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Family publishes poetry of murdered trans woman Andrea Waddell

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Reader comments

  1. R.I.P my friend. All this talk about “gay rights” and we so often forget our trans brothers and sisters. Their fight is far from over and we should be doing everything we can to help. I’m SICK of trans/bi/lesbians being left systematically left out of the discussion. I’m a gay man, and feel so much for my trans brothers and sisters.

    People say I have it hard, but my struggle is nothing in comparison to theirs. Trans people are fighters, the strongest of us all, much respect for all of them for their courage. I love you guys :)

    1. Helge Vladimir Tiller 11 Jul 2013, 7:20pm

      Mr. Pink- YOU made me cry ! Lovely person, I agree with you a 100%. Yes, trans people are fighters, and so are you. Trans people are being discriminated absolutely everywhere, all over the world. In my own peaceful Norway- in free and extremely gay friendly Sweden, and so on, and so on. Everywhere !! All the very best to YOU, SOUL BROTHER !

      1. I am so happy my comments touched you and never imagined my words could actually make a difference to someone in such a way!

        Well Helge, JJS & all my LGBT brothers and sisters around the world; all peace and love from England.

        I hope you wake happy everyday proud and confident in who you are. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You are part of an exclusive club comprised of some of the strongest, compassionate and creative people on the globe. To the LGBt everywhere wether you’re a bullied kid in Portsmouth or a convict in Uganda: you are not alone and we are thinking of you, and we are fighting for you.

        LGBT power! Not pride; power.

    2. Thank you so much. I am a trans woman, and my life intersected with Andrea’s story. We need the support of people like you.

      1. I am just a timid young man in working class England; I don’t have a job, I don’t have much of a voice, but the small voice I do have isn’t just G. It’s LBT as well. I for one refuse to hog the lime light and I hope the LBT know that this particular G loves you. My small voice speaks not just of G struggles but of LBT struggles also !

        I don’t speak /for/ you. I don’t speak on your behalf. I have no perception of your struggles, I don’t know what it’s like & I never will; but I empathise the best I can… I try to always think of you.

        Whoever you are :)

        1. Thankyou, Mr. Pink. You have a lot of honour and compassion, I wish more people were like you.

        2. Beautifully said Mr Pink. I am a gay woman who feels the same. Yes it can be hard being gay. But I know how hard it can be when you’re a transparent man or woman from friends who are trans I really don’t know just how hard it can be.

          1. Sorry I meant transgender. My stupid auto correct *rolls eyes *

    3. Well written and spoken, Sir.

      1. My comment refers to Mr Pink’s wonderful words.

    4. Thank you Mr Pink and to the loving family of Andrea. As a transwoman myself, I wish I had such love from my family as Andrea had. When you have that love and support, you can take on the world but without it, you have to fight even harder.

      1. So sorry to read you don’t have the love and support you deserve Dee :/

        Why is it that so many families can so hard on the people they are meant to love, without prejudice? I am gay and I know how lucky I am when it came to my families unequivocal love and support when I came out. They said that no matter what, I was and always would be the child, their Mickie, regardless of my sexuality. It didn’t change me. I know there are many LGBT people out there who are abandoned by their families and it’s just so incredibly tragic.

        I hope one day Dee they see you for you, their child. You are still you :)

        1. Thanks Mickie; it’s the same old adage – you can choose your friends but not your family.

  2. OrtharRrith 11 Jul 2013, 5:12pm

    Out of darkness comes some light.

  3. Andrea was a friend of mine, I just wish her dreams came true in life, but your memory lives on, Andrea x

  4. Andrea, and her family, touched my life too. Such a marvellous epitaph to see Andrea’s words in print. This was a woman with huge talent, who overcame so much (her gender identity challenge was just part of the story) and so much to give. Everybody – buy the book…

  5. Obviously a sensitive intelligent person. RIP

  6. Maelen Colvin 12 Jul 2013, 5:18am

    I would love to purchase the book. May I have the name of it? As a trans woman i would love to carry any positive message forward as I am able. We are united, as people, as human beings. Her story has touched my community. Thank you to her family.

    1. Maelen, if you click on the link of the title of the book at the beginning of the article, it will take you to the Amazon purchase website. I have just purchased the book successfully. Hope that helps you.

    2. Everyone should read a book like this. In my opinion you shouldn’t need to be. Trans man or woman.

      This is a dig at you by the way Maelen, just an observation :) I’d also like this book.

  7. Helge Vladimir Tiller 12 Jul 2013, 8:32am

    Sometimes I visit a small organization here in Oslo. It is called “Bent World.” In Norwegian: Skeiv Verden. ( Queer World ) Very friendly atmosphere with gay, transgender and lesbian visitors from different countries. Transsexuals from Irak and Iran. From Norway, USA and Italy, from Palestine and elsewhere. Many of these persons are refugees ! We meet in a friendly -quiet place in the centre of the city. The org. has economical support from the State and municipal authorities. Nice place, we eat, laugh and make a lot of jokes. A warm and including FAMILY ! We all send our BEST WISHES to the LGBTQ-society in The UK-and especially to transsexuals and transgender people ! Love will rescue us and bring us forwards. Many Nice persons make comments here ! It is so positive and valuable-

  8. What a beautiful woman and such a waste of a life.

  9. Will definitely be buying this book. A beautiful woman who’s life was cut short by hate. Its way past time that our trans brothers & sisters be given full respect & equality. From the constant vilification in the press & condemnation from the public (straight & gay), we need to collectively come together in the LGBTI community & fight for justice for all. As an umbrella community of different sexual orientations & gender expressions we are in a unique position to offer hope for ALL minorities.

    1. One useful organisation which tries to counter prejudices in the media is
      Let us not forget Lucy Meadows who took her own life following vile comments by Richard Littlejohn in the Daily Mail. There’s a lot to do. There’s a line in ‘Josey Wales’: “doin’ good aint go no end”.

  10. Isn’t it time Stonewall supported Trans people?!

  11. A beautiful young woman who had a beautiful family. There are families of transgender people and even gay men and woman who could learn a thing or two from Andrews family two very simple things in fact. Love and exceptance.

    Such a tragedy that someone took her from her loving family.

    And has already been said, we mustn’t forger our transgender family. I have transferred friends who have often spoke to me of their difficulties. We should all be supportive of one another.

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