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Pope John Paul II who called gay rights the ‘new ideology of evil’ to become a saint

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Reader comments

  1. JackAlison 5 Jul 2013, 1:43pm

    John Paul and cardinal RATzinger single handedly furthered the HIV catastrophe in the developing world thru mockery of condom effectiveness and questioning whether condom use actually encouraged HIV?!

    He was best friends with another noted Homophobe Lech Walesa who recently suggested LGBTI Polish MP’s should sit behind a wall in the Polish parlaiment. This latest episode comming from the belief in utter superstition and hocus pocus.

    1. ‘John Paul and cardinal RATzinger single handedly furthered the HIV catastrophe’

      Eh ?

      How did the AIDS explosion happen again in San Francisco(was it those nasty Catholics again !) ? – why are homosexuals catching HIV in London like the plague (not to mention anal cancer, ? ) ?

      Congo 70% Catholic HIV infection rate 4%
      Uganda 45% Catholic HIV infection rate 10%
      South Africa 5% Catholic HIV infection rate 38%
      Botswana 5% Catholic HIV infection rate 40%
      source; World Health Organization

      1. JackAlison 8 Jul 2013, 6:21am

        I note in your “catholic” summarization of HIV prevalence that u conveniently have excluded Asia and large catholic South American countries like Brazil
        64percent catholic 600.000 known cases of HIV

        GET UR MENTALLY DEFICIENT HEAD OUTTA UR ASS AND TAKA LOOK AT THE MAP. or better still instead of going to confession on ur knees give ur local padre a BJ…ur church is responsible for UNTOLD MISERY against children, gays, women and HIV propaganda..u should hang ur head in shame to even be defending a morally bankrupt institution that has left thousands of AIDS orphaned children b/c of pure superstition and lack of science

        1. You really can’t face Truth and the scientific data (sorry I forgot to mention Asia !) :

          In the late 1980s, Thailand and the Philippines had roughly the same number of HIV/ AIDS cases at 112 and 135 cases, respectively. In the early 1990s, the government of Thailand enforced the 100% Condom Use program in its booming commercial sex industry while the Philippines was characterized by its very low rate of condom use and the firm opposition of church and government to condoms, among other forms of contraception. In 2003, almost fifteen years later, the number of HIV/ AIDS cases in Thailand had risen to 750,000 while the number in the Philippines remained low at 1,935 cases as the latter’s population grew to more than 30 per cent that of Thailand (8). Thailand now ranks as the country with the highest HIV prevalence in Asia.

          The Church is the Worlds largest Health care giver in the world – 1 quarter of all the health care in the world (free).So much for untold misery …..

          1. JackAlison 9 Jul 2013, 8:06am

            still not south
            biggest R.C. client….lol
            the TRUTH actually is only partly in statistics.
            Catholics are xcellent manipulators of truth and COVERUP. when u have bishops and clergy saying that condoms dont work
            1. ppl. dont get tested and certainly are not mindful of safe non behaviour therefore the statistics are not reliable
            2. ‘god’ will take of it
            3.most villified at risk groups go into hiding. dont get tested or worse still are involved in sham marriages
            The culture of lying therefore hampers even reputable statistical info gathering. You can be rest assured that you may parade your catholic country statistics of low rates alll you like However, the Philipines and other catholic countries are sitting on a ticking time bomb because science and open impartial treatment is discouraged since there is ‘NO PROBLEM”… I think even you can understand that…so please please stop peddling superstition and the support of a truely corrupt institution.

          2. JackAlison 9 Jul 2013, 8:16am

            “untold misery ”
            think child sexual abuse
            in every country the same pattern
            and thats just for starters


            Jewish persecution

            but wait theres more
            the Holocaust silence
            the crusades
            the inquisition
            the missionaries in foreign lands stamping out indigenous culture
            the list is endless

    2. its not RATzinger, its RATZInger

      We’ll come up with one for the new asshole head of thte church who said gays marrying was the work of the devil

      Since the church joined with constantine etc, the church has been the tyrannical monstrosity of the western world.

