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US: LGBT groups call for Capital One to drop Alec Baldwin as spokesman over homophobic tweets

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  1. allwaysniceman 6 Jul 2013, 8:57pm

    Please ! Which gay men cares really what Alec Baldwin say – when he is looking so incredible handsome ? He was angry, he have difficult phase of his life, he is in favor of same-sex marriage (interview with Larry King 2004). And: such “homophobic” insults we can find in every gay website or heard in every gay club – as “normal” language between gay people. Attractive or not attractive: its only relevant question, when we are talking about personalities in the world of cinema and show. Alec Baldwin still is incredible attractive man. He all ways was. Good for me.

    1. There are lots of more attractive men who really are LGBT friendly, and not chavs who just want to be seen to be one with the artistic crowd. This is not the first time his – and Sean Penn’s – homo-friendly mask has dropped… but you are right at least that no one should really pay any attention to what the has-been has to say about anything.

      1. Whatever he paid for that mask he should really get his money back. He looks hysterical.

        Is this the same guy from “Red October”? Or am I confusing him with someone who looks less like “Fu Manchu”?

  2. His slurs are a classic way of asserting dominance, that’s what we do when attack people; assert dominance over them in the belief we are superior and put them in their place. Resorting to gay slurs as a way of asserting dominance is essentially a way of saying you believe gay people are second class citizens and you are ultimately better than them. Even if it was said on a sub-conscious spare-of-the-moment level, it’s a way of dehumanising someone to put them in their ‘plaxe’ and letting it slide is silent consent!

    1. place* damn phone

  3. Common sense 7 Jul 2013, 1:01am

    Oh this is just stupid. When did we all become so intolerant? Baldwin’s remarks were said in the heat of the moment after being baited by an extremely nasty journalist. Hell, I’d have called him a toxic queen too!

    There are real and potent examples of homophobia all round the world so why are we as a community wetting our pants over something like this?

  4. Ummm, guys… take a second to look at WHO is asking that he be removed: it’s “GOProud”… the most idiotic and self-loathing group group of semi-closeted gays this planet has ever seen.

    They blindly suck up to the Republikkkan party, and then pretend to be offended when someone makes an anti-gay slur? Please, they are lapdogs for a political party that would imprison gays or even execute them.

    In this situation, one simply sits back and laughs at the “conservative gays”.

  5. St Sebastian 7 Jul 2013, 3:07am

    What Alec Baldwin said was entirely unacceptable. Alec does however have a long history of support for the LGBT community. Alec has apologised and I feel this is genuine, however he is on notice not to repeat his offence. I for one am prepared to accept his apology based on his past actions of support, clearly not just lip service.

    I also feel that we as a community must be generous enough to accept sincere apologies (no-one can say they have never made a mistake). By accepting a sincere and genuine apology can have the affect of gaining a supporter rather than a detractor.

    Alec has not been an antagonist to the LBGT community, unlike the actions and words of the likes or Lord Dear, Lord Hylton, Baroness Knight et al for whom an apology would be unlikely and insincere. We don’t want to make an enemy of him, so let us not pass judgement on Alec and give him time to show the bonafides of his apology through his actions and words.

  6. Gay slurs are unacceptable, but I suspect the journalist who happens to be gay might have gone overboard and made unflattering comments about his wife.
    I think the journalist is equally at fault here.

    1. Any gay man who writes for the Daily Mail deserves everything that’s coming to him.

      The editorial in that rag is far more damaging to gay people than one angry actor lashing out at one shabby hack.

  7. Seems weird people are willing to forgive him, but not so willing to forgive someone else for using a word 30 years ago.

    1. I’m presuming you are referencing Paula Deen… and of course, you ARE entirely missing the point of why exactly people are angry at Paula Deen.

      She is being sued for sexual harassment, for a hostile workplace, and for a NUMBER of other issues. That she used the “N” word 30 years ago is only a small part of a far larger pattern of abusive and bigoted behaviour.

      Honestly, Alec Baldwin made a mistake. An admittedly stupid one. And WHO in this thread can honestly say that in the heat of anger they have NEVER ever used some derogatory term or other?

      Baldwin’s apology was heartfelt and honest. We should accept it for what it is. As has been clearly stated, Alec Baldwin has been a fierce proponent of LGBT rights.

      Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. I doubt anyone here is equipped to handle that first shot.

    2. Hello Hiro. You know, I agree with you. The number of sickening, completely craven comments on here defending and apologizing for Baldwin’s bigoted, self-revealing homophobia is incomprehensible. Now, just watch as all the Baldwin fans mark us down. If the guy had used racist slurs in the same way his career would be over. The self-haters on here will now wear their fingertips to the bone pressing the old ‘bad comment’ icon. Go ahead, losers.

      1. right now, all of those defending him are the ones being down-voted, so take your hypocrisy and go peddle it somewhere else.
        I’m not a “fan” of his, but I’m realistic about the events that occurred here. Apparently, you aren’t.

        1. Hello Mikey. I’m unsure if you’re replying to me but if so, I don’t see your reasoning. What is my ‘hypocrisy’? I mean really’? Do have the reasoning to explain it, exactly, please? Hypocrisy over or for what? Why insult me personally when you’ve no idea who I am? If you something to say about the article, say so but leave me out of it, whoever you are. Regards,

  8. khm1968mo 7 Jul 2013, 9:43am

    oh puhlease , find me a homo that has not said the same thing.

  9. Oh get over it – Have none o your whinging bitches ever spoken out of turn? – How many of you have uttered sexiest, or racist remarks – ALL of you! – find a real Homophobe and aim your bile on them.

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