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Leeds Prison praised for teaching inmates about LGBT History Month

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Reader comments

  1. maxine hughes 9 Jul 2013, 9:17pm

    There is a prison officer from armley that has supported and helped me highlight these issues in the pupil referral unit were I work there is a lot homophobia and I am working to tackle this problem. With the help and advise from the officer I have been able to educate these young people well done Armley and thank you to the officer who helped me . PS am luckey enough to be the officers mother in law when she marrys my daughter .

  2. Wow, some great news for a change. Kudos to the prisoner for his change of mind and the authorities of the prison for enabling it.

  3. Sounds like this guy has learnt an important life lesson. I hope this change continues after he is released.

    Tackling homophobia is about taking baby steps, one step at a time. I know for quit a number of the younger generation, sexuality is a non-issue. They may use the word ‘Gay’ sometimes in a disparaging way, but the are not usually referring to someone’s sexuality when they use it. And most would be horrified if you thought they were ant-gay.

    Of course there are exceptions to the rule, and much work is still needed in all sectors of our society to make people understand that homophobia is not ‘cool’ and completely unacceptable.

  4. ‘Hello inmates , as your LGBT propaganda officer today I want to draw your attention to Homophilia History Month.Today we will celebrate the day George Michael was nicked in the public urinals, the day Jonathan King was jailed by ‘homophobic’ police and the links between the Gay Liberation Front and PIE ( Paedophile Information Exchange).Also coming up Tatchells letter to the Guardian -“it is time society acknowledged the truth that not all sex involving children is unwanted, abusive and harmful.”Anyone who complains will be returned to their cells , charged with ‘homophobia’ and their sentences will be increased … swear an oath over the rainbow flag …..

  5. Nichola - HMP Leeds LGBT rep 11 Jul 2013, 9:21am

    Ray, your assumption is a somewhat interesting and rather mis-informed – In fact the whole reason this article came to be is due to the fact that various research has highlighted that there are misconceptions regarding Public Services attitudes towards LGBT people. Comments such as the one you have posted, justify this reasoning.

    Equality & Diversity is an issue that the Prison care about deeply. In a far more constructive way than you have described. The result of this has been a gradual shift in attitudes from being discriminatory of LGBT people, to becoming more accepting. Considering that we hold offenders who have committed hate motivated offences, we feel that it is important to serve our community – this includes the LGBT community! by working to prevent similar re-offending (and future victims) via the changing hearts & minds.

    Please feel free to read the HMIP report for more information.

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