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Mixed martial arts fighter says UFC boss would ‘have fighters sucking dick’ if he were gay

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Reader comments

  1. Christopher in Canada 5 Jul 2013, 2:52am

    Is this what happens to the boys who don’t make it out of high school?

  2. Michael Cooke 5 Jul 2013, 5:16am

    He’s comment on a manager and claiming the manager’s ethics are poor.

    It’s NOT homophobic to suggest the manager would demand fighters suck his dick IF he were gay, because he is criticizing a manager, not gay people or having a gay sexual orientation!

    1. rather naive interpretation

    2. “There would be dudes that fight the toughest guys in the world that would get on their knees and suck dick to get into the UFC. It’s the truth. We’re just lucky that Dana White’s not gay.”

      Of course it is homophobic – the insinuation is that tough guys do not suck dick and must be heterosexual. It’s like saying gays aren’t capable of serving in the military or playing sports.

      And I think it says more about the ethics of those that fight in the UFC – that they would gladly suck dick to fight…and I pretty much think that a guy who really was straight would never suck dick unless he had a gun to his head.

      But then I keep forgeting…it doesn’t make you gay so long as you only do it with your mates…riiiiight…lol

    3. I agree, people here are too sensitive.

    4. JasonDiggy 5 Jul 2013, 7:27pm

      He’s equating being gay and gay sex as the worst possible thing he’d have to do…in the world. That’s damn homophobic.

  3. i think the gay scenario would benefit him

    with those lips ‘war machine’ would get to fight every fight

  4. Godric Godricson 5 Jul 2013, 6:22am

    This isn’t a story for PN.

  5. Sounds like this fellow (whoever he is??) is a penny short of a shilling or has a lot of growing up to do. Or else he has a very strong interest in man-on-man fellatio!

  6. While its true he is complaining about the management of the sport, his choice of topic to use and negative connotations just shows how stup the man is and does have issues with gay men.

    He has said gay men would abuse the power in their hands to get sexual favours. Well if this manager has the power he says, this meat head will not fight again after that comment.

  7. Sadly I’m not surprised….at the ability of some gay people to make an issue where there is not one.

    His comments were no homophobic, he was not ‘attacking’ gay people but was highlighting the power and manipulation of the boss. If the boss had a straight woman and he had said she’d want to sleep with him if she could would he been accused if attacking heterosexuals ?

    1. Commander Thor 5 Jul 2013, 10:06am

      No, he would have been accused of degrading women.

  8. The insinuation that gay is the opposite of macho is clumsy, but the point here is about the power the boss has. I think considering the traditionally homophobic atmosphere that getting worked up about this is a bit extreme

  9. Because the word “gay” is mentioned, doesn’t mean the story is relevant to the gay community. In fact, nothing in this article is actually gay, the manager isn’t gay, this guy making the suggestion isn’t gay.. this is a waste of space!

  10. Nick Davis 5 Jul 2013, 12:12pm

    Good way to get headlines (and an excuse to show off their abbs)

  11. Homoless Simpspoon 5 Jul 2013, 7:58pm

    WTF…Who invited all the Gays to this party!?!

  12. He’s not a UFC fighter. He’s a has-been that was dropped by the UFC a long time ago. He’s since been in jail, in pornography, and is pathetic and desperate for attention. He’s got nothing to do with the UFC.

    1. The best response to Bore Machine would be: “Uh, no, Bore Machine/Jonno, mate, you are so in no danger here. Gay guys only prefer *men*.”

  13. What he is saying between the lines is, he wants his cock sucked by him.

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