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Clifford Chance boss: Law firms could not have held LGBT parties 25 years ago

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Reader comments

  1. That There Other David 4 Jul 2013, 10:30pm

    The City Law Firms are just like the rest of The City, very suspicious about anything outside of the boring background generic way of doing things. My time at Freshfields was the same. There were plenty of gay people, but nobody was really out. Probably changed these days of course, but until an entire new generation of partners emerges the same attitudes will remain in some form.

  2. I worked for one of the other big magic circle law firms and must admit I didn’t have to hide who I was but this is driven by clients not a willingness to do what’s right. Clients now ask how diverse a law firm is and they have to be able to prove this to win some big clients.

    It’s still a positive thing though as it drives others as well.

    1. GulliverUK 5 Jul 2013, 9:22am

      Perhaps we should all be asking every firm we do business with this question. For most they will just state their policy on their web site, but the truth is that only yesterday I heard disturbing innuendos and slurs within a few feet of where I was sitting. So, no, I’m not out at work, not in that place, not in that place of all places, and despite their HR diversity policies. I’m a contractor, so in effect I don’t really work for them, except that I sit in their offices and do what they tell me to !

      Still much to be done, but I acknowledge that most people who happen to be gay can usually be at least a little out at work, some can even be totally out at work.

  3. Who are Clifford Chance’s major clients?

    Any banks or corporations?

    Perhaps he’d like to explain how his clients’ financial activities over the past 10 years has helped the gay community?

    1. That would: 1 be client confidential; and 2 utterly absurd. Chip. Shoulder.

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