  2. What an abomination! The ultimate one!

  3. allwaysniceman 5 Jul 2013, 1:54pm

    I am so proud ! And no, Pope John Paul was definite not “homophobic”. How can he ? He itself was gay. So, as many other famous Poles to: Mikolaj Kopernik, Adam Mizkiewicz, Lech Walesa …

    1. That There Other David 5 Jul 2013, 2:19pm

      You can have gay homophobes. Those that project their own self-loathing into trying to hurt the healthy lives of other LGBT people.

      I’m glad they’re making him a saint though. It shows the modern world just how ludicrous the whole concept of sainthood now is, makes people realise just how ludicrous the idea must have been all along, and further discredits the Catholic Church as an organisation.

      1. Cardinal Keith O’Brien, being a fine example. Exemplary when attacking LGBT rights and people.

  4. It doesn’t surprise me.
    It’s time we stopped using the word saint as something positive.

    1. Christopher in Canada 5 Jul 2013, 5:48pm

      Wasn’t “The Saint” a disco? That’s a positive thing…

    2. typical vatican trick – trying to hide their vile criminals by saiting them

      I;n waiting for saint hitler’s holy ghost to reappear

  5. Colin Andrew 1966 5 Jul 2013, 2:20pm

    John Paul created more new saints in his 27 year reign than the previous 300 years put together which just shows how ridiculous the whole thing is. They decided from the moment of his death to make him a saint then arranged two “miracles” in order to achieve it. This backward lot held the Western world in a fundamentalist arm-lock for a thousand years.

  6. Why not go the whole hog and name him Lord High Chief Dragon Handler? (or some other asinine magical bunk).

  7. Do ex-popes automatically get to be saints?

    1. No. They have to be particularly evil. Ratzo is a dead cert, although not actually dead.

      Those who fail to be evil enough just fade into history.

  8. An out-mided and discredited action by a thoroughly out-moded, discredited and increasingly irrelevant organisation!

    1. Oops, typo!! out-mided = out-moded

  9. Fiction upon fiction upon fiction upon f…….

  10. GulliverUK 5 Jul 2013, 2:40pm

    He’s responsible for crimes against humanity – the only thing I’d give him is life imprisonment, and the selling of every church asset the Catholic Church owns to be distributed to help those who have been harmed and those in need.

    This fecker has custom-made suits costing £32,000 each whilst people in Africa don’t have enough to eat. He’s the last person on Earth who should ever be made a saint.

    1. An the award for the most hilarious ant-catholic rant goes to ^ .Are you not speaking about Elton in the second paragraph ?

      1. JackAlison 9 Jul 2013, 8:27am

        Catholic actually means universal
        it was never meant to be the most successful multinational that ever existed
        the christ that you and your church have APPROPRIATED for your own political ends came to bring freedom, love and peace…not to sow seeds of derision, HATRED and harm to other human beings. Maybe you should think about that when you read the gospel of peace not the gospel of HATRED

  11. well I suppose in our tolerant world we should let these catholic believers get on with it. To me, outside of their system, it appears childish, manipulative, and yes PATHETIC.

  12. Have their been any verified accounts of missing limbs being restored to amputees by these saints who have apparently cured the sick?

    Should be possible if they have such influence?

  13. dorsetbob 5 Jul 2013, 4:05pm

    The only miracle he performed was to keep the lid on the child abuse scandals the church is now famouse for. Sickening that his homophobic views are accepted while his systematic protection of paedophile priests is rewarded with a sainthood. Grrrrrrr

    1. Better not mention Jamie Rennie ‘homophobia’ campaigner, Tatchell’s letter to the guardian saying sex with kids was ok , The Gay Liberation Front and it’s link to PIE, the Paedophile Information Exchange & Paedophile Action for Liberation.And today the politically correct social workers turn a blind eye to the abuse of children by ‘gay’ adopters >

      By the way the horrible sexual abuse committed by individuals in the Church was mostly done on post-pubscent males – making it a problem to do with homosexuality .Funny how the ‘gay’ lobby are always trying to lower the age of consent …..

