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Gymnast Louis Smith: I’d go for Will Smith if I were gay because he’s very family orientated

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Reader comments

  1. I know I’m going to sound like an utter bore, but I do think it’s ashame that to get intelligent remarks from men such as Louis, we still have to put them up on the front page in their pants with annotations like “gets us wet.” I mean as gorgeous as he is, it’s patronising to both sides of the fence.

  2. Gay guys like sexy people, just like straight guys, our magazines are gonna have objectified sex objects on the covers like all the other lads mags….

    1. I think too many people confuse sexy with sex. Just because someone has a great body or is good looking or is posing naked or semi naked does not make them sexy. Personally I would be more likely to consider a guy in a suit to be sexier than if he was just wearing a pair of speedos or jocks. I actually find someone who shoes a modicum of modesty to be sexy…and the rest I am quite happy to leave up to my imagination…at least for awhile.

      1. . Good looks are nothing without humility

    2. Umm. Not everyone objectifies people and I am nothing like straight men that’s why I am a homo

      1. -3 well well you bitches want to be like straight men with cheesy dicks and smelly asses be my guest.

  3. Will Smith might just quietly take him up on the offer as this guy is drop dead gorgeous. Six degrees of separation was one of Will’s first films and he actually played his real self.

    1. he actually played his real self.?

      No, Will smith is an actor, which means he acts for a living (it’s not that hard a concept to grasp really). He played a role based on con-man David Hampton.

  4. Yes, Will Smith… if you can live with the complete “crazy”, then sure, he’s a good choice. Will Smith has gone off the deep end, thinking he’s a physicist and mathematician with “deep thoughts”. He has even out-crazied Tom Cruise and his scientology beliefs.

    1. Sounds like Wile E Coyote, super-genius in the episode “Operation Rabbit.” A huge and enormous narcissistic ego maketh not a genius.

  5. It’s like having a man on the cover of nuts. Why are gay men never good enough? And why do we have to play to the stereotype that we all want straight men. It’s pathetic

  6. I suspect most Olympic athletes don’t come out because there’s a chance they may have to compete in countries where their sexuality would be illegal. They might not necessarily get prosecuted but the anxiety would hardly be conducive to a winning performance.

    We need equality for all. Everywhere. The Olympic committee should consider this when selecting host countries if they really believe that sport transcends politics.

    1. This is the best comment here. Well said.

  7. I was born this way 7 Jul 2013, 12:12am

    Would you go gay then?

  8. This ideology you believe in of “choice” was the same foundational belief on which Exodus International was established 37 years ago. This former World’s largest ex- gay ministry came to recent failure for one and one reason only. They finally realized (through endless trials and err of attempted “repairative” therapy) that true homosexuality is not a choice. It is an innate and immutable orientation. The one common thread that exists between a 100% straight and 100% gay person is that neither have the power of choice to become the other. In this common sense knowledge you are apparently neither one of these.

    1. Mandy Brigwell 7 Jul 2013, 1:11am

      I’d go straight for a million. It’s about shutting your eyes, pushing it in, and going for gold, as Henry Kelly would say.

      I’m gay, and I like men, but I reckon I could get hard and push it in a lady if there was enough of an incentive.

      Add that to your argument.

      1. Perhaps you could attempt the “close your eyes and think of a big stack of cash” thing, but when you shut your eyes you’d still be thinking of a male centrefold, which isn’t quite what we’re talking about here is it?
        “Straight for gargantuan quantities of cash” isn’t the same as straight orientation.

  9. Colin (London) 7 Jul 2013, 9:16am


    Ok get it about objectifying men gay or straight but the animal in me says….Phew I’d have a threesome with them any day…infact please…as in reality it’s in my dreams…I am realistic…

    Men think about sex a lot…we are made that way….but mainly do not act on it.

    Big hugs guys……no sex please we are British!

  10. Will Smith. Because he’s very dedicated to his family,

    So dedicated that both his young children by his second marriage have been given roles in his films – sounds more like a pushy parent than someone truly dedicated to his family to me.

  11. UglyGeezer 8 Jul 2013, 1:48pm

    What worries me more is this gets 20+ comments. Meanwhile a woman raped to death in Africa for being a lesbian gets just 2.

    1. What is there to discuss about that poor woman’s horrible death, though? I doubt anyone here would think it anything other than horrific. What can anyone say that’d be in any way useful? And at least we’ve been spared the usual all-Africans-are-savages comments.

  12. Not Born this way: Your brand of morality and, no doubt, religion is certainly an acquired perversion. There’s no argument about that. You weren’t born with it, you learned it and it’s what’s turned you into the sorry assed joke you are.

    If only you hadn’t been born. Now there’s a sunny thought.

  13. ...a talent to abuse. 8 Jul 2013, 9:16pm

    There’s something missing here. He hasn’t proclaimed that he’s a GAY ICON. Everyone knows he is a GAY ICON because the brainless, hideously ugly a*sehole goes on and on about the fact that he is a GAY ICON although the only one who thinks he is a GAY ICON is himself. Six months time and he’ll be starring in the nearest dole queue, even the most desperate gay publication won’t want to know him even though he is a GAY ICON.

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