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David Walliams: Dressing up as a girl at school allowed me to escape from anti-gay abuse

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Reader comments

  1. I really dislike this man, always have, always will.

    1. Do you have a reason for that dislike?
      I’m all ears.

  2. “campness” or ‘gender expression’ isn’t actually related to sexual orientation in anything other than societal expectation and stereotyping. You aren’t such a special snowflake really, David…

    1. A different Alex 15 Jul 2013, 5:09pm

      Says you

      1. Two groups of people claim that being gay is a transgression against gender norms. The first group consists of homophobes, perpetuating an ancient, harmful stereotype. The second group consists of the self-described “queer” academics and activists. Come to think of it, the second group is a subset of the first.

        1. WHOA! I never meant it was a transgression. I didn’t mean to be offensive, I’m saying that it is perfectly “normal” to be camp and straight. I mean that having a feminine expression and being male doesn’t mean you have to be gay. I was referring to his apparent surprise that he is camp and married a supermodel. The way you express your gender is not the same thing as your sexuality.

          On a seperate point why on earth would you think that queer activists are homophobes. I think you have had your wires crossed somewhere along the line.

  3. Tim Hanafin 15 Jul 2013, 3:39pm

    I really like this man; always have always will.

    1. Do you have a reason for liking him so much?
      I’m all ears.

      1. No reason is needed for liking someone. One reason for not liking someone is one too much.

  4. Leigh Hamilton 15 Jul 2013, 3:43pm

    Don’t see the issue, he seems perfectly comfortable with his own sexuality. Of course commentators on here tend to attack anything that isn’t absolutely, 100%, dedicated “being gay is always perfect” material. I liked this story, it gave me hope that young people now in the same position can find their own way to overcome bullying.

  5. Gay, straight, Bi or Trans, does it really matter? He’s a just a nice bloke.

    1. He acts camp as a kind of pointless attention-seeking gimmick, I personally find him distasteful and annoying lol

      1. And a lot of gay men act straight as a kind of attention avoiding gimmick, I personally can understand this as it can sometimes be a useful survival tactic when in a hostile anti-gay environment

  6. Funny, as a trans kid I used to get homophobic abuse from bullies at school but when I started dressing in girl clothes all that meant was that I got transphobic, misogynistic and homophobic abuse(!) May as well have the full set I suppose…

  7. theotherone 16 Jul 2013, 11:03am

    so, david, can you explain to me why you created characters based upon the mocking and humiliation of gender variance?

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