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US: Cult leader sentenced for killing of woman and ‘gay’ 4-year-old boy

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Reader comments

  1. SCUM USING SUPERSTITION FOR HATE CRIMES – This world is doomed unless we evolve away from so called ‘Religion’

    1. That’s what I have been saying for years. Humans will not evolve further before the chains if religion are thrown away and all religions mocked for what they are: oppressive schemes to keep people down!

      1. Jan, I agree with you, it’s all about control and religion have been doing it for hundreds of years…

    2. When religion is dead, and we no longer believe in god, human beings will find some other way to justify their barbaric behaviour. religion doesn’t cause hate, hate is a natural human emotion, god’s just something humans have invented so that people can justify their hate.

      Some people are just evil, they’re born that way, always have been, always will be, its the nature of this war planet. And evolving away from religion won’t change anything. It’ll just change the excuse. Hitler was trying to kill an entire religion, mao tse tung, pol pot, stalin weren’t religious. They were all evil men who killed, not in the name of god, but in the name of something else. politics, whatever, it doesn’t matter, they used something else to control people, not religion

      Scum will use anything to justify their hate crimes. And atheism won’t make this planet any better than monotheism did.

      1. It will remove an excuse for psychopathic behaviour, it won’t stop it but it will make justification for it that bit more difficult so that people will be more accountable and responsible for what they do.

        1. The killers will just change the justification. Nothing else will change. I assure you, in a thousand years, if human beings have not destroyed the planet (through technological and scientific inventions), and all gods and superstitious beliefs are a thing of the past – there will be as many wars, and people killed by other humans as there are today.

          Its nice to have something to blame, it makes us feel better, that its not the human, but the ‘ideas that made him/her do it’, and in this case we blame religion, because that’s what he used to control and justify his actions. But if its not religion, it would have been something else. He is a killer, religion or no religion.

          When you study war, you understand that its not religion that causes war. And in most cases over the last 150 years, the biggest wars and regime killing have not been fought in the name of god. Its killers that cause wars. And there will always be killers as long as the sun will rise.

          1. Midnighter 7 Jul 2013, 11:04pm

            Even if it was true that religion is not responsible for the “biggest wars”, how many deaths does it have a free pass for? It is widely accepted that religion was a key factor in many modern wars such as the Civil wars of Sudan, Nigeria, Lebanon Lebanese etc with death tolls in the millions.

            You would have to be quite myopic to ignore the role of religion in the Middle East and the purported motivations of the Taliban who believe they are pursuing a Jihad bil Saif, a religious war in name.

            Why limit ourselves to considering the last 150 years? There are abundant examples of conflict with religion cited as a primary factor, such as the Thirty Years’ War, the Crusades, the French religious wars of the 16th Century, etc.

            It is also unsound to compare the motivations for war with the motivations for murder. When actually you look at the relevant evidence relating to individuals you will find that higher murder rates correlate to more religious populations, and vice versa.

          2. Midnighter 8 Jul 2013, 5:40pm

            Case in point:

            … but I fully expect that in spite of the killer himself citing religion as the direct motivation, religious apologists like you will continue to deny the evidence and claim – with no rational or factual support – that religion was only incidental.

        2. I tend to agree with you, Mark Y: there’s quite a large number of fairly dim people out there who’re willing to believe anything and are easy targets for narcissistic and/or psychopathic individuals (usually men, often capable of a warped charisma) to manipulate.

      2. Midnighter 7 Jul 2013, 10:02pm

        Hitler was a Catholic, and extirpation of other religions is mandated in their Bible.

        Stalin may not have been religious but he certainly made good use of the religious machinery and it served him all too well.

        Religion provides a justification for people to plumb depths of depravity that an atheist would struggle to find. You don’t find atheist suicide bombers as a rule, and it is religion that justifies the routine mutilation of the genitals of children in our so-called civilised society (and against the medical advice of the WHO). The significant part of homophobia can be traced back to roots in abrahamic religion. Religion was used to justify and perpetuate the institution of slavery. Science denialism and falling academic standards in the US are directly linked to religiosity. Etc.

        While bad people are not an exclusive preserve of religion, your claim that we’d be no better off without it is not only unfounded but it goes against all the evidence to the contrary.

        1. I’m not defending religion. I’m pointing out that human beings will blame anything. If its not religion it will be something else, and my evidence….

          Just look at history – countries were religion was outlawed –

          china – under tung 50-80 million people, and he was homophobic. No religion.

          Russia – under stalin, who initiated a nationwide campaign to destroy churches and implement atheism, killed 7 million, and he was also adamantly homophobic.

          Germany – Hitler did not fight a religious war – other than trying to wipe out a religion – he did not use his christianity to justify his hate. He was homophobic, but did not kill gays in the camps because of christ, but because he was trying to create a suoer race – and they wouldn’t have been a christian super race if he had succeeded. He killed 12 million+.

          Cambodia – Pol pot – another atheist, killed 2 million and was adamantly homophobic.

          North Korea – Kim Sung, atheist state, killed 2 million , adamantly homophobic.

