London was interviewing Baroness Grey-Thompson about the 2018 Gay Games bid for London. I was so happy she managed to slip it into her comments.

      Other than that it did show up the bias of the BBC and those other channels on this most incredible day.

      1. It was not just the BBC but C4, ITV, Sky….all of them snubbed us.

        1. Beelzeebub 16 Jul 2013, 8:30am

          Nothing in the Daily Wail either.

          Sore losers me thinks.

          Not even capable of celebrating 1 feckin day with us.


          1. bobbleobble 16 Jul 2013, 10:43am

            Or the Guardian oddly enough except for a very brief mention in their daily live blog yesterday evening.

          2. Tim Chapman 16 Jul 2013, 12:53pm

            So despite all those predictions that the sky would fall in if same-sex marriage were legalised, and now that it’s actually happening, not a single report. Surely, the end of the world is the scoop of the decade?

    3. Today is the final Commons’ vote and it is only a done deal after Assent…

      1. Tim Chapman 16 Jul 2013, 12:27pm

        Which are both formalities since all the HOL amendments are Government amendments and ALL wreking amendments were defeated. As to Assent, if the Queen were to go against the wishes of her Parliament and refuse to sign this bill into law, I believe that would be the end of the Monarchy. Something I’d like to see anyway, as a republican, but I won’t hold my breath on that one!

        1. That There Other David 16 Jul 2013, 1:53pm

          Assent is inevitable. This is now done and dusted, as it will be soon in Scotland.

          Happy days :-)

        2. Robert in S. Kensington 16 Jul 2013, 2:11pm

          Tory bigot David Burrowes has tabled an amendment to the Lords Bill, bloody loon! Cameron ought to censure him or boot him out.

          1. Or tell him to join UKIP who are now down to 7% in the polls and destined to fall further. What makes that bunch of
            ultra-Thatcherite Tories think they are genuinely popular is beyond me.

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