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Germany: Football club to permanently fly rainbow flag against homophobia

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Reader comments

  1. To fly a flag in the name of love for an hour… that is beauty.

    To fly a flag in the name of love for eternity… well then, that is nothing short of devine !

    If “permanent” does in fact mean permanent, then this is quite the statement.

    Trust the Germans… this particular Englishman truly loves them. I love their style. Germany is a massive beacon of Equality. & I’ve read about their clubs. Those guys know how to party! Sounds like paradise and I would much like to live their one day.

  2. Homophobia in football is quite an embarassing stain. We all know there are gay footballers. There have been orgies in locker rooms confirmed in newspapers !

    I think the main concern is the fans reaction.

    People are worried football fans will do what football fans tend to do: use a distinguishing characteristic to taunt and intimidate a particular player. Racism runs rampant in football, they target players with chants based on skin colour. It’s mob mentality. Mobs are idiots by definition. These people splurt words without thinking. There’s no excuse for any kind of hateful chanting but the best FIFA and fans can do is say STOP.

    The other concern is “masculinity”

    Football is still in a kind of “denial” stage, really. Some people still have this idea that if someone is gay it makes them less “manly”. Football in many countries is seen as the “manly” badge of honour and they don’t like to admit they manliest of men can be gay. It’s a boy thing. Boy’s are stupid. I should know.

  3. Helge Vladimir Tiller 12 Jul 2013, 9:00am

    Thank you so very, very much, St. Pauli ! Vielen dank von Norwegen und Freunde die Deutschland lieben- Wir sind Brüder und Schwester heut’ und in der Zukunft !

  4. Colin (london) 12 Jul 2013, 1:26pm

    Congratulations St Pauli. What a beacon of light.

    Come on UK….Can we copy this in every football ground!!!!! We can hope.

    Mr Pink…Lovin your word mate. Keep going.

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