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Orson Scott Card responds to calls for boycott of Enders Game film with call for ‘tolerance’

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Reader comments

  1. The inevitable snivelling of a bully being told that he is no longer allowed to persecute people.

    Keep in mind this odious man has been/is on the board of NOM – the group that was instrumental in bringing about Prop 8 in California. The concept of him expecting “tolerance” for views and behaviours that have caused appreciable harm to people is risible.

  2. Gene in L.A. 10 Jul 2013, 12:49am

    The plain fact is that his novel has nothing to do with his politics, and the movie is one further step removed. I for one will go to see it.

    1. You do realise he financially benefits from sales of his novel don’t you? Movies usually increase book sales regardless of when they were published. He may or may not also benefit financially from profits made on the film.

      He possibly donates money to homophobic organisations such as NOM, in which case his politics aren’t separate at all.

      1. He doesn’t “possibly” donate to NOM, he’s actively a director of the organisation.
        Any money he makes from the film goes right back into fighting against LGBT rights.
        Seeing the film is only encouraging him and financing his crusade against us.

        1. Colin (London) 10 Jul 2013, 8:33am

          Look at the man first and what he stands for and you will know what to do instinctively.

          I certainly won’t watch the film and am thinking of a protest in Leicester Square when it arrives. Anyone want to join me.

    2. spineless git! – justify your betrayal all you want –

    3. You’re a spineless facilitator, simple as that.

  3. I will not see this film and I will ask all of my friends not to go and see it either. These religious delusionals need to get it through their seriously thick skulls that we don’t take any crap from them anymore. I am hoping that the boycott of this film gathers momentum and Hollywood takes note and gives scum like Orson Scott Card his marching orders .

  4. He should be given the same level of tolerance he has shown to the LGBT community… i.e. none.

    1. Mchael Barber 10 Jul 2013, 1:07am

      Kenneth, If the LGBT gave him the same tolerance he has shown us, we would be going after all heterosexual to criminalize their lives, their loves and their associates. Additionally, we would be trying to get legislation passed that would put them all in prison rehab centers to have their sexual orientation changed to homosexual with the threat of lobotomy or chemical castration. If that doesn’t work, then locked up forever in prison.

  5. I wouldn’t reward someone like that with my money, which is pretty much what I would be doing if I pay to watch the film.

    1. Barry William Teske 10 Jul 2013, 7:31am

      I am sorry.
      I accidentley voted your comment down.
      Let the record show.

    2. Exactly. I’m happy to give him tolerance, but I shan’t be lining his pocket.

  6. I had no interest in seeing this film, and have even less interest after that statement. I won’t even buy the DVD when it eventually arrives on Poundland’s shelves.

  7. GulliverUK 10 Jul 2013, 1:26am

    No way, this man has been fighting against equality and fairness for decades. I saw this on wired earlier today;
    just go and see what he said in 1990.
    Boycott his film, his games, his books, and anything about him.

    He’s never shown any tolerance for us or our rights, so excuse me for not showing any tolerance now – after all, I’m sub-human according to him.

  8. The only reason he has publicly made this plea is the studio’s insistence after the Supreme Court rulings. The tide has turned against the cause for which he has been most vociferous. That translates into a virulent negative image in this fickle age of instantaneous societal sentiment. Empires can be lost at the utterance of a single word. And since he and his kind are being shown for the floundering blight they are, of course he is crying for “tolerance” – box office money is on the line. That is solely what this is occurring here. He is on the losing end but he wants you to keep your mouth shut about him and his pursuits, when he never gave you the same courtesy.

  9. I’ll tell you what, I’ll see it but I wait till it appears online and watch it for free, deal?

    1. Realize that even for free – on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon – wherever it might show up, there are licensing fees paid to someone. And it’s quite possible that OSC will still get a piece of that pie.

      I do like the idea of showing it at a GLBT fundraising event, but then you’ll have the FBI breathing down your neck.

      1. I think he means “illegally”…

  10. Lgbts are a minority. Their boycott won’t count

    1. To quote a certain supermarket “Every little helps.” If nothing else, I’ll feel better for not giving this man a penny of my money.

    2. Agentprovokatur 10 Jul 2013, 6:40am

      Ha ha ha Jon. You have no idea how much Hollywood pays attention to that “minority that doesn’t count”. As soon as the percentages dip there will be heads rolling and toxic cretins like Card will be blacklisted. No more Green Lights for them or you, apparently.

    3. There are a lot of Straight Allies who don’t take kindly to bigots like OSC either. Deduct their movie-going dollars too and the losses add up faster.

    4. Helen in Ireland 11 Jul 2013, 4:40pm

      I’m a straight ally. Our additon to the boycott will help swell the numbers protesting against Mr Card, who I met when he was guest of honour at our SF convention in 1992. We knew nothing of his homophobia at that time – although he was polite and charming, nothing would induce me to go near ANY of his products now.