      1. JackAlison 9 Jul 2013, 8:44am

        “funny” how this has occurred in every country of catholic faith
        “funny” how the purveyors of child sexual abuse are the leadrs and and representatives of the cathlic faith and other religions too
        “funny” when found out the upper eschelons of the church run for cover and distance themselves from the abusers
        “funny”that the “abusers” were trained in catholic seminaries
        “funny” that no pre seminary psychological evaluation picked up tendencies toward mistreatment of minors in every country the same pattern
        when abuse is being investigated by law enforcement they look at the whole ‘cell’ not just the abuser… who knew? who kept quiet? who covered up? who investigated?who was a whistleblower?
        “funny”In every case the church was complicit in its efforts to cover up any wrong doing
        “funny” that many victims were disbeleived villified and many (we dont know the exact numbers) are either mentally disordered , damaged or worse still suicided

  14. I notice they do not tell us what these ‘miracles’ were. What a load of Medieval cods wallop.

    1. They may not say it in Pink…but yes the miracles were confirmed by
      medical doctors…..try telling those who have been cured that they are crazy not genuine….

      1. John, there are Atheists that have been ‘miraculously cured’ of their illness. It’s not from praying to a bearded man in the clouds and it most certainly not from praying to Polish actor-wannabe-turned-cult-leader. How do you explain that?

        1. The question from Jess was that they did not say what the miracles were…but they were…..if you are fortunate enough to be ‘cured’ of any illness it doesn’t matter what faith you are…you would believe in something if it happened to you….

  15. Now we KNOW this sainthood process and what it means to be a saint is bulls***. We know this because most of us have witnessed in out lifetime that this man was no saint and preached hate against the global LGBT community. If he’s a saint than I’m God!

    1. justusboyz 6 Jul 2013, 12:27am

      Amen to that vee

    2. ‘this man was no saint and preached hate against the global LGBT community’ – got any evidence , as in quotes ? Thought not .LGBT what ?

      When the Blessed Pope John Paul was alive the Catechism of the Church was published , this is what it said about homosexuality …no mention of hate as you can read …:

      ‘They must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided. These persons are called to fulfill God’s will in their lives and, if they are Christians, to unite to the sacrifice of the Lord’s Cross the difficulties they may encounter from their condition.’

      Compassion ! , yes – time to dismantle the homo-lobby’s propaganda written by the ‘Father of Lies’ .

      1. JackAlison 9 Jul 2013, 9:26am

        @ RAY
        yes. ‘.HATE THE SIN…LOVE THE SINNER ..”
        dont even try to peddle this garbage!!!
        The vatican along with predominantly Islamic regimes voted AGAINST the decriminalzing of homosexuality in the United Nations. Most of these nations have capitol punishment, lengthy prison terms and some THE DEATH PENALITY….”…‘They must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity????”

  16. How can human rights be against family and man, it is entirely nonsensical speech.

    Do these “religious” poseurs and hucksters ever think about what they say before they open their big stupid homophobic and bigoted mouths, I doubt it very much.

  17. Scott Rose 5 Jul 2013, 4:44pm

    At the link below is the full text of the “Reichskonkordat,” the political treaty between the Vatican and Adolf Hitler. At the time this treaty was signed, the anti-Jewish racial laws were already in force in Nazi Germany:
    Here is an example of what is in the treaty:
    Article 3
    In order to foster good relations between the Holy See and the German Reich, an apostolic nuncio will reside in the capital of the German Reich and an ambassador of the German Reich at the Holy See.

  18. Helge Vladimir Tiller 5 Jul 2013, 6:09pm

    Yet another proof that religion originates from the blackest sector of our History-

    1. Helge Vladimir Tiller 5 Jul 2013, 7:23pm

      An evil elevated to “saint”—pure nonsense.

      1. Beelzeebub 5 Jul 2013, 10:49pm

        The silly old virgins at the top of that corrupt business think people actually care.

        P1ssing in the wind more like…….

        They already know there cause is lost. They are clinging to age old dead ideas to keep there flocks on board.

        It ain’t working.

  19. “It is legitimate and necessary to ask oneself if this [same-sex marriage] is not perhaps part of a new ideology of evil, perhaps more insidious and hidden, which attempts to pit human rights against the family and against man.”

    I’m not a Catholic but I agree with this statement. As far as saint contenders go he rates high imo. As far as anti-gay actions I need to know more and feel that Christians should be less anti whatever and more pro people and what God is for – but methinks he was merely seeking to defend orthodox Christianity which I would have thought was part of his remit.

    Now, I wonder what my final negative score will be :-)

    1. JackAlison 6 Jul 2013, 10:40am

      ur actually keeping score?!
      listen luv dont bother
      if u get ur kicks havin ppl. given u negative scores
      u got waaaaaaay 2 much time on ur hands!!

