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California passes bill protecting Trans students despite claims teenagers will be molested in bathrooms

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Reader comments

  1. “Other Republicans argued that less capable male athletes might join girl teams to gain a competitive edge.”

    Again with the women attacks? All women are apparently inferior to men in athletics.

  2. Helge Vladimir Tiller 5 Jul 2013, 6:45pm

    GIVE TRANSGENDER PERSONS THEIR RIGHTS ! They are the only true experts on what is needed to make their lives complete. This is a 100% obvious.

    1. Regardless of consent, incest is medically and biologically unsafe and has been proven to be so. Hence why it is illegal…unless you want to see biologically deformed sideshow freaks or help deal with mentally handicapped children?

  3. “Republican Senator Jim Nielsen, who opposed the bill, told radio station KCRA the measure would expose teens to being molested. “There are youthful sex offenders,”” So where are these statistics on transgendered people Mr. Nielsen? Again, more of the same generalized scaremongering statements with no substantiated valid evidence to back them up.

  4. stoker315 6 Jul 2013, 4:38pm

    I was molested in a school bathroom, and it had nothing to do with a Trans-identifying person…. and I wasn’t as old as “teenager”… I think that haters will say anything, regardless of truth.

    Individuals (not their race, their religion, their gender identity or their sexuality) are pedophiles, rapists, amoral… so blame the individual, not the people or identities with which they claim association.

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