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Equal marriage amendment to make those in civil partnerships say vows to ‘convert’ to marriage rejected

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Reader comments

  1. Robert in S. Kensington 9 Jul 2013, 4:49pm

    Good, slowly but surely, they’re all being knocked down. The amendments process would be so bad if they were truly improvements but in this case they are not. I think under the current system, Lords’ intended amendments should be submitted to the Commons before the upper chamber begins its process to eliminate wasting time and lengthy discussion about things that just wouldn’t be practical. This Bill could have been voted on and passed to Royal Assent if they hadn’t been dragging their feet in Committee and Report Stage. Their amendments were mostly just a replication of those which were rejected in the Commons and Committee anyway.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 9 Jul 2013, 6:03pm

      wouldn’t be so bad I meant…

  2. I agree that most of the amendments in the Lords have been drivel. Delivered by people who seem to have spent their lives in genteel isolation.
    Most appeared to have lived long lives wrapped in a protective blanket of power and wealth.
    I hoped this nasty amendment – which was clearly showing that Civil Partnerships were never seen as real events by many – would fail.
    I had a CP because it was the only route open to me to legalise my commitment to the person I love not to be told at a later date it was nothing to do with ‘real’ marriage and I needed to go through a ‘proper’ ceremony.
    One things for sure though is that even though we will be able to convert our CP certificates to Marriage certificates that they’ll be a hefty fee.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 9 Jul 2013, 6:06pm

      Oh I’ve no doubt Allan there will be a substantial fee, another source of revenue for the government. I’ll just be glad and relieved when this Bill is passed and over with. It’s been a gruelling process, torture for some.

  3. Its £100 I believe.

    1. Don Harrison 13 Jul 2013, 8:22am


  4. Tim Chapman 9 Jul 2013, 11:05pm

    1 I object to the fee – I’ve already paid once.
    2 I object to vows. It’s insulting to require me to say vows to the person I have already been with for nearly 40 years. Our enduring love doen’t need vows.
    3 I will not convert my CO to a marriage until the pensions issue is sorted out.

    hope that’s clear.

    1. Tim Chapman 9 Jul 2013, 11:06pm

      Sorry, CP, Not CO!

    2. Beelzeebub 10 Jul 2013, 2:39am

      I agree.

      Having initially coughed up the cash for my pretend marriage IE. “Civil Partnership” and after watching the continual homophobic and religiously based tide of abuse from some in the House of Lords and Commons in the run up to full marriage rights I fully expect a marriage certificate to be delivered by default to my address in 18 by 6 format encased in a frame of gold via a horse drawn carriage for free.

      That might in a some small part make up for the years of discrimination they have heaped on us.

      And a f\/cking apology would be nice.

  5. All the stupid opposition is all I can say, eg the “must have a ceremony” thing knocked down by a vote of about 85 to 14

    A realy interesting point in term of the previous vote re the second reading, about 2.6 to 1 (400-175)

    Keep the pressure up on the Lords for equal marriage. A really interesting point that I’ve seen in the USA – as soon as marriage passes, all but the extremists forget about the problems they saw initially.

    And that is an indication that they are happy while the a-holes of NOM here in the USA continue to vow to fight

    they are digging their own graves, the sooner the better

    Lets have the book makers give odds on how soon CoE will come to Parlaiment to be allowed to do religious marriage ceremonies – its a matter of survival.

  6. I suspect they’ll be issues about the conversion – the fee in particular and the unfairness of making one group ‘reapply’ for their ‘wedding licence’ and pay a further fee and not everybody.
    Be wild if the government had the ‘balls’ to say everybody now has to apply for an amended marriage certificate in light of the SSM Bill. Would love to see what the loons in the shires made of that.
    Also – if, as I suspect that they will, they eventually abandon CPs altogether what happens to those in CPs that either can’t afford to or refuse to pay to transfer.
    This will end up in the ECHR on the basis that one group is being denied the right to register their marriage unfairly because of the creation of a two tier system which is unfairly weighted against existing CP holders.
    My bet is hold out and you’ll get the transfer for nothing.

  7. I’m already in a Civil Partnership and have no qualms about exchanging vows for it to be considered a marriage.

    However, I feel that this would amendment was only to be a cash cow for already strapped for cash local authorities and am glad that it was defeated.

    Those of us already in CP’s should be able to convert under a ‘grandfather rights’ style scheme.

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