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Baroness Williams compares registrars refusing same-sex marriages to those opposing totalitarian regime

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Reader comments

  1. Rubbish – Allowing registrars to refuse same sex marriage is just the same as allowing registrars to refuse mixed race marriage, or mixed faith marriage (both of which would have the same dogmatic instrument to support them).

    Honest discourse is utterly beyond them, isn’t it.

    1. Absolutely. And yes.

    2. And just to remind everyone and Shirley. We are talking about civil registrars here.

      Never at any point in their recruitment process in the past was their religion thought to be an issue. Now suddenly it is. Well that is their problem then.

      If christian registrars have been happy to marry sikhs and muslims, none of whom agree on who god is and each of whom thinks the other is a blasphemer, how come this is suddenly a problem?

      Because no matter how bigoted the registrar is they can always identify with another “faith” group, it is just the queers they have a problem with. A problem each “faith” group will happily agree on.

    3. Har Davids 9 Jul 2013, 6:22pm

      If I were a registrar, I would refuse to marry someone from Wales to a true English man or woman, irrelevant of sex. Would that make me a freedom-fighter, too? Or would any argument of mine in this matter be considered bollocks?

  2. I think this lady would just like a theocratic totalitarianism. This issue has certainly forced some from behind their veneer of supporting equality and fair play. Very illuminating to find out where some people’s loyalty really lies. More vindication for the “new atheists”. who had been accused of scaremongering about the residual influence of religion.

  3. Should a soldier be able to opt out of certain duties because they don’t agree?

    Should a teacher be able to opt of teaching the curriculum because they don’t agree?

    Should a doctor be able to opt of certain procedures because they don’t agree?

    Why would she think that a registrar should be able to opt out because they don’t agree?

    Its so sad she can’t see how bigoted she is. Embarrassing.

    1. Indeed, should a teacher/lecturer who denies evolution be compelled to teach it or should they be allowed to teach creationism and still keep their jobs?

    2. Colin (London) 8 Jul 2013, 7:04pm

      Well put.
      This lady needs to retire

    3. Robert in S. Kensington 8 Jul 2013, 7:13pm

      Following her demands, it would have to apply to every employer, both public and private. Imagine the chaos, nobody would be employed if would- be applicants were given the power to exempt themselves from any aspect of their job expectations and contracts they may sign. There’s a time and place for everything and religion already has it’s place, at home and in places of worship, the beginning and the end. What if an atheist registrar didn’t want to marry non-atheists? After all, it’s a belief system isn’t it? If the ECHR has ruled they cannot be exempt, then that’s good enough for me.

    4. I understand doctors can opt out of performing specific procedures, like abortion, if it is an issue of conscience for them.

  4. Enrique Esteban 8 Jul 2013, 7:01pm

    Help: prenume=first name; nume=family name; oras=city; tara=country.
    You’ll receive a mail and have to click on 2nd link to confirm.

  5. Colin (London) 8 Jul 2013, 7:03pm

    Ok so I think that all religious people should have reduced rights.

    Civil rights versus equality!

    This woman has seriously lost it,.

  6. Brian Latham 8 Jul 2013, 7:06pm

    Shirley, you’ve lost it. Time to retire

  7. bobbleobble 8 Jul 2013, 7:07pm

    Wow, has anyone been looking for her marbles because she’s clearly lost them. Sine when has asking someone to do the job they were hired for been akin to a totalitarian regime?!? And since the registrars don’t even want this exemption what the hell is she playing at?

    1. Midnighter 8 Jul 2013, 8:10pm

      This “totalitarianism” bit seems to be the latest fad in hyperbole from the religious opponents to civil rights from what I’m seeing. Anyone who suggests equalities legislation that results in the conservative religious types not getting their own way is not only working for the devil, but is clearly striving for a totalitarian regime and is frequently also a fascist, apparently.

