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Dean of Chichester: Being gay is ‘not a choice but a given’

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Reader comments

  1. It’s about time you got this article right. It was a shockingly bad piece of journalism and you should have corrected it the same day it was published.

  2. Michael 2912 15 Jul 2013, 8:42pm

    Aye to that. PN: I was embarrassed for you. The substantive debate apart – I’ve always viewed the fact that I’m gay as a piece of bloody good luck.

  3. Amen

  4. THIRD attempt to get this right, lets hope this is the last time you get yourselves into this sort of a guddle. (Scots word)
    The churches and religion generally have a lot of making up to do for the harm they have and are causing to gay people, I think it is important when religious clerics accept they were in error to at least report them correctly.
    Collectively though they are still trying to do a Gallilio and the body which perpetrated this outrage is still in denial. Some of the CofE have seen the light, but most have a long journey ahead. So congrats to the Dean of Chichester for a step to reality.

  5. Common sense 15 Jul 2013, 10:47pm

    Thank you Pink News. The Dean of Chichester is a good man and long time supporter of a kinder more decent approach to gay people so it was very very sad to see him so misrepresented here. Thank you for correcting it.

  6. I am sure the Dean is a nice well-meaning chap but too much Christian supposedly pro-gay apologetics is like this – it’s OK because ‘its not a choice’ and ‘we can’t help it’. The plain implication is that if you can choose, you must be straight as that is the only ‘choice’ which is valid. It is an essentially condescending and denigrating position which must be challenged. I suppose in Church circles it passes for dangerously radical.

  7. Dean of Chichester: The sky being blue is ‘not a choice but a given’

    It’s good Pink News corrected the mistake as it set him in quite a false negative light, and I think the writer’s should take more care, but then again if I don’t like it I can always go to the hundreds of other LGBT news sites. Oh wait…

  8. Make this man POPE!
    He has a brain and is not a raving mad loon!

  9. What a halfhearted way to make a statement, “not a choice but a given”. You see religious leaders all these years have stated that being gay is purely a choice. This is because of their interpretation of their written word. And in that written word it is interpreted as sin. So this is merely a halfhearted admission to the fact that it is not a choice. To admit that being gay is from birth would be to admit that it is not sin as sin itself is defined by making a conscientious choice. This is by far the greatest fear of our religious detractors.

  10. JackAlison 16 Jul 2013, 4:16pm

    Why is this worthy of applause?
    It smacks of crumbs at the table.
    I read this as very patronizing….Why does the DNA and makeup of a gay person
    1. need scientific proof for a gay gene?…homophobia “its not their fault”
    2. the support of the bible to give weight and legitamacy to a gay persons existance or not
    would I be running around trying to find proof both scientific or otherwise to be straight?
    to misquote Descarte

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