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US: Pennsylvania attorney general says she won’t defend state ban on equal marriage

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Reader comments

  1. ” Pennsylvania law prohibits marriage between individuals of the same sex, although the state does not have a constitutional amendment banning such unions.”

    PN please correct para 6

    1. What idiot thumbed this down, there is no state constitutional amendment in Pennsylvania it is a state law passed by the state legislator similar to Hawaii and a couple of other States in the USA. There is no DOMA constitutional ammendment in Pennsylvania it is a simple law banning recognition of same sex marriages. AG Kathleen Kane should be commended for upholding her oath in not defending a Pennsylvania law in Federal Court which is regarded as being against the US 14th Amendment. She is one of a few women state AG who have recently refused to defended anti-gay laws in court.
      Pink News reporting is not always proof or accuracy checked, sadly.

  2. The Wrath Of Angels 12 Jul 2013, 1:39am

    D.O.M.A. specifically Section 3. Definition of marriage being found to be unconstitutional by the Supreme Court not directly but indirectly was suppose to threaten states who have Bans on equal marriage to quiver in their boots, Which now it has. Thank God !! About 31 states have bans, but SCOTUS voting to say marriage is not between only a man and a women makes states who have their own states ban also seem unconstitutional. So i know PinkNews is focusing on 1 state but already 9 states are fighting the ban after the defeat of DOMA and by years end every state will be reviewing their next move or then a state will take the issue of 1 state to SCOTUS and then SCOTUS will vote for the hole country.

    1. The main decision of SCOTUS was quite clear: It won’t decide whether same sex marriage is constitutional or not. It definitely said with Prop 8 and DOMA that the defining of legal marriages belongs to the states (especially the swing vote Kennedy based his opinion on this).

  3. jamestoronto 12 Jul 2013, 5:27am

    “Definition of marriage being found to be unconstitutional by the Supreme Court…”

    Not quite accurate. The Supreme Court ruled that TREATING one smaller group of legally-married couples differently from a larger group of legally-married couples — in DOMA’s case, ignoring them altogether. It ruled that the federal government could not redefine to its own liking what several states defined as marriage. True, many marriage equality will be basing a lot of their future cases using this ruling, it did not carte blanche say that the one man-one woman definition of marriage was unconstitutional.

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