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Telegraph columnist Cristina Odone: Banning ‘gay’ as an insult would be like banning ‘chav’

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Reader comments

  1. Stupid woman – Take the word “gay”, as being used as a synonym for “bad, unwanted, broken, defective, horrible, vile, nasty” etc and replace it with any other innate personal trait – eg Asian or black or Jewish – and use it in the same bloody context and see the point.

    That she equates being LGBT (innate and immutable) with being a “chav” (might as well say…hipster…and certainly not a defining innate personal trait) just proves her to be an ignorant fool.

    But what do you expect from the Torygraph – rag for the middle class hateful.

    1. Chav is actually an insult against gypsies – so, ‘innate’ and ‘immutable’- maybe you need to think about the language you use too.

      1. Is it? The word itself is said to be of Roma origin so I’m not entirely sure how it can be seen as an insult.

    2. Teddy Roosevelt 11 Jul 2013, 4:43pm

      1. There is no proof the being gay is innate and immutable. No matter how much you want to believe it or how often you say it, doesn’t make it so.

      2. Take the word gay and replace it with any other innate personal trait? Okay then:

      It was a *black* day for the economy.
      John is the *black* sheep of the family.
      Suzy gave me a really *black* look this morning.

      The meaning of words change, and they only have as much power as people give them. Gays need to get over themselves.

  2. Perhaps if we were to adopt “Odone” as a synonym for “someone who acts as if they have been licking paint” she’d get the point about what it is like to have a deeply personal trait used as a synonym for something people dislike…

    …except, of course, she could always change her bloody name.

    1. Midnighter 8 Jul 2013, 1:16pm

      Lol It made the point quite well in the case of Santorum, didn’t it ?

    2. She is just soooooooooooooo christian!!!!!!!!!

      (As in “of below normal intelligence”) Well she believes in supernatural invisible beings doesn’t she?

      That is just soooooooooooooooooo christian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Spanner1960 10 Jul 2013, 2:10am

      She is the sort of woman that sucks on a lemon, and the lemon goes “Ewww!”

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 8 Jul 2013, 12:30pm

    Too bloody bad Odone if gays marrying upset a lot of believers. There are many non-believers in the UK who aren’t upset by it and who far outnumber those who are addicted to some imaginary sky pixie.

    These morons choose to be religious, nobody is born that way, all learned behavior for which their definitely is a cure.

    Perhaps we ought to resurrect that old slur such as ‘papist’, see how she likes it. I prefer ‘roman cultist’ and I don’t think she’d take too kindly to the term ‘the whore of Babylon’ once used by Ian Paisley to traduce ecumenism between Canterbury and Rome. Idolatrers was also another one that used to be banded about but it’s still applicable today.

    1. Also there are religious people who are very much pro same sex marriage and atheists who are against it.

      Many believers in the ‘sky pixie’ actually want to hold same sex weddings.

      Many atheists are homophobic.

      Let’s not assume homophobia is restricted to the religious. I know of a few atheists who hold very homophobic views that go beyond a dislike of same sex marriage.

      1. Sacre bleu 8 Jul 2013, 1:55pm

        The religious might not be the only homophobes, there does seem to be a preponderance of vocal religious homophobes

      2. Robert in S. Kensington 8 Jul 2013, 2:08pm

        I’m well aware but we’re not hearing from many believers who support equal marriage, none seem to be standing up to the bigots, atheists for and against included. The opposition gets far more coverage in my view than it deserves and the reason why more of them contacted MPs and the Lords is because they were better motivated and committed.

      3. George Broadhead 8 Jul 2013, 4:00pm

        I don’t know whether any statistics have been published concerning atheist homophobia, but the organisations representing atheists in the UK, notably the British Humanist Association and the National Secular Society, as well as the International Humanist & Ethical Union which represents atheists worldwide, are staunch supporters of LGBT rights, including same sex marriage.

    2. The terms ‘papist ‘ and ‘Whore of Babylon’ are good and very old names for the popish institution. I heartily recommend their use. The Daily Telegraph is owned by papists, edited by a papist and, therefore, has strong papist leanings. It is not surprising to find the papist Odone writing for it. The Telegraph tends to have more homophobic comments than other papers, probably including the Daily Mail whose readers tend to be of lower intelligence.

      1. I rather like ‘Papist’, there’s something quite satisfactory and spit-out-able about it.

        1. Robert in S. Kensington 8 Jul 2013, 2:14pm

          I really like it, Rehan. From now on, I’m going to continue using it. It’s somewhat of an alienating word but richly deserved by Odone and others of her ilk.