      Its all part of the same “playing martyr” manipulative game you get where you take the stick off the religious bully and he complains you have infringed on his ability to beat infidels.

  8. Mumbo Jumbo 8 Jul 2013, 7:14pm

    If you want to know what religion can do to someone’s mind, look no further than Shirley Williams. A fine career in politics ruined at the very end. It’s like that dreadful feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you catch your favourite granny going down to the shops in her underwear as the dementia finally kicks in.

  9. Midnighter 8 Jul 2013, 7:15pm

    Dippy bat. Not only is she seeking to impose her own “totalitarianism” on a body that has already stated it does not wish it, but more pathetic is that her closing comment about stable parents came after the scientifically based statement to the contrary had already been stated.

    Clearly the facts don’t matter to Ms Williams.

    1. …and the fact that she failed to provide a stable family for her own daughter.

      1. Midnighter 8 Jul 2013, 8:00pm

        Are you suggesting a teensy bit of hypocrisy? Never! ;-)

  10. I always thought Shirley Williams was quite a solid character and on the side of equality.

    Her comments are bonkers…

  11. My Lib Dem MP was desperate for me to attend a talk by Shirley Williams when she visited us recently.Glad I made my excuses and refused to go. I’m hoping my local lib dem party aren’t daft enough to invite her back again!!!!

  12. Michael Barber 8 Jul 2013, 7:23pm

    Liberty to use your idiotic prejudice to oppress others isn’t liberty at all, you old cow.

  13. There really are some major issues coming in to play with Baroness Williams thinking on same sex marriage. I do wonder what the real reason for her not wanting us to be equal to her.
    I wonder how she would have felt if after her divorce – and she is a true Catholic – she had to hunt around to find a sympathetic registrar who would marry divorcees. Bet she wouldn’t have been so agreeable to opt out then.
    When your dead your just dead.

    1. prob a lelsbian in the closet. Note by the way how she supports traditional marriage– by divorce

  14. Helge Vladimir Tiller 8 Jul 2013, 7:44pm

    The more I read about THE FIGHT my dear friends in The UK have to endure to obtain their rights, the more close to them I feel. LOVE YOU ALL ! We will be the winners.

  15. Vile old witch

    1. Witches: not vile.
      She: not vile.
      Her exceptional position on this: VILE!

  16. Kelvin Beer-Jones 8 Jul 2013, 7:49pm

    She said: “Equality is not the same as sameness”. We say: Prejudice is not a matter of personal choice.

  17. Here’s a thought – any person who does not wish to provide they service their job pays them to provide based on religious reason – should find a new job.

  18. I am aghast and so disappointed at the line Williams is taking on this matter. I have always thought her a person of integrity. Baffled.

  19. Then gay people should be able to opt out of taxes that pay these peoples wages !!

  20. CH Brighton 8 Jul 2013, 8:35pm

    So, people who have religious objection to SSM have ensured a quadruple lock so their religious organisations can’t be forced to offer SSMs. The same people refuse to acknowledge that civil SSMs are in fact marriages. So, if they are not, in their view, marriages, why would they object to registering them? Sorry Shirley, you’ve really lost the plot.

  21. She’s a Baroness so doesn’t need our vote anymore.

    The cloak drops and we see her for what she really is. Another politician that takes her whip from the church of Rome.

    Seriously disappointed in your Shirley. Make no mistake, we won’t fall for any of your rhetoric again.

    1. “you Shirley” – damn no edit function!

  22. No doubt Baroness Williams also supports the right for registrars who vote BNP to refuse to marry people of colour or those with disabilities. Her conduct really is quite disgraceful.

  23. “Equality is not the same as sameness”. True. We’re not asking to BE THE SAME as heterosexual couples, we’re demanding THE SAME RIGHTS as heterosexual couples. It’s so depressing that so, so many of our politicians make their noises about equality, justice and fairness, but as soon as it affects them, they find some way to slither out of walking their talk. A conflict between “equality and liberty”? No. This is a conflict between equality and bigotry. Now the next time she opens her mouth we know which side she’s on.