  20. Its a shame that so many people live their lives today without any faith…being gay is not all about sex….get over it…..look forward to all the –

    1. Beelzeebub 5 Jul 2013, 10:46pm

      “Faith” is for those too stupid to understand reality. “God did it”

      And being gay is not all about sex and again the stupidity shines through.

      1. that’s what i said its not all about sex…..Faith is something
        personal ..’Faith is not about those stupid to understand reality’ if so the world is made up of stupid people as the majority in the world have some kind of faith….

        1. The majority of people in the world by far are uneducated so yes, you could say the world is made up of stupid people.

  21. NaomiClareNL 5 Jul 2013, 8:07pm

    Give it a century, two at the most, and he is as forgotten as the rest of the popes and saints….

  22. This is a political canonisation for two reasons. 1. the Roman Catholic Church is losing hundreds of thousands of followers so they need another ‘saint’ to boost their coffers and stimulate the ‘sleeping’ faithful and get more Polish people back into church. 2. JP2 stance on the LGBT Community is now being used by the RCC through this ‘cannonisation’ to further their aim to destroy or hamper or undermine the LGBT Community’s rights world wide and ‘confirm’ their anti gay campaign.
    A lot of blood was taken from Jean Paul 2 on his death bed and the moment he died bits of his body were cut off to be used as religious relics after his cannonisation. This whole thing has been preplanned by the RCC and if I remember correctly this is the quickest cannonisation in the history of the RCC, but I stand to be corrected on that point. This is manipulation at its best and is rather sick in my opinion.

    1. where did you get this rubbish from….you seem to have a very
      not so informative information…..relics can be anything from a thread to a piece of his hair….

      1. this information was given to me by a Roman Catholic Priest in charge of a parish. You will need to alk t him about it…I am merely passing on the information.

  23. Isn’t this a bit like generals giving themselves medals?

    The only miracle here is that they are not before the ICC on charges of ‘Crimes against Humanity’ As another poster has pointed out, they have intentionally cause the deaths of thousands (If not millions) in Africans With their opposition to condom use. They also prevented the Philippine government distributing Condoms by using political speeches from the pulpit, denouncing the government plan and thus leading to widespread civil protest. This was some years ago. Fortunately the Philippine government has now instituted sexual health advise and free distribution of Condoms.

    This sick cult needs to be held accountable for all the death and suffering they have caused. And let us not forget the child abuse they covered up for many years.

  24. The Church is your friend. Because the Church tells us two things about you, not just one, and she will never change either one, she never can change either one, because both are matters of unchangeable natural law, based on eternal law, based on the very nature of God. She can’t ever say that what you do is good for the same reason that she can’t ever say that what you are is bad. She defends your being just as absolutely as she attacks your lifestyle; she hates your cancer because she loves your body. It’s the same authority for both. The authority you hate when it condemns what you do is your only reliable ally in defending what you are. You want the Church to change her teaching on what you do, and you’re trying to put social pressure on her to do that, but if she did that, then she could change her teaching on what you are, too, for the same reason, under social pressures.
    Peter Kreeft

    1. Sanctimonious claptrap.

    2. When I was a novice in a Catholic religious order in the late 1950’s, I told my superior that I thought I might be homosexual; I was 18.
      I was told that I could not continue to my training towards the priesthood.
      I was given the name and address of a doctor who would “assist me with electrical treatment to overcome this illness….”
      I was absolved from my vows and left the seminary.

      And you, Ray, are telling me…..” but if she did that, then she could change her teaching on what you are, too, for the same reason, under social pressures….”
      I am fully aware that the ethos of the time was one of illegality with regard to homosexuality and that it was thought of as a curable disease.
      But was not that priest doing exactly that?
      Trying to change me?
      He is still alive today at over 80 and doubtless still spouting rubbish.
      I shut my ears to any further nonsense.
      I went to Mass that first Sunday home, after leaving the seminary but got up half way thro’ and walked out .. ..tbc…

    3. …continued……
      And have never been in a church since.
      That was 1961.
      If they can get that wrong – homosexuality- then what else have they got wrong..?
      I think for myself and don’t need any blokes in long dresses and scarlet cloaks blinged up to the nines telling me what, essentially, they can know nothing about, namely God.
      All people control.
      Always was.
      Always will be.