      2. Robert in S. Kensington 8 Jul 2013, 2:12pm

        I strongly urge all of us to use whatever derogatory terms we can to put this harpies knickers in a twist. She’ll be among the first to cry foul, along with that other moron, Andrea Minichiello Williams.

      3. “Catholic baiting is the anti-Semitism of the liberals.”

        I wouldn’t be surprised if you homophile fascists with your rainbow swastikas(not to mention Nuremberg-style ‘pride’ rallies) are also members of the KKK or some other anti-catholic hate group.We’ve seen people like you in the 1930’s in Germany – they were called browmshirts and most of them are what you would call ‘gay’ now – they hated jews and catholics .

        In his classic Nazi history, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, author William Shirer describes Ernst Roehm as “a stocky, bull-necked, piggish-eyed, scar-faced professional soldier…[and] like so many of the early Nazis, a homosexual”

        1. Yes, because after all so many people were sent to the concentration camps purely because of their catholicism, weren’t they?

          Your hysteria makes you sound exceptionally foolish.

          1. yes thousands and thousands died – you it seems are a revisionist .


            yes they were ^ – you are a holocaust revisionist and a catholic hater it seems .

          3. Get over yourself, Ray. Your persecution complex combined with your predilection for trolling a gay news website makes you seem profoundly disturbed. Seek help – perhaps from your nearest Papist priest, maybe he will help you calm down.

      4. the hate mongers are really coming out (so much for your lie of ‘diversity’ and ‘equality’) :
        ‘The Daily Telegraph is owned by jews, edited by a jew and, therefore, has strong jewish leanings. It is not surprising to find the jew Odone writing for it. The Telegraph tends to have more anti-aryan comments than other papers’ ….oh sorry you said that about supposed catholics – it’s a conspiracy is it not ,The Protocols of Zion all about catholics taking over !! :
        ‘The Daily Telegraph is owned by papists, edited by a papist and, therefore, has strong papist leanings. It is not surprising to find the papist Odone writing for it’

        Welcome to the world of the homo-fascist and the No 1 thought crime – so-called ‘homophobia’ ! Fly your rainbow swastikas – or better still do what you do in the privacy of your own home and leave civilised society alone .

        1. Diddums.

    3. Strictly to be fair, I believe Odone’s grouse to be with same-sex marriages in church, something I for one am unconcerned about (though I believe if individual priests want to do it, they should be allowed). To the best of my knowledge she isn’t opposed to equal civil marriage (someone please correct me if I’m wrong on this).

      1. Did you not read her comment? She is clearly disgusted entirely with gay people “play acting” like they are real people, real citizens, real couples, real humans.

        1. But she was talking about religious services. And I have to say, I find same-sex couples emulating the worst of conventional religious marriage rituals rather disturbing, I don’t know why we can’t devise less stale, and incidentally less ostentatious, ceremonies of our own.

          Even with opposite-sex couples I think a number of the conventions – the woman being “given away” for example, or the hideous US convention of unmarried women trying to catch the bride’s bouquet for “luck” – quite repellent and well overdue for overhaul.

          1. I believe that gay people should be given the right to choose something that I, or you, find objectionable if it is a choice that everyone else is given. I believe that EVERY citizen should have the ALL the freedoms of choice that EVERY other citizen has. I wouldn’t choose to get married on the very same alter that condemns me on Sunday but it’s none of my business, or yours, if others make that choice.

            You and I are free to choose the ceremony that reflects our opinions, our faith (or lack thereof), our idiosyncrasies, our whims and desires but we aren’t free to choose OTHER people’s ceremonies.

            I find your intrusiveness into other people’s marriages no less offensive than those who, based on their beliefs and opinions, feel that we shouldn’t be allowed to wed in church or at the registrar’s office.

          2. Hayden, by expressing my opinions I am in no way suggesting these things should be restricted by law or anything like that. It’s a matter of personal taste, nothing more. If people want to undergo what seem to me bogus ceremonies, they’re perfectly entitled to – just as I am, to find them absurd.

            Having said that, I do not feel that we are in a position to dictate to churches, which I see as a form of club, what they should or shouldn’t do: I don’t think we can force churches to hold same-sex marriages any more than we can force Catholic churches to marry divorced people – their club, their rules. I think people who’re desperate to be part of a club that explicitly and implicitly rejects them are, frankly, bonkers.

      2. Robert in S. Kensington 8 Jul 2013, 3:35pm

        I wouldn’t read to much into that Rehan. To her, civil marriage has a religious connotation as it does to the RCC because she’s saying that ‘gay marriage’ isn’t real marriage which would apply to a civil ceremony too. She’s simply traducing the Marriage Bill in every aspect and in turn, our relationships.

