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Ireland: LGBT campaigners welcome anti-homophobic bullying government report

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  1. David Jordan 11 Jul 2013, 2:52pm

    98% of schools in Ireland are controlled by the Roman Catholic Church, all they have to do is have the priest that sits on the boards of management of those school to veto these measures and it will be business as usual in schools with most claims of homophobic bullying not being adressed due to “ethos concerns”.
    Until our government deals with the church’s strangle hold on education, young LGBT people will not be protected from bullying and harassment in Irish schools.

    1. David they will still have to follow legislation as they are state sponsored. Conversely I went to a Catholic boarding school and found the opposite of your opinion. In fourth year (16 years old) a guy in our year came out as gay, the college president a priest addressed the whole year to say their is nothing wrong with homosexuality. Himself a priest said romes teaching on this issue is not held by many priests and people are happier when they come out and that any bullying will mean immediate expulsion. The significance of what he said in 2007 only became apparent to me the past two years. Happily the guy who came out was treated the same, one of the lads, and there was never any issues.

      1. David Jordan 12 Jul 2013, 12:41am

        That’s if these measures are brought in as legislation, which is unlikely, your school would be in the minor, I left secondary in 2010, during that year one of my friends was outed and subjected to consent bully by both staff and students, the school did nothing citing “ethos concerns”, of all the other Irish gay people I know, not a single one of them felt able to come out in secondary school.
        I wound imagine even if forced to adopt these measures, most Catholic controlled schools in Ireland would still rarely, if ever, enforce them.

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