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YouGov poll: 59% of Tory activists ‘totally oppose’ equal marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Sure, why not, vote for UKIP – The notion of that party being a serious contender for anything is a total media fabrication, a handful of people at local level amount to precisely nothing.

    Honestly? If the Tory party rips itself apart, nothing of value is lost. And no one with an ounce of political acumen thinks that UKIP will gain real relevant power.

    As for the individuals in this poll – Can we vote on their rights? Can we being rancid little tyrants over their lives? Nothing but the tedious hatemongering that seems to be part and parcel with the right wing, in whichever country you should be unfortunate enough to encounter it.

    And before apologists point out what Cameron has done, look again at the poll – Are you sure THAT isn’t the true voice of the Tory party?

    1. FFS, Valksy, don’t tell me you support those Labour thugs? I’m eligible to vote in 2015 – I intend to write ‘none of the above’ and draw picture of a dong on the ballot paper.

  2. Jason Feather 8 Jul 2013, 5:23pm

    Ah, too late, in the words of Nelson of Simpsons fame “HaHa!”

  3. This is why no LGBT person in their right mind can ever vote Tory.

    The Tory Party remains a party of hatred, bigotry and division.

    1. Yes you are right, and I feel foolish about having voted tory in the past.

  4. Colin (London) 8 Jul 2013, 5:44pm

    I think this poll means nothing.

    The UK needs to live in an ever changing world which I hope with Laws, the right kind of media attention, parliaments around the world seeks to move this world on.

    Education is paramount. Religion has caused more deaths and hurt than world wars.

    The poll is rubbish. It’s like picking one statistic and saying that’s the worlds or party view.

    The leaders of the UK Parliament have come TOGETHER to support minority rights. I draw your attention that this coming together is KEY.

    The poll and the people who control this have their own agendas. However it’s the people of this country who have spoken to support Gay Marriage.

    Look at these polls. And yes I will stick up for Mr Cameron. He can see that Parliament is about representing constituents but Parliament is also about education them. It is about showing the people of our country that we all matter. It is not about maintaining old fixed views payed for by churches, businesses etc.

  5. Colin (London) 8 Jul 2013, 5:53pm

    It is about realising old ways need modernising. It is about looking around the planet and listening to the changes and logic others are adopting. If Parliament and good men and women had not done this in the past we would still have slavery. Disabled people would have no rights and employment rights would be very much degraded.

    Be thankful for our leaders and for Mr Cameron. I hope his party catch up with his leadership in the UK, in Europe and on the world stage.

    We may not always like the outcomes of our system but it’s the best we have at the moment.

    Please media project a balanced view of the issues and not the one upmanship I see daily. you are dealing with peoples lives, hopes, happiness, self respect and dreams.

    How much does the Gay community contribute to this country. £Billions. So don’t we deserve EQUALITY.

    This poll should be taken down and the You Gov…this is disgraceful and heads should roll. Who paid you for this one.

  6. Can’t be true, these people believe in freedom from the nanny state and individual liberty don’t they:-) Only joking, the only freedoms they really believe in is the freedom to reduce employee rights and the removal of restrictions placed on landlords.
    They are determined to loose whatever good will David Cameron has gained amongst non regular tory voters.

    Yes, Yes! we really are the nasty party! vote for us.

  7. Colin (London) 8 Jul 2013, 6:29pm

    Having reread this…this is scare tactics and YOUGOV should be sanctioned for this and reported to the Press Complaints Commission

  8. Robert in S. Kensington 8 Jul 2013, 6:31pm

    Let them vote for UKIP, few less conservative right wingers to contend with in the Tory party. I can’t see the Tory party trying to out-right-wing itself competing for would be UKIP voters. Positioning itself to the far right is going to mean a powerless party in 2014 up until the election in 2015, out of office indefinitely and not because of the Marriage Bill which is a convenient red-herring for the loons but one doomed to failure for them.

    1. Midnighter 8 Jul 2013, 6:46pm

      My feelings exactly, Robert. If all the ageing rats abandon ship, the party will be vastly more representative of the country, which can only be a good thing for their future viability.

      Just having seen one of these grey haired party members calling for a return of the Thatcher era, I personally couldn’t think of anything more likely to prompt me to vote against the party.

  9. Robert in S. Kensington 8 Jul 2013, 6:42pm

    Would be interesting to know the age of those polled. Most of the Tory activists I’ve read about are usually mature well into their late 50s and over. If you look at the minutely small demonstrations that have taken place outside of Parliament and in Cameron’s own constituency, they’re mostly all senior citizens or old-age pensioners.

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