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Russian politician who urged for gays to be whipped in public to be investigated

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Reader comments

  1. Seems to me he’s been thinking of whipping men far too much. I think Europe and the US should be doing more to stop this. They’re all for equality, unless it’s abroad, then it’s not our problem!

  2. Sadly, while we can try to help in situations like this, it isn’t something where we can just march an army into the country and force them to stop discriminating. In spite of what some people may say, we can only go so far. The USA has already been accused of over-stepping itself in the Middle East, I don’t think we should push our luck much more…unfortunately.

  3. The regional prosecutor’s office will probably end up finding this guy needs a medal. Such is the level of homophobia in Russia’s governing institutions.
    What should be happening is foreign law enforcement agencies finding cause to detain and charge this guy the moment he sets foot in another country, as well as grant immediate asylum to any of his victims who come forward.

  4. Vodka. A constant problem in Russia …..

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