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Lionsgate responds to Enders Game controversy surrounding Orson Scott Card

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Reader comments

  1. He’ll continue to profit because of this movie. People will go out to buy his books. He’ll continue to use those profits for his hateful, dangerous anti LGBT organisations. The man is a toxic creature.

    1. I absolutely agree – well put.

  2. Whether or not there are anti-gay themes in the film is irrelevant, the author funds anti-gay organisations and one would assume he would continue this practice with the royalties he will receive, therefor i will be boycotting this film. Giving this man money is as good as donating directly to organisations such as NOM and the campaign for prop 8.

  3. It’s a discussion I’ve heard before about artists with dodgy political views. Similar issues could be leveled at Walt Disney [anti-semitic, harboured grudges against his animators for going on strike for higher wages resulting in him shopping them en masse to a McCartyite blacklist committee]. Wagner [anti-semitic] Frank Miller [reactionary politics – sexist homophobe]… the list goes on.
    For me it’s the same as ethical shopping. If you know the person is still profiting from your patronage and using their platform and influence to espouse their dodgy views then you have every right to vote with your feet.
    The free speech aspect is covered by the fact that they have the right to be un-pc a-holes, and we have the right to tell them where they can shove it.
    Free speech doesn’t equate to immunity from everyone thinking you’re a bigoted asshole or oblige punters to buy what you’re selling.

    1. Fritz Liess 13 Jul 2013, 8:59am

      It is more than just voicing an opinion for Orson Scott Card. He is a board member of NOM and has devoted his personal time and money to getting anti-gay legislation passed around the country. It is like the difference between someone with racist views and the a Grand Dragon of the KKK.

  4. Fritz Liess 13 Jul 2013, 8:56am

    Orson Scott Card will still get a percentage of the box office — which he will turn around and donate a large amount of to funding anti-gay legislation. If they really had a commitment to the LGBT community, they would not have done business with one of our most vocal and vicious enemies

  5. Colin (London) 13 Jul 2013, 10:19am

    I stick by my original post:

    Look at the man first and what he stands for and you will know what to do instinctively.

    I certainly won’t watch the film and am thinking of a protest in Leicester Square when it arrives. Anyone want to join me.

    1. Colin (London) 13 Jul 2013, 10:20am

      Looking like Nov 2013

  6. Spanner1960 13 Jul 2013, 11:13am

    “It wasn’t US!! It was HIM!!”
    Lionsgate desperately backpedals.

    If these people were so supportive of the LGBT community, they would have already known the reputation of this man before greenlighting the film.

    They obviously assumed nobody would notice and they could exploit the potential earnings of a well known homophobe and allow his earnings to be used against us.

    Sorry guys, but you brought this sh|tstorm upon yourselves.

    1. Absolutely true.
      There are HUNDREDS of great sci-fi books out there by authors who DO support equality for all mankind.
      If Lionsgate were serious, they would have chosen one of those books instead as a vehicle for a huge-budget blockbuster.

  7. Storyline as on IMDB today

    The Earth was ravaged twice by the Buggers, an alien race seemingly determined to destroy humanity. Seventy years later, the people of Earth remain banded together to prevent their own annihilation from this technologically superior alien species. Ender Wiggin, a quiet but brilliant boy, may become the savior of the human race. He is separated from his beloved sister and his terrifying brother and brought to battle school in orbit around earth. He will be tested and honed into an empathetic killer who begins to despise himself as he learns to fight in hopes of saving Earth and his family.

    1. That There Other David 13 Jul 2013, 11:34am

      According to the book’s page on Amazon the so-called destroyers of humanity are indeed named The Buggers.

      Lionsgate can go take a running jump. I hope this film loses them an absolute fortune.

  8. Yes, here is a line from the text

    “If the buggers get him, they’ll make me look like his favorite uncle.”

    1. Yep, that’s what they are called- but it’s a reference to their insect-like physiology- they are a kind of giant ant/wasp hive mind race. Not, I honestly think, any reference to sexuality- the majority of the buggers don’t have one, just like our communal insects.

      1. ‘Bugger’ is English slang, rather than American.

        Having said that, I still won’t be going to see the film, since I don’t think Card deserves my money.

        1. I suspect he knew exactly what he was doing when he coined the term “buggers” for these aliens.

        2. That There Other David 13 Jul 2013, 3:39pm

          I’m certain he used “bugger” because “fags” would have been too damn obvious to the American book reading public (and later to studio executives). The only other alternative is that it’s a massive, indeed colossal, coincidence.