          1. Midnighter 8 Jul 2013, 9:34pm

            What you need to substantiate is the claim that it is inevitable that, if you remove religion, something would take its place that gives sufficient reason not to act. We’ve had no issue validating atrocities throughout human history, as you point out yourself. To offer the bleak prediction that we’ll only invent worse as a consequence smacks of the slippery slope fallacy.

            Simply put, you are falling into the nirvana fallacy. By your logic we should not fight one cause of disease because other diseases will remain. At the same time I have provided you with evidence of particularly nasty features of this disease that make it stand out as pernicious.

            As I stated before, there is abundant evidence to correlate lower violent crime with lower religiosity. Quoting one source (Phil Zuckermann) “Of the top 50 safest cities in the world, nearly all are in relatively non-religious countries.” You see the same state by state in the US. And then you have the Taliban and Hagai Felician.

          2. You’re not listening. You’re saying I’ve said things I never did. I never said things would get worse, I said they will be the same. Religion or no religion.

            You’re the one who thinks things will get better, as
            you’re the one with the utopian nirvana ideas. You think that once we get rid of religion, the world will live in peace with lower crime. It won’t. That’s not how this planet works.

            My evidence is in the above comment – all the countries I listed, the leaders of which were anti religious / atheists – have the highest rates of killing their own citizens. Atheists are murderers too, not just monotheists.

            The ‘thing’ that unites 99.99% of mass murderers is that they are male – why not focus on the gender?

            Don’t worry though, the mono god that you hate will die as a controlling force one day – just like all the other gods that have lived. But every time one controlling mechanism disappears, another one appears. And nothing changes.

          3. Sorry Mark you are totally missing the point here.

            You have claimed that religion has an insignificant effect on the ills of the world. Wrong: I provided a great deal of evidence and example to the contrary.

            You have only provided evidence for a strawman argument “bad things happen for other reasons” – this is moot and irrelevant.

            You have still not provided evidence for your actual claim that religion has an insignificant effect on social order, whereas I have shown that a clear negative effect is in fact demonstrable.

            It doesn’t matter how much evidence you provide of other things that also cause problems, my point still stands:
            1) it is worth fighting the causes of conflict
            2) religion is one of the largest single causes causes of conflict on the planet.

            Look up the nirvana fallacy – you clearly missed that point regarding 1) – there is nothing wrong with striving for nirvana or utopia. There is everything with your inference that we don’t bother trying.

      3. what religion did hitler try to kill? because he was a devout catholic . stalin was orthodox, etc..maybe you should check your “facts” ..religion is the only excuse humans have left anymore, and once that is gone everyone will realize that they can’t use a mythical being as a scapegoat . they are responsible for what they do and thus should not be given any free pass in society anymore for the crimes they commit. religion is the great shepherd and so many of you are sheep.

        1. pol pot wasn’t atheist since he believed he was guided by heaven. and no atheist believes in heaven. and north korea has many religions, but the leadership doesn’t allow them to grow because it would be a challenge to their power. they aren’t exactly atheist either, they seem to believe they are the masters of the universe and thus the gods of the land. another thing no atheist would think.

    3. Don’t blame god though… god is horrified that this has happened. Blame religion, absolutely; blame the idiots who preach hate and think this is god’s word (when it isn’t), but never blame god.

  2. and the mother let him do it and still worshipped him WTF?????

  3. Midnighter 7 Jul 2013, 1:08pm

    Abrahamic religion; claiming the moral high ground whilst perpetuating the murder and abuse of children for 2013 years.

  4. My heart sank as I read this story, yet more atrocities committed in the name of religion. He should have been given the death penalty without a second thought !

    1. nah let him suffer out his miserable existence as long as possible i say, death is to quick and easy for someone so evil.

  5. Beelzeebub 7 Jul 2013, 3:11pm

    Such is the idiocy of the “believers”

    Using his “good book” he took his own corrupted religious upbringing and applied to everyone he met.

    This is a perfect example as to why this religious indoctrination has to stop.

    And here we have education secretary Michael Gove “Tim nice but dim” selling our education system to this cult horror.

    Nae Nae and thrice nae.

  6. Disgusting. There is nothing I can say about this.

  7. Bill Cameron 7 Jul 2013, 7:34pm

    Awful, just awful. One especially awful aspect of this story is the supposition that anyone could presume a 4 year old to be gay. Completely bizarre.

  8. James Savik 7 Jul 2013, 9:36pm

    Just when I thought I had heard everything, some scumbag comes along with even lower slime.

  9. What a sick scumball! That poor child.

  10. To me this has nothing to do with religion, nor homosexuality.

    The guy was a power hungry guy who loved having control over others. One of the kids in his house wasn’t his – so he wanted that kid gone.

    …and he couldn’t accept anyone leaving him, so he killed the woman who tried to, too.

    The guy clearly just used religion as a way to get power over people.

    1. That was my take on it too. Religion might have given him the necessary pretext but it was more a means to an end.

      Many cult leaders exhibit classic sociopathic tendencies, the rampant narcissism, grandiose claims of the divine, the urge to control, to manipulate and to silence dissent by whatever means necessary whether by exclusion, torture or in this case killing.
      David Miscavage would be an example on a much larger scale.

      You may recognise some familiar themes in this informative clip about how to set up a brainwashing cult…

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