  11. Ah calling for tolerance now you’ve got a film to sell. Should a black man be tolerant of the KKK? You called us sub-human. You sat on the board of NOM, you fought against the repeal of sodomy laws & for prop 8. You’ve attempted to deny gay people their rights for decades & now you want our tolerance? Now you want us to fund your prejudice?

    On your bike mate, whatever you’re selling I’m not buying.

  12. Card has funded the Mormon church in its bigoted campaigns to deny gay people equal rights. Where was their tolerance then? How typical of a religious bigot to play the victim as soon as they find themselves on the back foot. I won’t be paying to see this film so that he and his nasty, small minded cohorts can fund more anti-LGBT propaganda. As for tolerance, no. I won’t tolerate sexism, racism, homophobia or whatever other labels are applied to bigotry. Some things should not be tolerated and shame on those who do.

  13. Barry William Teske 10 Jul 2013, 7:27am

    “Now it will be interesting to see whether the victorious proponents of gay marriage will show tolerance toward those who disagreed with them when the issue was still in dispute.”
    You did more than disagree. You still dispute the issue. You are a liar.


  14. Jacob Dugan-Brause 10 Jul 2013, 8:31am

    Given the author’s religious upbringing, it makes sense he should become a great writer of science-fiction.

    Then he uses his considerable talent and intelligence to denigrate my own hard-won marriage and humanity? What? I grant his heterosexuality no ‘natural’ superiority. I submit our existence as nature’s design and ‘purpose’.

    Yet I know to boycott often makes any thing more alluring, more popular. This is a big-budget film and I doubt the producers don’t have a contract clause on what the writer might say.

    I suspect a marketing plan afoot.

    Still, I will do my part and not go. More importantly, I will write to members of the HoL to assure a future where same-sex marriage is a reality.

    Take that, OSC.

    1. Poenaru Katalin 10 Jul 2013, 4:55pm

      You spoke right from my heart ! This was for the unsuspecting “me” a bitter disappointment. Pity for a great book and for a guy who lost the chance to be equally great.

  15. Colin (London) 10 Jul 2013, 8:33am

    Look at the man first and what he stands for and you will know what to do instinctively.

    I certainly won’t watch the film and am thinking of a protest in Leicester Square when it arrives. Anyone want to join me.

  16. No tolerance towards religious freaks, I will not watch this film and already started talking to all my friends about it and they told me they won’t watch it either. Lets get these freaks and do exactly what they do to us, agree or not, I totally dispise them……

  17. This from the same Orson Scott Card who’s a sitting board member of NOM. The same Orson Scott Card who encouraged people to act with force of arms against the U.S. government if marriage equality were ever upheld by the Supreme Court. I don’t buy it.

  18. Whatever else his statement is, it is definitely NOT anything even approaching an apology for his own bigotry.

    A proper apology and a promise not to accept any fees or profit from the film is needed. Otherwise the film should be boycotted.

  19. I’ll get my friends and family to boycott it in Singapore.

  20. He’s a writer not a frigging moral guardian. Go see his film or not-up to you; but to pretend he has to be a good writer AND a good person is really silly.

    He’s apparently homophobic, perhaps not a nice quality but writers are often complex people, if you are waiting for somebody who ticks all your PC boxes AND produces good art, you’ll have a
    hell of a wait.

    Some here sound like daily mail readers, that is for sure

    1. Whinging about PC box ticking? You sound exactly like a Daily Mail reader.

      He’s not apparently homophobic he is virulently homophobic and actively campaigns against gay rights.

      If he wishes to hate LGBT people because of who they are or because his bible tells him so, then LGBT people are entitled to voice disapproval and boycott his commercial enterprises, whether you like it or not.

    2. Midnighter 10 Jul 2013, 2:47pm

      “Silly” is going through life being apathetic about the world around you. If something bothers you, don’t sit on your hands and wait for someone else to fix it for you; in case you hadn’t noticed, most people are preoccupied with looking out for themselves.

      It is the same principle in buying free range eggs over battery farm eggs or Xbox One over PSP4; by voting with your money you can create change. In the latter example, note how Microsoft have had to back down in the face of the mere threat of a loss of revenue. Look at what the Montgomery bus boycott did for black rights.

      Incidentally the issue is not merely that he is “apparently homophobic” – it is that he is an active and prominent member of an anti-gay rights group that have a proven record of attempting to buy anti-gay legislation in the US.

  21. Jock S. Trap 10 Jul 2013, 10:46am

    So in other words we’re expected to show ‘tolerance’ to people who have no ‘tolerance’ for our community.

    I don’t see that working much. Besides I think we have been tolerant enough over the past decades what with the abuse people like him have spewed on us.

