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Matthew Mitcham raises £600 for equal marriage by auctioning his used underwear

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Reader comments

  1. auctioning ‘used’ underwear… thanks for ending the seedy stereotype.

    1. I also thought this was a bit of an odd fundraising tactic…

      Although to be fair, underwear auctions seem to be quite commonplace with charities and women bid on these kind of things usually?

      When it says “used”, I can’t imagine they will be covered in skid marks and piss/jizz stains… I’m sure they’ll be as clean as “used” pants can be?

      Either way I’d like to state for the sake of stereotype I find no sexual thrill in used underwear, but I’m sure there will be people out there that do gay and straight. Whatever floats ya boat really! At least it’s £1000 closer to equality in Australia

      1. Common sense 13 Jul 2013, 6:24am

        He was wearing them at the time and gave the audience a flash of the. Fluorescent green.

    2. Can’t forget our roots.

    3. Straight rugby player Ben Cohen auctioned his jockstrap for a gay charity, I don’t remember people calling him seedy then….

  2. Seamy on every level. Person with “Professional Athlete” title just earned himself the “Stupid and Creepy Athlete” title.

    He just lost my respect.

    1. Tell us how much you’ve raised for or donated to the various campaigns for equal marriage before criticising others’ efforts, please.

  3. Now girls and boys how much for a pair of Ann Widdicombe or Lord Dear drawers.

    1. JackAlison 13 Jul 2013, 2:51pm

      anne w’s incontinent urine stained wide front bombay bloomers and lord dears whity tighty skid marked briefs are images of nightmares

    2. a truely horrifiying thought

  4. Oh, for Petes sake people, stop being such a bunch of Born-again Virgins! It’s a jokey and fun way to raise some money for a good cause by a sportsman widely considered a bit of a sex symbol. If that offends you, go off and join a puritan colony or something- I didn’t spend 30-odd years fighting for gay rights to have them hijacked by the New Moral Right. And anyway, He DID raise the money.

    1. casparthegood 12 Jul 2013, 11:34pm

      Agreed, some people really need to lighten up

  5. I don’t care so much that he sold them. I find it more strange that someone was willing not only to pay, but to pay so much for them. What are you going to do with used underwear; frame it?

    1. When they go for $20 or so, no, they are likely used again for a different purpose. ;) But at $1000, yes they probably WILL be framed.

  6. Common sense 13 Jul 2013, 6:22am

    Oh for heaven sake. It was a charity event here in Melbourne and Matthew gavea very funny speech ending in the offer to auction his unto ants alonfpgside a whole list of auction goods other celebrities had donated. All in aid of Australian Marriage Equality.We should be thanking him and not wrinkling outperform noses at him.

  7. Christopher in Canada 14 Jul 2013, 2:17am

    I fail to see how auctioning off new underwear still in the wrapper would have any appeal…

  8. Matthew Mitcham is a meth orgy qween

  9. I’m sorry but there are far more classy ways to get money for charity.. maybe a swim-athon.. he is a swimmer after all.. Auctioning off used underwear is a bit gross in my opinion

  10. Well this is an old one but….hey I’m not one of those guys who would wan used underwear but really,…what is wrong with a guy who does? First as simply an (autographed I hope) souvenir it has value and collectability. Second there are guys who have a lot of different fetishes. While I wouldn’t want them, so what if someone does? What about a used Speedo? I’d be interested but couldn’t afford it…how about a naked autographed photo? That’s at least as seamy. The only question is, did he launder them first? In which case the value is probably a lot lower…

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