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Irish ‘hacktivist’ takes down Nigerian government website over anti-gay bill

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Reader comments

  1. Love it.

  2. Jason Feather 5 Jul 2013, 4:36pm

    Well done!

    Please sign & share this petition against Nigeria’s insidious jail the gays bill, thanks!

    Gay rights are just equal rights, human rights we should all have!

    Please copy & paste this tweet if you use twitter

    #UK gives 1 billion aid to #nigeria can we justify this now they persecute #gay #lesbians due to #jailthegays

    1. Signed and forwarded

  3. Whoever wrote this article seems a little confused on some points. They’ve named the hacker “Paddy Power” in the picture caption, then in the article text said that the hacker’s pseudonym “Paddy Hack” is “the same name as a major gambling company”.

    1. Sent them an email and they fixed it… that was quick, well done PN! (they’d already caught the caption but not the article text, when I emailed)

  4. What a hero!

  5. way to go paddy hack its about time somebody stuck it to those guys wake up nigeria equal rights for all

  6. JackAlison 6 Jul 2013, 10:48am

    xcellent work
    were c ing a lotta ordinary folk take on govts and scaring the pants off them
    I luv this sorta stuff
    chuffed to the bollocks that the ordinary guy has the power to bring the mighty to their knees

  7. If there are any good anti gay hackers out there can you PLEASE do your best to sabotage a place called ‘ run by one of the most self loathing closet cases on the planet. Thanks !!!!!!!!!

    His site should be called

  8. Tim Hanafin 24 Nov 2013, 6:13pm

    I love this. Let’s have loads more of these direct actions. I wish I had the skills to do this.
    What a total waste do space the Commonwealth is. We don’t share the values and beliefs of these crap countries so why pretend to be close allies of them.

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