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Video: French topless male protesters stage anti-equal marriage D-Day landing protest

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Reader comments

  1. Out of the hands of prejudice and into the vaults of our wank banks. Thanks boys. Look forward to the calendar.

    1. Yeah, great protest – a homoerotic video with lean wet torsos in a rubber dinghy. It’s nothing if not camp.

      1. Metsän poika 13 Jul 2013, 1:11pm

        ‘It’s nothing if not camp.’

        Yeah, damp camp :-)

  2. bobbleobble 11 Jul 2013, 3:44pm

    Six tossers in masks and a dinghy is what counts as a protest against SSM in France these days?

    1. Jock S. Trap 11 Jul 2013, 4:01pm

      I know right… six people out of… hardly a sweeping statement is it?!

    2. jamestoronto 12 Jul 2013, 5:08am

      Looks more like some elaborate landing at a gay beach party. Using the D-Day beaches — where so many lives were lost for our freedoms — was in very poor taste and a bit over the top. Straight men can be such drama queens!!!

  3. What the feck was all that about? And they’re not even worth ogling.

    1. GulliverUK 11 Jul 2013, 4:29pm

      Don’t know – I don’t read French. I thought it might be a deodorant advert ! Very Old Spice!

      1. Metsän poika 13 Jul 2013, 1:13pm

        Very Old Spice!

        Yeah, stale Old Spice. :-)

  4. First of all, I’m shocked to find that there still people their age who protest any type of equality, secondly why are they hiding their faces? Are they ashamed of their beliefs? Obviously they know they are wrong…. And lastly I hope Nicolas is not set free and that he serves every day of his sentence or longer for bad behavior….. I wish each of them a gay child….. Then we’ll see how equal they want things to be!!!!

    1. For some reason France seems just as divided on the issue as America, but France isn’t so focused on religion… an even 50/50 devide… quite perculiar. I’d have thought France and French people would be one of the most progressive culture’s… Paris is the city of love (unless you’re gay, apparently)

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 12 Jul 2013, 12:22pm

        I would dispute that France isn’t so focused on religion if you look at the instigators of Manif pour Tous….the Roman Catholic Cult! Just because there is no state cult doesn’t mean it doesn’t wield any power or influence. Leave Paris and you’re in rural conservative territory where it has its venomous tentacles and over two thousand mayors threatening to refuse SSM ceremonies to gay couples in defiance of the law. All attributed to the RCC!

  5. Craig Nelson 11 Jul 2013, 3:54pm

    Can you just imagine how much sex is going on between some of these guys?

  6. Jock S. Trap 11 Jul 2013, 4:00pm

    Cheap and cheesy with the looks that wouldn’t be out of place in some cheesy gay porn.

    The fact they need to wear masks to hide their identity…. cowards!!

    All that proves is they’re just after attention for the sake of it, not credible in any way.

  7. The French Right is still having trouble deciding whether covering one’s face is an “aggressive” act (niqab) or an act of heroism (stupid mask while half-naked).

    The less attention these fools get, the better.

  8. D-Day was supposed to free people from fascism. Maybe they need a history lesson.

    1. Metsän poika 13 Jul 2013, 1:16pm

      The irony would be lost on the little jerks.

  9. These stupid semi-pricks, who don’t even have the courage to show their faces, actually dare to make an analogy between the D-day landings and trying to restrict equal rights?

    Sometimes one can’t help feeling a machine-gun might actually come in handy…

    [For Keith, Ray (“hatred! “Hatred!”), JohnE and their demented ilk: SARCASM ALERT]

  10. I can well imagine those that fought on Utah beach, those who witnessed it, and those that were ultimately liberated from fascism by the sacrifices made there on D-day would all be to some degree upset and/or offended by that these guys did.

  11. Tim Hanafin 11 Jul 2013, 4:38pm

    Sad, pathetic, little boys. Go grow up

  12. That There Other David 11 Jul 2013, 4:50pm

    Some people really don’t know when their 15 minutes is up do they?

    They’ll be turning up on Celebrity Big Brother next…

  13. It’s done. The law won’t be changed now.
    Get over it.
    You might as well be complaining about women having the right to vote.

  14. Whilst this pathetic stunt, seems strangely erotic. Let us not forget the serious point here. They have lost. SSM is now a reality in France.

    The problem is most of the French right have vowed to re-ban SSM. It makes me wonder how much their election coffers will be swelled by the Catholic cult. But it is a dangerous reality, that if they next government in France is right wing they will seek to turn the clock back and re-ban SSM!

