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George Osborne: Tax breaks for those in marriages and civil partnerships to be in Autumn Statement

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  1. That There Other David 11 Jul 2013, 5:59pm

    Still think it’s a stupid idea they ought to abandon. The padding out of this country’s tax code under Gordon Brown needs reversing, not adding to. It’s got to the point where not even HMRC know what rates are correct.

    1. Tim Chapman 12 Jul 2013, 4:58pm

      As the owner of the company that employs me, and with a civil partner who does not wirk, my own tax affairs are already too complicated for me to understand, so I have an accountant. I’m sure his fee would rise by more than the benefit to me if I asked him to factor in the transfer if my partner’s unused personal allowance. Cheaper to ignore it!

      1. Tim Chapman 12 Jul 2013, 5:00pm

        work – sorry, using my oPad!

  2. GulliverUK 11 Jul 2013, 6:10pm

    It’ll cost £600m, to give couples a few pounds a week, of their own money – the money comes from the Personal Tax Free Allowance of the person who doesn’t use it all. Now, I ask you, how many gay couples in Civil Partnerships have one partner who doesn’t work and is supported by the other, or who works but doesn’t use their full tax-free allowance? Very few.

    This policy comes from Christians lobbyists, through the Center for Social Justice, a right-wing think tank largely controlled by Christians, who make Tory policy, like this one. There was an article in the FT which showed how many people in the Tory policy are disturbed by the power and influence of this think tank.

    Do couples who are on benefits and married or in a CP get this? Don’t think so. It was designed with heterosexual couples, where the wife stays at home, in mind.

    1. That There Other David 11 Jul 2013, 6:38pm

      It also only works for those couples where the remaining earner brings in less than £41k a year. How many couples are there in the country that can genuinely afford for one of them to not work if the primary earner is on less than that?

      Also bear in mind that the threshold for that 40% tax bracket is actually lowering year after year, in order to ensure that 40% tax payers don’t benefit from the rise in personal allowances. Put that together with wage inflation and the numbers of people this will help are tiny and shrinking year after year, and do not in any way justify the administration costs.

      When you add up all the various factors only someone do full of “family values” dogma they’ve lost all sense of what is good for the country’s finances could actually support this policy. The government really need to just drop it.

      1. Beelzeebub 11 Jul 2013, 9:20pm

        It’s nothing more than a patsy to the christian right.

        It’s meaningless and worth pennies for the majority but at least it shuts them up.

        Supporting their gods idea of marriage and all that.

        Yada Yada etc.

      2. “It also only works for those couples where the remaining earner brings in less than £41k a year. How many couples are there in the country that can genuinely afford for one of them to not work if the primary earner is on less than that?”

        I think you’ll find quite a few people get by like that, it’s over the average household income for the UK for example.

        Not that I’m in favour of this moronic vote buying policy, even though it would benefit me.

  3. Colin Andrew 1966 11 Jul 2013, 8:41pm

    I know it’s illegal on PN to dislike David Cameron but is it okay to dislike George Osborne?

    1. Right – but remember it was once OK to like Tony Blair – so take heart they all seek fame – and hey I’m grateful for to be one of his chosen ”causes”. He heads a party of such hate but he still hopes we ignore that. It’s the age of media information access so good luck with your dreams of change Dave.

  4. Percy Padgett 12 Jul 2013, 8:42am

    How would this affect Retired Married Couples i.e. where ONE Spouse gets a pension which is Taxed and the other gets only a small pension and does NOT pay Tax.

    Could there be a transfer in this case ??

  5. I can think of much better things the government could be spending £600m on. Bringing back EMA, which costs about the same, would be a start.

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