        We should all write to the ‘papist’ and remind her that name-calling can be work both ways, please or offend.

  4. Oh that’s great. I won’t feel so bad about calling her a ‘bimbo’ and an ‘air-head’ and ‘eye-candy’ and ‘bigot’ a stream of other offesive and derogatory terms.

    1. Beelzeebub 8 Jul 2013, 1:04pm


      I don’t think so.

      This type of candy is poisonous.

  5. Commander Thor 8 Jul 2013, 12:46pm

    Don’t try to Jew me out of protection!

    Misquotation alert: this post contains irony, and I do not in any way condone anti-semitism.

    1. Midnighter 8 Jul 2013, 1:21pm

      Quite, she must have conveniently forgotten that example.

      Similarly, when I was in primary school we used to hear “don’t be Irish” when people were being stupid or contrary, back in the days when the UK government was censoring media reporting of anti-establishment opinion during the conflict in Northern Ireland. I like to think we’ve all learned and grown up a bit since then.

      1. I had a tutor two years ago in college who used to say don’t be Irish quite frequently, and a housemate who used to call everyone he didn’t like a jew. He was the world’s biggest ass but my tutor was quite a lovely person, apart from her disgusting anti-Irish sentiments…

        1. Point fairly made, I think. Language usage this way is not tolerated any more. Sure, people can do and say what they want in their own homes and with like-minded people but in general social terms we just don’t use those words that way because it is offensive.

          Should we be surprised that she asserts privilege and tries to dictate what is and is not acceptable or offensive although not her truth? Would she say the same to people offended by the horrible usage of “Jew” as described by Commander Thor? (my grandmother used the term the same way, I had forgotten). Nothing but vile arrogance on her part.

  6. I’d be interested to know if Odone, who is of Italian descent, would be OK with being called “wop”, since she’s such an advocate of free speech.

    It’s also interesting that her own parents divorced (Lorenzo, as in Lorenzo’s Oil was her half-brother), and she herself is married to an Anglican who was married before. So much for being good practising Catholics, eh?

    1. does spewing hatred come naturally ?

      1. “Hatred”? You need to get out more sweetie-pie, your sense of perspective is more than a little skewed – perhaps from wearing those fuchsia-tinted Papist spectacles of yours.

    2. Very true.

  7. JackAlison 8 Jul 2013, 1:00pm

    Yawn yawn
    she wants to be noticed…..our career must be in decline I think

    1. Sacre bleu 8 Jul 2013, 1:59pm

      I think they call it ‘Relevance Deprivation Disorder’.

  8. People like this add fire to our cause. In essence her bigotry (read the last paragraphs if your unsure what I mean) sets us forward by light-years as it shows the other side for what they really are – feral.

    1. Beelzeebub 8 Jul 2013, 1:17pm

      Particularly when you reads the comments section.

      The bile and poison truly flows in there.

      I always come away from that place feeling filthy.

  9. Homophobe and she’s too stupid to know it.

    1. Sacre bleu 8 Jul 2013, 2:02pm

      I’d say she is more likely to be wilfully homophobic, but too stupid to realise that it is ‘unchristian’ to be so hateful.

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 8 Jul 2013, 3:40pm

      But I bet she’ll claim she has ‘gay friends’ to excuse herself from that label, but you’re right, too stupid and ignorant to even realise it.

  10. CH Brighton 8 Jul 2013, 1:43pm

    It’s amazing how these people still attempt to describe the world in their own terms. They seem unable to countenance the fact that a very, very large number of people in most Western democracies understand that is either no such thing as ‘truth’ or there are several versions of ‘truth’ and we are finding ways of accommodating these. It’s called pluralism. The opposite (what Odone’s ilk preach) is absolutism -and we know where that leads.

  11. Metsän poika 8 Jul 2013, 1:51pm

    Cristina Odone suggested banning the word “gay” as an insult would be akin to censoring the word “chav”.

    Ok, so how do you feel about the unacceptable ‘n’ word, surely the same logic applies to that! Of course not, it is totally reprehensible to use the ‘n’ word, so why is it ok to use ‘gay’ as a term of abuse. So how about this Christina, we start using ‘Odone’ henceforth as a general term to connote a particularly stupid woman? Would that be ok, you ‘odone’?

    1. Pronounced to rhyme with ‘drone’? I like it!

  12. A hideous excuse for a human being!

  13. Jock S. Trap 8 Jul 2013, 2:20pm

    Was tempted to stop after getting to the bit “The former editor of The Catholic Herald”….

    Think that lines says it all.

    She disrespects humanity because she doesn’t understand it. She doesn’t understand how people are she just assumes it.