  22. Seems Mr Card is sweating at the risk his precious film won’t make the millions he is expecting – Funny how a persons lifestyle bigotry can so quickly deminish or even expire – This Gay ain’t paying the Homophobic to see his film –

    Oh1 Now, he promotes tolerance!

  23. I love it when intolerant bigots beg for tolerance! What a f’ing hypocrite, and an ugly one inside and out too.

  24. This sounds exactly like the popular winge about “Christians are a persecuted minority”

  25. I certainly won’t be seeing this tw*t’s film. I’ll also be doing my best to discourage everyone I know from seeing it too.
    Isn’t it amazing how quickly these bigots start calling for tolerance when there’s a good chance that their bank balance will be affected?
    Sorry, Card, but you’ve NEVER shown us any tolerance. In fact you’ve spent large amounts of money encouraging hatred and intolerance. WTF makes you think you deserve it?
    I hope this film bombs and loses millions.

  26. Poenaru Katalin 10 Jul 2013, 4:50pm

    I was totally unaware of such position of Mr, Orson Scott Card and i must admit I am in shock. ” Ender’s Game” is a beautiful book and I ‘ve never thought that somebody with such a humanist vision could be also very much bigoted. I still think that the book deserves to be read but I am ashamed for Mr. Scott Card for his cheekynes.

  27. Christopher Hobe Morrison 10 Jul 2013, 5:40pm

    It would have been nice if the anti-gay people who are now asking for tolerance (of them) had shown some tolerance of others in the days when they had the power to create such monstrosities as Prop 8. I read Ender’s War and all the following books in the series when they first came out, but if Card and his friends are catching hell for things that happened before well such is life, as Ned Kelly said.

  28. Ok, i have to make a point here: How many of you are Lord of the Rings fans? Saw the movies? Yeah, those books were written by an admitted homophobe. It personally does not change my opinion on the books or the movies. I believe that personal politics, and fictional works, should be separated completely, and we should focus on their writing, not the way they conduct their personal lives. Everyone has the right to their own opinion, and he has, for his part, admitted defeat on the issue. It’s just my opinion, but I will be seeing this movie, because i enjoy sci fi, and i think it looks like it might be a good film.

    1. Tolkein is dead. Your point is moot.

      1. … So if Orson Scott Card died it would be ok to see his stuff, and read his books? That’s very hypocritical

        1. Tolkein doesn’t financially benefit from the lord of the rings books, movie franchise, video games, or other associated merchandise because he is DEAD. That is surely not a difficult concept to grasp.

    2. It wasn’t just a bloody opinion though, he sat on the board of NOM and was actively engaged in curtailing the rights of LGBT people.

      1. His politics shouldn’t get in the way of his works. I’m an aspiring filmmaker, and if someone refused to see a film i made because they didn’t agree with my opinions, i’d be pretty damn pissed. Who someone is as a person, and who they are as a writer, are two separate things, that’s the simple fact at the end of the day

        1. Congratulations you completely managed to ignore everything Valksy said. You don’t seem capable of grasping simple facts even when they are explained to you.

          1. I understand completely what he said, just because i have different views, does not mean i’m stupid. Try looking at the other side of the argument

        2. Jacob Dugan-Brause 11 Jul 2013, 8:13am

          Naomi, I read your post and thought ‘here is an artist, quite likely’. It’s good you’ve spoken here. I worked in the arts for two decades in a remote part of the states where the organisation I co-led survived no less than nine separate attacks on its public and corporate funding because of our art, being openly gay and reactions of the community.

          I know the cost of holding to a position just as OSC must find and that it may imperil one’s livelihood at times is a totem of that importance we place on sharing our beliefs. I support that artist’s need and right to share belief in word and work. That I also see its consequence is where we diverge.

          I don’t find myself squarely on either side of your debate here. I agree that an artist should do what an artist must; they are communicators. However, this is never without affect on others, is it?

          If one chooses to attack, one might expect to be attacked in reply. I wish you well in authoring both brave art and fearless opinion.

  29. It seems that in a democracy people can have a view neither be free to express it without being called names. Whether I agree or disagree with OSC is irrelvant. But it is clear that the gay comunity cannot tolerate others or are they just hetreophobic.

    1. “HETEROPHOBIC”! Oh honey. You need to realize that when a gay person snaps and goes I HATE STRAIGHT PEOPLE RAAAARRRR it’s because they simply want to vent. They’re venting their frustration of how they’ve been treated. In the same sense as when a black person say “I hate white people” he’s not saying he hates all white people, or that all white people are racist bastards, he’s saying he hates the white people who made him feel bad because of his skin colour. He’s venting.

      You really should try and see things from other peope’s perspectives. But then again, you’re probably the type of person who thinks a Straight Pride parade is necessary, and that the gay’s receive “special treatment” when given equallity, and all those other bizarre views.

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