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Lithuania: Court overturns ban on Baltic Pride

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  1. Georg Friedrich 5 Jul 2013, 2:07pm

    Its nice, but not of big importance: Lithuania, as all Eastern Europe, is space of unwritten law – this of religion, hate and prejudices. Written law is nothing more than last hope (or illusion) of powerless minorities.

    1. It is a good start thou, don’t you think? A seed. It will flourish one day.

    2. aren’t we being a little quick to judge? lets not forget how much eastern Europe suffered in the last 50 years…. the least we could do is try and have a conversation rather than call them hateful and prejudice.

    3. Wow, someone supposedly advocating rights and diversity is throwing up with prejudice, and judgmentalism. Well done. Oh and I DO support the court’s decision. Individuals like you, though, I DO despise.

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