    She’s low… Very low!

  14. .....Paddyswurds 8 Jul 2013, 2:27pm

    Lets make the word Odone a synonym for taking a dump and see how she likes it… Ignorant Roman paedophile cultist….

    1. beeelzeebub 8 Jul 2013, 3:35pm

      I think the anagram of her surname shall suffice:


      Please “DO ONE”.

  15. I’m pretty sure Gove saying that we should raise public awareness that it’s not ok to use “gay” as an insult, and to push for that in schools, does not even remotely come close to putting anyone who says it “on a sinister register of ‘hate speakers’ – disqualifying him as an applicant for just about any job”.

  16. 1) There’s a difference between making it illegal to use gay as an insult and just banning it in schools. I believe that people have a right to hold racist opinions (it makes it easier for us to work out the morons). But I also think using racist language in schools should be banned. Certain freedoms don’t apply under every conceivable circumstance.

    2) The word “chav” is also a vile and snobbish insult and its use should be treated with contempt.

  17. And this from a woman who condemns her Church because it won’t recognise her marriage because it is to a divorced man!

  18. Well, maybe she’s just a ‘slag’?.
    Oh, sorry, is that an insult?!!.

    1. no – more a statement of fact lol

  19. Yeah, it totally would be like that… if chavs had a history of discriminatiory laws and hate crimes against them, which, the last time I checked, they haven’t

  20. This woman is largely seen as a figure of fun, even by many telegraph regulars.

    So much for her christian concern about young people who may well be hurt by gay being used as an insult. But you wouldn’t expect anything better, the hate always bubbles to the surface

  21. The cult of the Roman Catholic Church is no more the ‘real thing’ than a Quaker or Reform Judaism wedding. If fact, the lies, deceit, murder and hypocrisy of the morally-bankrupt Roman Church weighs heavy on it’s shoulders. The pacifist Quakers and many other more liberal leaning Christian churches on the other hand, don’t carry this burden around.

    1. George Broadhead 8 Jul 2013, 5:42pm

      Quite right, but the RC Church still exerts great influence, and not just with its own flock. You only have to recall the huge sycophantic media coverage of the new pope’s election to realise this.

      1. I detest that they still hold any influence. If any other institution had a history of abuse and corruption like theirs the people would demand it be destroyed and stripped of all its power and assets and given to the victims. Yet the church is still alive and well and being allowed to continue its 2000 year old Festival of Cruelty and the big boys still bow at their feet… truly pathetic.

        It disgusts me that these peope use the word of the Flying Spaghetti Monster to brainwash people into keeping them in power and financing their corruption and abuse. The Catholic Church is a ball & chain and a chastity belt.. nothing more.

        How anyone can continue to go to church, put money in their coffers, or have the audacity to call themselves “Holy” knowing the atrocities commited by the church is beyond me. How anyone can call themselves “Christian” after what they have done is beyond me. How can you associate yourselves with such poison?

        1. That was a rhetorical question, not aimed at you :p

  22. so, then, ms. ordure would condone our calling her a bitch, a c***, etc. for all its strengths, the daily telecrap does have certain weaknesses which make me a longtime non-purchaser of that rag.

  23. Master Adrian 8 Jul 2013, 3:39pm

    Ah The woman then is of the opinion that using the word gay is OK as an insult, is she also OK with using the word kraut for germans as an insult?
    I think that the woman should know better!
    An insult is an insult, and as such should be banned!

  24. So this telegraph – Bitch – oh dear there’s another word that is similar to naff or chav – reckons Gay means naff or just wrong.- Why are all these critics of Gays either Catholic die-hards or collapsed Catholics who hide their hatred and bigotry behind an outdated superstition?

    1. George Broadhead 8 Jul 2013, 4:06pm

      Because they follow the RC teachings on homosexuality in its Catechism and the Pope’s pronouncements on homosexuality.

  25. Robert in S. Kensington 8 Jul 2013, 4:06pm

    To digress, why was the “Live Blog: House of Lords debates Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill comments disabled?

  26. And I suggest we should adopt the word ‘priestly’ whenever referring to paedophile behaviour.

    You can bet that she would start to make a fuss if it caught on. She might start to understand why gay people object to the use of the word as a constant drip of derogatory insult, undermining the self-esteem of young gay people in schools. In any case it is not equivalent to ‘chav’, as ‘gay’ is often used as a sly form of homophobia just as ‘chav’ is a form of snobbery (which I’m sure is soaked up by the Telegraph readers of course).

    Priestly also sounds like beastly. The great sin at boarding school used to be called ‘beastliness’. Now at catholic boarding schools run by ‘priests’ they can add ‘priestliness’ to the list of prohibitions (except for the priests of course!)

