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Pennsylvania: Pastor arrested for protesting attorney general’s refusal to defend equal marriage ban

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  1. For goodness sake Pink News, please check your articles for bad grammar! You can’ t say ” he laid down”. This is the past tense of the verb “lay” such as “to lay an egg” or “to lay the table”. It should be the past tense of the verb “to lie” which is “lay” i.e. “he lay down”. Sloppy writing affects credibility!

  2. “The lawsuit by the ALCU names Kane, as well as Republican Governor Tom Corbett, in its attempt to have the amendment deemed constitutional.”

    First, it’s the ACLU, not the ALCU. And secondly, they are attempting to have the ban deemed UNconstitutional. You having said as much earlier in the article…
    “The ACLU and the Philadelphia law firm Hangley Aronchick Segal Pudlin and Schiller, filed the complaint earlier this week in the US District Court, in an effort to have the state’s Defense of Marriage Act deemed unconstitutional.”

  3. God DID soften the attorney general’s heart. That’s why she’s not defending the case in court.

    (just saying, for those who believe in god)

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