          Given the man’s crusade against LGBT people, which do you think is more likely?

        3. “‘Bugger’ is English slang, rather than American.”

          This obviously American LA TImes article is perfectly aware of the meaning of the word “Buggers”.

    2. I didn’t know the aliens were called buggers. Unbelievable. And definitely homophobic.
      I’m surprised he didn’t call the aliens the faggots. Or the sodomizers, I suppose buggers is not as obvious, but I agree with you and assure anyone who doesn’t, he was conscious and playing homophobic games calling the baddie’s buggers.

      1. Spawn_of_Santa 13 Jul 2013, 1:49pm

        Uh…they’re called Buggers because they’re BUGS. I’m not convinced, in a book that has very little sexual references, that Card was using the term to mean homosexuals.

        After all, Gay people do NOT have a hive mind, though they do have Queens and more than a few drones.

        1. Never read it, as I wouldn’t read a homophobic writers work, but it says ‘buggers’ numerous times on wikipedia…..

          Why are you defending a known homophobe who has financed anti gay political causes?


          1. It’s NOT about defending a homophobe- it’s about not being hysterical and seeing homophobic references where there are none. CARD is homophobic, no question, but as I said above ‘bugger’ is not in anyway homophobic slang in the USA. I certainly find his views in general revolting, but look for the insult where it is, not where it’s not.

  9. This answers all those who argued against the boycott of the film. The potential of the boycott has caused enough concern at the production company for them to make this statement. Unfortunately their statement of support for LGBT equality is undermined by their invalid statement that the book and film have nothing to do with Card’s views on homosexuality. It is not as simple as the film and/or book not being anti-gay – the author profits from the film. The author’s church profits from his profits and the Mormon church is tireless in its campaigning against equal rights for day people – they pretty much bankrolled Prop 8. Nice words from Lionsgate, but misleading. I may be extending my boycott to other films of theirs.

  10. Plenty of ways to watch this on-line and for free when it’s released ;)

  11. Spawn_of_Santa 13 Jul 2013, 1:47pm

    Wait, wait, wait.. the Military training a CHILD to commit Xenocide is “Life affirming?” Wow, someone didn’t read the book.

  12. Lionsgate should be ashamed of themselves for ever working with this homophobic man. When you think of the trouble an actor/writer/director gets into if there is even a whiff of anti semitism or racism. And yet this openly homophobic writer, who is still homophobic, has had a film made of his work. Just shows how homophobic cinema still is.

    I’d go one step further and boycott all lionsgate films until they assure us that they will never finance another orson scott written film. And the same goes for any finance/production/distribution companies that puts money into one of his films.

  13. Orson Scott Card is an author, and his business is all about words. With such an interest in homosexuality, I’m afraid it is pretty certain that he knew exactly what “bugger” meant. Furthermore he also knew he could get away with using it precisely because it doesn’t have common currency in the USA.

    Consider this – why didn’t OSC simply use the term “bugs” rather than “buggers”? I think the answer is quite obvious.

    1. Well, that’s exactly where you fall into the trap. Mount an OTT attack at the wrong target and you stereotype yourself as just another hysterical queen; ‘Hey look, this guy sees insult where there is none- this means ANYTHING he says is just over-reaction!’ Choose your targets wisely- Cards words and behaviour outside of the book/film give us more than enough ammunition without having to imagine it.

      1. Sorry, Ron, but the guy has no credibility – none whatsoever – zilch..

        1. And by the way, Ron, I’d be careful about using the term hysterical queen if I were you.

      2. I agree. It seems like any chance to condemn someone is snapped up by some readers of PN. I’ll still remember the time when David Cameron’s mother said “He wasn’t one to let other people tell him what to do.” with regards to his push for marriage equality. It’s A totally ambiguous statement and you have loads of PN readers calling her an evil cow and how David obviously didn’t take after a woman like her etc. In reality, the statement she made was out of pride for her son and if you were to have read the story on another news site which included more details from the interview you would have seen her continuing to praise him on different matters. It sometimes feels like PN readers are looking for reasons to call people bigots.

        1. But Orson Scott Card is a bigot.

          1. Yes he is a bigot because of his contributions to NOM. That is clear and undebatable. But what we are doing here is trying to argue for bigotry on what is pretty insignificant evidence.
            Think for a second if you had this same piece of work but you didn’t know the author was Orson Scott Card would the term “bugger” to describe a hive mind insect race that appears to reproduce via heterosexual reproduction immediately make you argue in favour of the author being a homophobic bigot? No, because there is no link there whatsoever.
            Call someone a bigot if there is genuine/infallible proof that what they have done is bigoted. Don’t go around looking for reasons to twist ambiguous statements into something that appears to be hate filled. As Ron says, it just makes one look like a hysterical queen and on top of that a very bitter person. I know that I’d hate to be around someone who was looking for any and every reason to twist any little thing I said into something malicious.

