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Lebanese Psychiatric Society makes unprecedented statement against gay conversion therapy

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Reader comments

  1. Really? Good news! Wow!

  2. Excellent news! I hope that Lebanon is going to be first Arab country to decriminalize homosexuality, that would be such a huge progress in the area!

    1. Gay sex is legal in Jordan and Egypt in a few other Muslim countries. But that doesn’t make these places gay friendly. Good and just civil laws like democracy are for the West. Such civil codes in a muslim soceity are not important. In fact such codes only make religious people more devious and artful. The best policy for the west is to leave them all well alone and not to lecture them on “democracy” or provide any funding whatsoever for anything. Fundementally homophobia in the east is Allah’s “problem” so just let Him sort it out. He will do a better job than the UE or the EEUU anyway!

  3. Wow, a small glimmer of hope.
    Excellent, but not before time.

  4. In my experience Beirut is a fairly liberal cosmopolitan place for the Middle East. I remember going to a fairly big gay club there 6 years ago.

    I hope this is a sign that the region may start to become more liberal.

  5. This is unprecedented! I would chalk this one up as equal to or maybe even greater than the landmark decisions of prop 8 and DOMA. In this lifetime I would have never expected such a decision from a Mideast Muslim country.

    1. Lebanon is not a Muslim country, it is a secular one(in a weird way),Muslims form 50-54% Christians 40% (excluding diaspora) , and the rest are druze +others

  6. PeterinSydney 13 Jul 2013, 3:59am

    Can they tell the Pope and the Vatican that being gay is not having some terrible disease. They still believe it is, the nasty mongrels.

  7. jamestoronto 13 Jul 2013, 4:54am

    Not to sound the spoil sport here but while this statement is in and of itself a welcome one, I highly doubt it will have any impact now or in the near future on Lebanon. This once prosperous and viable country is sadly now being ripped apart by so many different religious extremist elements — none of which have even the interest whatsoever in LGBT rights. For Lebanon this is a bold statement but will anybody there even listen? Not likely.

    1. Ultimately, it is only the Lebanese who will decide. Perhaps we should try to help Helem by building support amongst the diaspora and beyond in each of our countries?

  8. I pray that this hastens the path to the decriminalisation of homosexuality and an end to police harassment in Lebanon. Vive le Liban!

  9. Many people in Lebanon don’t consider themselves to be Arab. Do you mean Arabic-speaking, PN?

  10. Helge Vladimir Tiller 13 Jul 2013, 8:22am

    Send this statement to all countries in The Islamic world. And ten copies to Iran.( —and don’t forget religious fascist in “Western Europe ! )

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