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WATCH LIVE: House of Lords continues debate on same-sex marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Well i was gonna watch and then… silverlight… problem: I’m a Linux user.

    1. Does this link work:

      Underneath the video there are options for Windows media player, Flash player, and something called Beta Smooth Streaming Player. Maybe one of those will work for you?

      1. Thankyou very much, problem solved :)

  2. what the hell is there to debate?? gay marriage?? please wake up this is the 20th century, let people live how they wanna live an not have to approach the so called do gooders for permissions, we are all adults and make our own adult minds up…. jeez this country makes me sick

    1. GulliverUK 8 Jul 2013, 10:19pm

      21st ? :-p

      Debate and all the nasty language will die down and go away soon, and the heightened hypervigilance will be over – makes people sick, literally. Was just thinking that about 90% of this whole debate has been about protecting religious beliefs. Waste of time – most religious believers who are Catholic or Anglican fully support equality and equal marriage – it’s only their wingnutty leaders who get their panties in a twist.

      You’re right – there really isn’t anything to debate.

      Also, in this debate, there were a huge number of amendments in The Lords, but in fact I’ve spent an hour listening to amendments being debated and withdrawn, and most of them have not even been moved at all.

  3. Yanks have an expression they say when they’re exasperated at someone’s appalling behavior: “Dear Lord”. I say to thee Lord Dear, Dear Lord!

  4. Colin (London) 8 Jul 2013, 11:11pm

    Thanks for streaming this. May not like the discussions but delighted to be able to watch it.

  5. I really hope they don’t drag this out for much longer. Most seem to make no sense at all or are driven by religious fervour or some 50s chauvinistic utopia. It becomes embarrassing after a while to realise that many of these people held positions of importance before coming to this chamber. Did life even touch them?It sure doesn’t seem so as you listen to them rant incoherently on.

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