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First ever LGBT youth summer camp launches in the UK

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Reader comments

  1. Grouping a bunch of young, energetic teens together at an isolated location… Staff better keep a sharp eye on things.

    1. That There Other David 9 Jul 2013, 6:07pm

      Meh. It already happens with Venture Scouts, school trips, etc. The only thing different about this is that the kids identify as LGBT.

      I think it’s a great idea all in all. Some of those kids could feel quite isolated in their everyday lives. Gives them a couple of weeks just to meet a few others like them and realise that they aren’t so strange as the world sometimes tells them they are.

  2. GulliverUK 9 Jul 2013, 6:03pm

    What an excellent idea. How things have changed – most of us felt isolated in to our 20s, this is a great idea and long overdue.

  3. Colin (London) 9 Jul 2013, 6:17pm

    Fantastic. All power to you at Mosaic. Great to hear that this is happening. Yes most of us felt isolated in our early years.

    Nice to know it’s changing.
    Best wishes and please could we have a little feedback after the event.

  4. Although admirable and fully support everything that Mosaic does. I remember going to a summer camp in Aberystwyth in 1976 organised by Gay Youth Movement , so this can’t be the first one ever in the UK

  5. Helge Vladimir Tiller 9 Jul 2013, 6:34pm

    Absolutely a positive initiative ! We have summer camps in Norway for young LGBTQ persons arranged by our gay org. LLH. Very, very important !

  6. roderious 9 Jul 2013, 7:03pm

    It sounds like a great idea, but I have a few questions.

    Its described as a London based organsation, does that mean it will ony be open to london based teenagers?

    How will this help teenagers who live with homophobic (for whatever reason) parents, to whom they are probably not out. These would be the most likely to benefit but the least likely to be able to attend.

    Is there a risk that this could turn into a jolly for the fortunate ones who can be out to their parents and communities but of no direct help to those who can’t?

    1. A fair point. I’d have loved to have been able to go to something like this as a teenager, but there’s no way I could have done so for the reasons you’ve identified.

  7. Like all segregation it will inevitably lead to greater isolation – functioning with all genders and all races is the healthy solution to homophobia.

    When Children encounter different people their own opinions replace their parents or societies (or their religion)

    Putting LGBT ‘youth’ in a camp for themselves is not the answer to protecting them or stimulating them

    1. JD, I really don’t think Mosaic are planning on doing anything as dramatic as”segregating” gay youth from straight at all. the point of the camp ( as is lgbt youth groups and anything lgbt youth specialist for that matter) is to strengthen the resolve of those who attend that are finding it difficult to be themselves in a society that that still treats them very differently. if I had the choice of sending my gay child to a camp like this or to a summer activities centre where I knew they stood a great chance of being bullied but just on the off chance the other children would gain enlightenment I know where I would send them and screw the others ‘enlightenment’!
      if a child was to leave this camp more confident and secure about themselves what’s the problem? good for mosaic

  8. Great idea -made me think about teh guy down the road from us now 79 (a young 79) partner died about 2 years ago they had been together for 43 years – he hardly goes out. What is there for older gay people today? Sad there not many places where over 60’s are able to meet and have chin wag -they must also feel very isolated

    1. Colin (London) 10 Jul 2013, 9:32am

      Lee you are absolutely right.
      I know an older gent 87. In his day he was well know all over Theatreland as he worked for producers etc Talk of The Town, Saturday night at the Palladium etc. He and his partner had several businesses and they entertained lavishly.
      He is the last of his generation, all friends and family are dead. (Twin gay brother) He is now reclusive and just wants to go admitting he has had a good life. I’ve tried over the years to get him out etc.

      We need to find places for older gays as well as younger.

  9. This is fantastic and wished it were around when I was in that age group.. (5 years ago!).

    1. I wish I’d had it too. As it was, that period of my life was what I now refer to as my “Amy winehouse” years. Cliche, I know. But a programme like this would’ve spared me from self-medicating.

  10. “Gay LGBT youths”? An interesting target demographic there… do you mean gay or do you mean LGBT?

  11. Lyn Thomas 10 Jul 2013, 5:28pm

    Actually it was 1985 at Capel Bangor just out side Aberystwyth – I was one of the organisers for the Lesbian & Gay Youth Movement.

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