    4. “The Church is your friend. Because the Church tells us two things about you, not just one, and she will never change either one, she never can change either one, because both are matters of unchangeable natural law,”

      You mean like the sun orbiting the earth?

      1. Ah that old myth – that the Church was at war with science ! It cracks me up every time ! We built Western Civilisation , it’s Universities , it’s laws , it’s science , ethics etc

        Or that the Universe started at one point out of nothing ! – the scientists have only recently cottoned on – it’s took them 2000 yrs mind you ! Big Bang to that .

        Even stranger is the homosexual who believes that the disordered parody of intercourse they commit is ‘sex’ .not to mention so-called ‘equal marriage’ – same sex marriage apart from being physically impossible is also a contradiction (like legislating for male ‘breast feeding’) .Truth is something the ‘Father of Lies’ does not want some people to realise .

  25. He’s to be canonised – get over it !

    ‘The ideology of homosexuality – as often happens to ideologies when they become aggressive and end up being politically triumphant – becomes a threat to our legitimate autonomy of thought: those who do not share it risk condemnation to a kind of cultural and social marginalization.

    ‘The attacks on freedom of thought start with language. Those who do not resign themselves to accept “homophilia” (the theoretical appreciation of homosexual relations) are charged with “homophobia” (etymologically, the “fear of homosexuality”). This must be very clear: those who are made strong by the inspired word and live in the “fear of God” are not afraid of anything, except perhaps the stupidity toward which, Bonhoeffer said, we are defenseless.’ Cardinal Biffi

    1. JackAlison 8 Jul 2013, 6:31am

      pure scientology
      “and big space craft landed in in saint peters square and little green men came out of the craft wearing designer red prada slipppers and personally escorted his holiness up into the craft….”

  26. HIV is the result of anal intercourse which by its very nature is a disease-ridden practice.

    1. And your R-sole is used solely for shi$$ing.?
      I don’t think so.
      You use yours to crap out daft comments on here.

      1. JackAlison 8 Jul 2013, 1:12pm

        Matron and I have told u repeatedly to use the crapper for poo poo instead of daubing ur inannities across the asylum wall

  27. Keith in SALFORD 7 Jul 2013, 8:16am

    Does it not speak volumes that the canonisation of JP II is being fast-tracked while the canonisation of Pius XII, the war-time pontiff, is languishing somewhere in the Vatican’s vaults.
    Both popes, it is said, “remained silent”.
    Pacelli “remained silent” over the treatment of the Jews in Hitler’s Germany while Wojtyla “remained silent” over the worldwide abuse of children by clergy, preferring instead to globe-trot like a pop star.
    SO, so, soooo glad that I dumped my Catholicism and ALL religion over 50 years ago.
    It’s all politics and stinks

    1. Cardinal Pacelli, the future Pius XII, drafted the papal encyclical condemning Nazi racism and had it read from every pulpit; the Vatican used its assets to ransom Jews from the Nazis, ran an elaborate escape route and hid Jewish families in Castel Gandolfo; the World Jewish Congress donated a great deal of money to the Vatican in gratitude, and in 1945 Rabbi Herzog of Jerusalem thanked Pope Pius “for his life-saving efforts on behalf of the Jews during the occupation of Italy.”

      …It was only after German author Rolf Hochhuth wrote his play The Deputy that attitudes began to change. He alleged that the Vatican collaborated with the Nazis. What is seldom mentioned is that Hochhuth defended Holocaust denier David Irving, and has been accused in Germany of anti-Semitism.’

  28. Being GAY is NOT normal. Deal with it.

    1. It is normal, actually. Throughout history, throughout the entire animal kingdom… every culture, profession, village and tribe…. yep seems pretty normal to me.

      Then again, define “normal”

      1. JackAlison 12 Jul 2013, 2:47pm

        being susy is not normal is not Gay
        deal with it
        and some help

  29. …what a C***T. Remember Religion is simply made up….regardless of the fact it was a long time ago. Humans have always had a desire to dismiss nature and condemn it.

  30. remarkable, when are Gay people going to be taken seriously? I mean, look at the amount of men who are always having sex with other men. NO NO NO, they are NOT Gay. So were does the classification come in.

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