  14. Clearly most of you haven’t read the books (there are three, with Enders Game first in the trilogy), so let me explain; Bugger society consists of a sentient, telepathic hive queen, a few mindless drones whose only purpose is to mate with the queen and die, and thousands of equally mindless, sexless workers. The workers are in effect extensions of the queen; she sees and acts through them, and constantly produces more. Whether you like the name or not (and I still maintain that it has nothing to do with the English slang word), there is nothing in this particular story that is homophobic- even the most paranoid conspiracy-theorist couldn’t relate this society to gaydom. Yes, Card is a nasty homophobe. No, the Buggers are not some kind of anti-gay analogy.

    1. You are clearly a huge fan of the bigot’s literature, and it must be hard for you, now, to appreciate the truth.

      1. Honest truth? I am really disappointed in him- his early books showed a real humanism. Shame he let his religion poison his brain.

        I won’t be going to see the film because of his homophobia- not because of an accidental linguistic coincidence.

        1. You know what would be a strange coincidence? That only this OSC book does not have something homophobic in it, since all the others do.

    2. Barry William Teske 13 Jul 2013, 6:42pm

      Gee sounds a lot like that bible interpretation problem the worlds got going on.

    3. I’m not going anywhere near a cinema while it runs, incase I have to hear a clip of that film in an advert use the term buggers. What you miss is that this author is faced with a story gimmic. What do I create as the alien race this child must encounter, fear and ultimately banish? It’s not like the aliens need to be insect like at all but then Card is no genius, the obvious use of pun is missed on you completely. Why bother to explain to you what you just cannot grasp.

    4. There are four, not three, it’s a quartet (sorry, i’m on your side in this argument, but i thought i’d mention it) xx

      1. Really? I’ve never come across the fourth- Ender’s Game, Speaker for the Dead and Xenocide are the ones I know.

  15. Barry William Teske 13 Jul 2013, 6:37pm

    “On the contrary, the film not only transports viewers to an entertaining and action-filled world, but it does so with positive and inspiring characters who ultimately deliver an ennobling and life-affirming message.”
    Or in the possible words of a very nervous CEO…shareholders are not going to be happy.

  16. Robert White 13 Jul 2013, 8:40pm

    But Wait. It is, technically, a reproductive dysfunction. That doesn’t make it a sexual dysfunction nor a perversion.

    Granted OSC is a douchnozzle who doesn’t deserve a cent of my money, but _that_ _particular_ statement is factually correct.

    Focus your ire.

    1. But wait, we can use gay male sperm to fertilize eggs from gay women – it happens all the time. I know so many gay couples who have children and families – beautiful, blended, normal families. It is very common nowadays – this is the 21st century after all, where many things that weren’t possible in the past are possible now. So, no reproductive dysfunction, no, sexual dysfunction and no, perversion. Everything normal here – move along – move along – nothing to see.

  17. Back in the 80s when I read Ender’s Game and the others in the series, I loved them. Now, I am so disappointed in this author – never would I have imagined this outcome with this author. The $$ OSC will make with the release of this movie will be used by him to continue his campaign of hate and discrimination against the LGBT community. I find it very rich that he is pleading for tolerance (really?) from the LGBT community. Where is his tolerance and acceptance of us? Don’t give this hateful man anymore $$ ammunition to use against us. I will not pay to see the movie. I will download it for FREE and will send a gloating email to him about the fact that I downloaded it for FREE. We have the power to bring this homophobic a$$hole down. Yea. To LionsGate – sorry, you guys made the wrong choice. Books translated to movies are never as good as the book anyways. No big lose.

  18. I wont see this film because Ender Wiggens is a straight across literary eqivilant of Adolf Hitler, down to miniscule details of his backstory, and the entire series glorifies and defends the holocaust as a good thing. Hardly a ‘enobling and life-affirming’ story, as lionsgate wants you to believe.

  19. Card didn’t just sell rights to a screen adaptation, he is a co-producer of the film. Until I know what kind of royalties he is getting from this and all attendant merchandising, money that will in fact directly fuel efforts to enforce institutionalized discrimination against LGBT folks, I am sorry, but Lionsgate will have to get by without my shiny gay nickles.

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