    1. I’m fairly sure EU states are not allowed to roll back on equalities. France may have to leave the EU if they repeal equal marriage.

    2. bobbleobble 11 Jul 2013, 6:18pm

      It’s possible but I suspect that it would prove impossible. By the time of the next French election 4 years worth of gay couples will be married and will have adopted children. That’s not easy to undo. I would suspect that the Constitutional Court could well find any attempt at repeal unconstitutional particularly due to the effects on families.

      France wouldn’t be the first country to have a right wing government after a left wing one legalied SSM. Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, the state of New Hampshire and I’m sure other places have all had right wing governments and SSM has remained.

      It’s not easy to repeal something once it becomes law, just look at the trouble that the Tories had in their attempts at repealing the hunting ban.

  15. It looks like a updated mask for the KKK.

  16. Pourquoi?

  17. You do all realise the music is taken directly from Modern Warfare 2. They even made the video pretty much the same length as the track: Why? Who knows.

    By the by, I wonder if anyone recognises any of these guys from their almost naked bodies. Anybody?

  18. Silly young fascists – Adolf Hitler would be proud of you boys, and Ernst Rohm would have been right behind you!

  19. Well how gay is all that eh? Shouldn’t these lads be entirely naked if they want to make a protest? They must know how anyone with two brain cells will get that they are as gay as gay things dancing around a gay tree in gay-town, and they even have sparklers, surely?

  20. Ooh-la-la! Just when we thought it was safe to go back into the water!

    On that note, I think the beach needs to employ a Roy Scheider type character like in Jaws but who’s prepared to run up and down the beach shouting: “Quick! Everybody outta the water…Homophobe! Homophobe!!!”

  21. I’m not quite sure why a bunch of young men revealing more and more of their bodies is supposed to represent some kind of protest against SSM….but please continue…I look forward to when they decide to blow each other on the Champs Elysee as a final defiant ‘protest’ against gay marriage….

  22. The psychology going on these fellas’ minds is fascinating. It seems to me that their motivation is defence of their masculinity. For a reason that I’m afraid I can’t be bothered ferreting out these guys feel that allowing gay men (they’re not concerned with gay women – they’re fixated on men like themselves but who are gay) to marry directly affronts their masculinity.

    Their identities, their masculinity, is all tied up with a belief that heterosexuality is superior to homosexuality. Now that the law says heterosexuality isn’t superior to homosexuality, they’re fearfully threatened! They’re terrified! Why? Because they SEE and KNOW that they now have another option, and each of them knows that he could so easily take it.

    Conclusion: they’re terrified of their own homosexual elements. They don’t acknowledge that no man is 100% heterosexual.

  23. Beelzeebub 11 Jul 2013, 9:27pm

    And to think, ours and there grandfathers fought and died on this beach, and I don’t think they did it to
    allow the intolerance these idiots are showing.

  24. Presumably they are upset about same-sex marriage as they are afraid it will reduce the amount of anonymous blowjobs available in the changing rooms at the beach.

  25. This film had me laughing so hard I hurt! Less ‘D-Day’, more massive ‘De Nile’! ;-)

  26. Bruce Johnsen 12 Jul 2013, 2:48am


  27. History will tell how they made fools of themselves. smart of them to wear mask for their future kids not to recognize their silly dads.

  28. Robert in S. Kensington 12 Jul 2013, 12:17pm

    Topless males? A bit redundant isn’t it? Pathetic example of hetero males behaving in an immature manner. The masks tell you the kind of men they are just like the bullies who run away when the going gets tough.

    Even though we’ve had our own much smaller share of loons during the marriage debate, at least we’ve shown the world that we’re a lot more civilised and classier than the French. They make C4M and their rabid bunch of loons seem moderately tame and insignificant which they are anyway. It really has debunked a lot of those bleary-eyed myths about the French and the so called ‘city of love’. Overrated!

  29. ‘It is impossible to create a parody of a fundamentalism which cannot be mistaken for the real thing’. This was either a very elaborate piece of satire, or they’re trying to come out of the closet, or both.

  30. This is just pathetic. The are quite doable though…maybe they just want to show us their cute butts….

  31. Sorry no, still don’t get it. Have racked my brains to try and understand but still no joy. Must be lost in translation somewhere over the channel. Remember the French can be strange. I’ve heard the number 1 customer complaint from French customers using the Eurostar is that the loo paper is too soft. Great cultural divide you see.

  32. This protest really does underscore that the argument has been won by the right side. Even people in the anti-camp must be wondering who they’re siding with.

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