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‘Ender’s Game’ boycott organisers reject Lionsgate response

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  1. Good!
    Lionsgate says they don’t agree with Card but their actions still support him. They are still giving cash to a man who wants gay people locked up. They are still endorsing Card by not treating him as the bigot he is, they’re willingly entering into a partnership with a leader of a hate group.

    I don’t care how much they try to wave around their record to make it seem like this is ok. It’s not, quoting policy doesn’t change their actions. You can’t declare how much you are against bigotry then hand clubs to the bigots to use to beat us. It doesn’t matter if you’re there saying that they shouldn’t be doing it, or even if you’re there with bandages afterwards – you handed them the clubs! You looked treated him and his behaviour as something reasonable worth doing business with!

    The work is not separate from the creator. It was written by a bigot, a hate group leader, someone who advocates the worst kind of persecution – it didn’t plop into existence in a cabbage patch.

  2. Orson Scott Card has now left the National Organization for Marriage. . Apparently once the backlash started he jumped in his attempt to save his own skin.
    It seems to me that he thought he was too big to fail, therefore could get away with spewing his vile hatred of other human beings with impunity (where have we known this to have happened before, I wonder) and now his empire all tumbling down around him, if not on top of him.
    DC has also suspended Card’s Superman story due to a similar backlash started earlier this year. Quite a few retailers have said they won’t stock any issue with OSC’s name on it. Not a great way to make sales for DC So basically he’s been dumped. And going by what I’ve read on science fiction sites, few of Card’s fans knew he even held such hateful views about his own fellow American citizens. And now that they do it’s turning them right off.

    Just to add, 10% of Scott Card’s earnings go straight to the Mormon Church – and they get it tax free.

  3. Whilst they are correct in saying that Card’s anti-gay views are completely irrelevant to the content of the movie, this – I suspect deliberately – misses the point that all money handed to Card will help fund anti-gay activities. Even if the movie was a tender, positive message of same sex love, there should still be a boycott because the profits help fund the oppression of LGBT people’s human rights. Lionsgate’s “long standing commitment” to the LGBT community clearly doesn’t include ensuring they don’t directly fund hate. The message needs to be sent that one instance of funding a hate group is not offset by other pro-gay activities. On the contrary, all their positive works are wiped away by the one act of funding hate. If people want to make excuses to go and see the film, simply because they want to see it, then that is up to them. It doesn’t alter the fact that they, in their turn, are helping to fund anti-gay propaganda.

  4. I was vaguely interested in this film before I found out Card’s views. Now I think I will be boycotting. I don’t care what Lionsgate says, at the end of the day they are still giving money to a bigot.

  5. I’ve never heard of him, the book or the film.

    Is it always wise to draw attention to obscure things which might otherwise have gone totally unnoticed? Remember how the religious far right flocked to Chick-fila?

    1. Ender’s Game is a phenomenally well-known book in the Science Fiction Community. It has no themes that would be in any way anti-gay. It is in fact a thoughtful exploration on the exploitation of children, peace, war, conscience, free will, guilt and a host of connected ideas. Ender commits genocide as a child, without ever being told that is what he is doing. The character, Ender, would remind many of us of a lonely alienated gay kid in many respects. The movie is likely to get a LOT of watchers because it has been anticipated for decades.

  6. I am not clear on the morality of this but my solution is simple: I will go to the theater, buy a ticket for some other show and then see Ender’s Game. I do want to see this movie. I will wait until it’s at the $1.50 shows on Tuesdays just before it goes out on DVD. Then pay or a different movie. I suppose there is something wrong with it but I am not enriching Mr Card nor unjustly enriching myslef. Perhaps I shoud make sure the ticket I buy is to another Lionsgate movie…I have no issue of keeping my money away from Card however. I only read his stuff at the library anymore, Too bad he is a good writer and this was a compelling story…

    1. David Cary Hart 14 Jul 2013, 5:31pm

      Card has a propensity to refer to his “gay friends.” If they exist (which I doubt) they never seem to defend him.

      The other ploy is that someone it is us who should be tolerant of Card’s sociopathic views on gay people. These cretins love to play the victim.

      With respect to Lions Gate, they knew who Card was before they hired him. A boycott might prevent the next company from hiring this schmuck which effective funds anti-gay activism.

  7. Colin(London) 15 Jul 2013, 10:30am

    I stick by my original post:

    Look at the man first and what he stands for and you will know what to do instinctively.

    I certainly won’t watch the film and am thinking of a protest in Leicester Square when it arrives. Anyone want to join me.

  8. Right, that is it!

    You people do realise most of the money will go to the publishers, and the writer has already gotten the money for the rights?

    For gods sake, people used to boycott gay films, how is doing the same to someone else any different?

    I, for one, will see this film. Not because of the author, but because i’m a fan of sci fi, and i think the film looks legitimately good. Ok, i may be the one gay person seeing it, but i don’t care, i’m sticking to my guns about this. You shouldn’t judge a piece of work based on the author. That’s basically it

  9. Orson Scott Card is the By-product of the Mormon Cult. Instead of going for the middle-man this group should be encouraging civilised human beings to stop funding it.

    Little over a month ago the Mormon “Church” was a major financial sponsor for the ‘World Congress of Families’ – A global conglomerate of Anti-Gay hate groups, recently banned from holding a conference in London by the British Law society because of their “Anti-Gay Agenda”.

    Look to the root of Orson Scott Card’s hatred.

  10. Dang. I had no idea.

    I’ve greatly enjoyed his books over the years and Ender’s Game is an absolute classic of the genre. But as an out and proud gay geek and lifelong scifi fan there’s no way I can acquiesce his views and still read them again. I will destroy the paperbacks and delete the e-versions, and I will not see the movie, WHICH I REALLY WANTED TO… blech.

    But you either take a stand or don’t, and after reading all of this, well, the hell with him. Homophobia really has to become a thing of the past and he’s gotten enough money out of me. So no more.

  11. Deanna Joy Hallmark 20 Jul 2013, 11:16pm

    As a transgender woman and proponent of Marriage Equality and other issues which impact on the LGBTQ communities, I believe that this boycott against Mr. Card is an example of the blatant “in your face” kind of politics that mischaracterizes all people in our communities because of the actions of the few. It does not serve me nor do I believe it serves the best interests of our communities in working toward the elimination of the disparity that we feel denies us our self-evident right to the “pursuit of happiness” for being exactly who we are and exactly who we are not.

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