    1. Actually, “as soon as it [DOES NOT] affect[s] them!” Because, seriously…WHAT’S IT TO THEM who marries whom??

  24. It’s so sad that a woman who has been, for many of us, something of a heroine for almost three decades, is now choosing to end her career so disastrously, by seeking to put all her experience and authority behind what is essentially a homophobic viewpoint.

    You’re finished, Shirley, love. Utterly finished.

  25. I, for one, am getting heartily sick of Shirley Williams and her half-baked opinions.

    Why can’t she be put out to grass?

  26. I never knew she was a Roman Catholic till now. Says it all. Silly cow!

  27. who put her on that chamber? Goodness gracious!!! This is totally embarassing. What an old sickening turd! And she’s a member of the Liberal Party? Sick sick sick. She needs to educate herself to LGBT issues, I mean seriously!

  28. Beelzeebub 9 Jul 2013, 2:43am

    This woman has clearly reached a time in her life whereby she needs to be sectioned for her own good and for everyone elses.

    I suspect undiagnosed Alzheimer disease as she was never this stupid and hateful in the past.

    What is more worrying is that we have this political entity, House of Lords, awash with ancient privileged people “LORDING” it over us and many of them are clearly in the grip of major old age.

  29. If they dont want to do the job – put them at the top of the list for another unrelated to civil rights job

    eg garbage collector. Each day they can look in the mirror to rember what to thow in the big stinky truck that where I live comes weekly.

  30. Registrars opposing totalitarian regimes… so, this is like when the Nazis won WW2, and our brave civil registrars refused to conduct weddings for Nazi officers? Or is my history a bit confused here?

  31. Don’t forget, this woman is a veteran Bilderberger so there will be a mapped-out agenda driven by nefarious globalist forces attached to her argument.

  32. Michael 2912 9 Jul 2013, 11:29am

    There has always been a small number of us who have held Simple Shirley in low regard. She’s a dim woman promoted well beyond her ability. I, for one, feel vindicated.

  33. Ms Williams is an evil extremist and a very bad mother.

    She failed in her own duties as a parent so she has some nerve to be lecturing others about relationships.

  34. Shirley Williams is divorced and has remarried.

    This means that according to her religious beliefs she is an adulterous who’re who deserves to be stoned to death for her adultery.

    Just saying.

    1. St Sebastian 9 Jul 2013, 12:57pm

      Shirley Williams is divorced and has remarried – how does she reconcile that with her Catholicism. I call it hypocrisy.

  35. Once more gutted by a woman I once admired – who has allowed her superstition to unbalance her moral compass – shameful remarks.

  36. Stupid and ill-informed. Is she ill? I can’t believe anyone with her experience would say something like this. It’s embarrassing, illogical and utterly barking. I can’t see an atom of logic in there anywhere.

  37. She ruined the socially-enabling Direct Grant schools in the 70s, tried to wreck Labour with the SDP Gang of 4 in 1981 thus splitting the centre left vote and making certain Thatcher’s triumphs of 1983 and 1987. Now she’s blasting against Gay marriage. Born with a political silver spoon in her gob, has she done anything right in her long, meandering and ultimately pointless career?

  38. Diesel Balaam 10 Jul 2013, 12:35am

    She always was a badly-coiffured waste of space. Equality and civil rights in the public, secular sphere, are not something officials should be allowed to adopt a “pick and mix” approach to based on their private prejudices. Time for this over-privileged, hypocritical wind-bag to step down and go to the ga-ga home!

  39. Lot of vitriol and nastiness spewing about her looks and senility etc here in the comments. I profoundly disagree with her comments here but to stoop to misogyny and ageism is a race to the bottom we should not engage in. It’s sad that a woman who once championed equality for the sexes now opposes equality for marriage.

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