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US: Lesbian couple attacked by ten men in hate crime attack

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  1. Disgusting. People are always so quick to assume that all straight men just love lesbians and gay men are the only ones who suffer abuse.

    I have a feeling these 2 girls were somewhat “butch” and not “lipstick lesbians”. I imagine if they had been “lipstick lesbians” then these men would have been wolf whistling and encouring them to make-out in front of them for their sexual pleasure.

    I imagine what they saw instead were 2 women refusing to conform to society’s mysognist objectification of women and were angered by it. A gang of 10 men beating and robbing 2 women is an absolute travesty.

    Of course this is pure speculation on my part, but I can’t imagine a gang of men battering and robbing 2 women who did conform to their mould…

    Such “big men” these men are ganging up on 2 girls… they are the opposite of masculine. They are pathetic worms. I hope their friends and family let them know just what low lifes they are.

  2. South Africa, is it?

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