  27. Isn’t it time we repealed the Catholic Emancipation Act 1829?

  28. I see the Little Stalinists are out in form as usual. I commented on my sister’s weight on Friday night and she gave me a very ‘black’ look. Quick! Call the racist police! Remember ‘santorum?’ Free-speech, people! It’s the single most precious right we have! Don’t chip away at it (any further) for the sake of some delicate little flowers who can’t handle the real world.

    1. Old homophobes often complain that gays ‘hijacked’ the word gay. They opine sadly that the word used to mean ‘cheerful.’ Gays tell them that English is a living language, that words constantly change, but then said gays whine and bitch about improper use of certain words. Which is it? Is English changing or static? You can’t have it both ways, I’m afraid.

      1. Words do change their meaning: as of course you will know, nice, originating from the word for ignorant, more recently meant particular, not pleasant as it does today.

        However, if you can’t see that a new pejorative usage of a word used to describe a group of people is an unwelcome development, then I’m afraid you’re pretty nice in the earliest possible sense.

    2. Excellent: so go up to a nice big Afro-Caribbean chap and hail him in a jocular fashion as nigga. Go on, off you go, you big flower.

      If you’re called a retard (though I, of course, would never call anyone that) I’m glad to know that you, at least, won’t be offended – regardless of the accuracy of the observation.

      1. The ‘n’ word was used to refer to blacks during the days of slavery. It’s usage nowadays in any format is repellent (blacks can say it, of course, as a reclaimed word, just like gays can say ‘queer’ or even ‘fag’). You can’t compare calling a black man a ‘n*gger’ to calling a bad movie ‘gay.’ Anyone can see that.

        1. Why? I’m not “anyone” (thank God), so you might need to explain for my benefit.

          And incidentally, the N-word was commonly used long after the days of slavery. Well into the 1970s, in fact.

  29. Cristina is a Vatican press agent masquerading as a journalist. The visit of that Counter-Reformation militant Benedict XVI to Britain was portrayed by her as some sort of affectionate drop-in by everyone’s favourite uncle designed to promote a family love-fest. Take with a large pinch of salt – or even holy water, if that’s your bag.

  30. So Cristina Odone is in the pro-bully lobby now.

  31. Kay Julia 8 Jul 2013, 7:03pm

    I see that the Brits have their share of ASSES as well as us Yanks! Sad really, such a waste of brain power to finagle in hate speech when ever it suits them. Try using the “N” word in the stats and see what happens these days!

  32. Christopher in Canada 8 Jul 2013, 9:48pm

    “Naff” and “chav”??? WTF??? You Brits sure come up with weird idioms! I’m still trying to figure out “sod”… baffling to those of us on my side of the Atlantic…

    1. taralouise 9 Jul 2013, 8:33am

      Interestingly, Naff is gay slang (or ‘Polari’, used by gay men in the 1950s and 1960s as a kind of secret language)…sod is short for sodomite…although confusingly, it also means a small piece of turf or grass…not sure where Chav comes from…

      1. ‘Chav’ comes from a Romany word meaning ‘child’ or ‘boy’. The Spanish colloquial word ‘chaval’, meaning ‘youth’ or ‘young person’ is also derived from it and is of gypsy origin.

      2. Spanner1960 10 Jul 2013, 2:05am

        I find it ironic and amusing that homophobes that complain about the loss of the word “gay” in its original context now comment that it means “naff” without appreciating that it is actually a Polari term invented by gay men that has since fallen into common usage to mean “crappy”. The term “naff” was originally targeted at straight men, and meant “Not Available for F*cking”

        1. No, that version is generally thought to be a back-formation (“backronym”) now.

    2. Sod, is short for sodomite.

      1. Spanner1960 10 Jul 2013, 2:06am

        Silly bugger :)

  33. Stupid, homophobes like Odone bore me; just an example of the s##t you get from the telegraph.

  34. floridahank 10 Jul 2013, 12:17am

    If I ask someone are you “homo or hetero?” is that an insult or must those words not be used either?

    1. Maybe you should rather ask yourself why you’re so anxious to know.

  35. Would this individual be okay if people were to say “that’s so Catholic” when someone is a paedophile, a child abuser, a bigot, has bad fashion sense or does anything someone deems stupid?

  36. Maybe we should start calling the catholic herald ‘kiddy-fiddler gazette’ and see if it hits her then?

  37. Cade in Aus 16 Oct 2013, 12:36pm

    The thick is strong with this one. I’ve not heard anything intelligent ever come out of her mouth. She’s so insufferable.

  38. I’m really tired of this fking KVNT

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